Cokin’s Corner, Monday 9/24/18

I'm looking forward to today's The Las Vegas Sportsline thanks to it being such an eventful Sunday in the NFL. Chuck Esposito from Sunset Station/Station Casinos and Wagertalk's Marco D'Angelo will join me for our Monday Afternoon Quarterback session where e break down each game from both an analytical and wagering standpoint. Show airs 2-3 Pacific on ESPN Las Vegas, or find it online at In addition to the game breakdowns, we will also preview tonight's clash between the Steelers and Buccaneers, along with the meaningful madcaps on the diamond. My weekend was lots of fun, going 6-2 on the college side and I managed a 2-1 Sunday in the NFL. The Raiders suffered another second half melt and I lost that one, but enjoyed outright dog winners with the Titans and Lions. For info on how to get all my plays, email me at or simply purchase one of the available packages at the Cokin's Picks menu to the right of the page. My free play for Monday ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/23/18

I'm still watching college football as this gets written. This was a highly entertaining day of action from a spectator standpoint, with some crazy finishes, several of which impacted spread results, both ATS and on the Totals as well. Things went very well for me. I opened with a really bad loser on Minnesota. But almost everything else went nicely. Miami Ohio, Western Michigan, Western Kentucky, Ohio U, Southern Miss and Baylor all won and covered. My one other loss was UL Monroe in a game I nearly pulled out in miracle fashion. Monroe was done at the half, down 35-7. Don't ask me why, but the Trojans decided that a QB who was 20-21 in the first half should just hand the ball off in the second half. Long story short, it's 35-27 with about one minute left and Monroe has the ball, first down at the Troy 11 yard line. Unfortunately, an end zone pick closed the show. Can't feel too badly about that one though as it really should ever have gotten that close. Anyway, 6-2 for the ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/22/18

Set for a busy Saturday on the college gridiron. There aren't as many top of the marquee games as is generally the case, but from a wagering standpoint that's neither here nor there. If you're in action, there figures to be the normal level of excitement. I'll have my NFL free play for this week in the late Saturday/early Sunday blog. Meanwhile, here's an added opinion for today in college football, although this is a game that did not make my final card. 395 TEXAS STATE at 396 UTSA Take: UTSA -7 The line on the game opened higher than it is presently. I can't say I agree with the action that showed on the underdog. Texas-San Antonio has definitely struggled to date. But this is a big step down in class for the Roadrunners and I would expect their dormant running game to come to life here. Texas State had a near miss last week on the road at South Alabama. No doubt the Bobcats would love to avenge last year's lopsided loss to UTSA, and this is definitely looked upon as ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 9/21/18

Crunch time for me on this week's college football slate. Just three games played thus far for Saturday and more work to do on some other possibilities. That being the case, I'll cut right to the chase and post one of the games I like this week for today's free play. 321 WESTERN KENTUCKY at 322 BALL STATE TAKE: WESTERN KENTUCKY +2.5 Note I sent this game out earlier in the week at +3. Neither one of these teams is any good. But I like some aspects of this game for the visiting Hilltoppers and they do come up as the right side on my numbers. Getting the math out of the way first, WKY is -1, so I like the idea of going against a Cardinals squad that is a false favorite on my ratings. What I like more is that redshirt freshman Davis Shanley will get the start here with senior Drew Eckels injured. Shanley was a definite spark for this team last week against Louisville and I think he can win the gig outright with a good performance here. Nothing against Eckles but he's not what ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 9/20/18

Okay, so as I'm in the gambling business, I guess I have to offer a viewpoint on the FanDuel controversy. If you're reading this space, you're heavily favored to already be aware of what took place. The book made an error on a live line near the conclusion of the Sunday NFL game between the Raiders and Broncos. As a result, at least a few bettors decided to take advantage of the obvious glitch and bet the Broncos at an insane price. The most publicized bet was $110 to win in excess of $82,000. At this point, FanDuel is refusing to pay. This is a tricky one for the sports book. Most shops post a clear rule that in the event of a human or mechanical error, both the customer and management will be protected. I do not know what FanDuel's posted rules are, so I cannot offer any comment on them specifically as to whether they're legally obligated to pay the winner. I do know that some local books here in Las Vegas have commented that they would pay the bet off. I'll accept that as ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 9/19/18

Dear Major League Baseball, I'm writing to inform you that Las Vegas, Nevada is not Los Angeles, California. This is not the "home market" of the Los Angeles Dodgers or any other Major League team. The fact you're still blacking out nationally televised games played in Los Angeles, or anyplace else for that matter, is an absurd concept that was proven to be stupid many years ago. Here's the way it should work. Get as many eyes on your product as you possibly can. Not just for the big games such as the Tuesday clash for first place between the Rockies and Dodgers. All the games should be available to the widest possible audience. I'll provide an example of why this works. The Vegas Golden Knights have completed one season of NHL existence. All their games are televised. The fact the team has been a big winner has been a factor, no question about that. But the fact the games are all available to anyone who wants to watch them has been the key to their incredible success in ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 9/18/18

Monday was a day off for me as far as wagering goes. Okay, that's not entirely true, as I played a few horse races, mostly for entertainment value. Meanwhile, the college card for the weekend is starting to come together and I should be involved in a handful of games by late Tuesday afternoon. Also on the agenda right now is formulating the NHL power ratings for the soon to start 2018-19 campaign. Note that I will not be playing the NBA regular season. There might be a few plays here and there based on information. But as I will have more than enough on plate from a handicapping standpoint, I decided to largely eliminate the NBA. I'd rather cut back on the workload in terms of the number of sports I analyze, so that I can focus more on the ones that matter more to me. Nice work by the Bears in getting the win and cover as the Monday free play. They got there despite what I felt was a somewhat discouraging performance by Mitchell Trubisky. He was picked twice and really should ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 9/17/18

Monday on The Las Vegas Sportsline (2-3PDT weekdays ESPN Las Vegas, online is our Monday Afternoon Quarterback edition. Chuck Esposito from Sunset Station/Station Casinos breaks down what took place on Sunday from both a wagering and analysis viewpoint, along with Marco D'Angelo and myself. I'll stack Chuck's expertise up against anyone locally or nationally when it comes to the NFL, so be sure to give us a listen so you can hear for yourself. My NFL Sunday was a bust as I gave back an unhealthy portion of the week's college profits. Gotta get the NFL up to speed. I'm happy with the colleges as my numbers are pretty well locked in, and the info stream this season is as good as it gets. You can subscribe to get all my plays by utilizing the Cokin's Picks menu to the right of the page. For more detailed info, just shoot me an email at The Sunday NFL free plays split as the Redskins were beyond terrible in losing to the Colts, while the ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/16/18

Pretty solid college football week overall. 6-3 on Saturday plus the Charlotte winner on Thursday, so 7-3 bottom line for the week. One very quick thought to share. Too many schools play uptempo when they simply do not have the personnel to run that type of offense. Or, their defense is soft and playing at warp speed likely means more plays and more of a chance that unit will wear down. I don't know why more coaches don't look at what Rocky Long does at San Diego State. His game planning fits the talent on his roster. As a result, Long annually seems to get as much or more from his guys than most coaches. If SDSU played speedball, they'd be losing more  games than they currently do, simple as that. Other coaches should take note and adjust their schemes accordingly. I have one more free side in the NFL, but note this is a lean and not a personal service call. Close as I think they're the right side, but one lingering concern kept it off the card. PANTHERS at FALCONS... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/15/18

1-0 to start the week in college football with the Charlotte winner on Thursday. Nine more plays on Saturday in what turned out to be a pretty deep card. A couple of those were posted here as free plays. My NFL card consists of three plays as of now, and that will likely be as far as I go with the Sunday selections. I'm posting one of those here as the daily free play. I'll have an added opinion in the Sunday blog off the lean list. Meanwhile, here's one of the games I just played. COLTS at REDSKINS Take:REDSKINS -5.5 Washington might not be an offensive juggernaut. But I don't see problems for them moving the football against this Indy defense. I have the Colts as #32 out of 32 defensively. The Colts have a decent offense with Andrew Luck now healthy again, and they figure to get their share of points here as the Redskins aren't as good as they looked last week on that side of the ball. But that unit will definitely have some confidence off last week's result. First-year ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 9/14/18

Quick blog mode tonight. My college football week got off to a good start with Charlotte snaring the win and cover against Old Dominion. This game was moved up from Saturday due to the weather issues. The 49ers won't win many in all likelihood but I was confident they could handle the Monarchs. Always nice to start the week with a winner. Since I'm on ten college games altogether this week, I'll use another of the service plays for today's free selection. To get all my plays, make sure to get one of the available packages to the right of the page at Cokin's Picks. 201 USC at 202 TEXAS Take: USC +3.5 Two storied programs that have fallen back to the pack in USC and Texas. The similarities with the 2018 editions are striking. Neither team has looked good in splitting their opening games, and I don't think it's just a slow start in either case. The difference here is that I like the Trojans freshman QB Daniels to start making plays as he gains confidence and experience. I ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 9/13/18

Quick blog tonight as I want to work on some potential adds to what I already have for this week's college football. My Wednesday started off 2-0 and finished 2-2, with a bad finish on the Diamondbacks wager as they were walked off by the Rockies. Here's this week's free college play. I'll likely add an opinion or two prior to Saturday, but this is a service play I've already sent out. BOISE STATE at OKLAHOMA STATE Take: BOISE STATE +3 -120 No mysteries here. Boise State has had this game circled as its most important game of the entire season. The Broncos have designs on a January 1 bowl and this is the game that determines that outcome in all likelihood. A win at Stillwater and it looks like clear sailing for Boise to go 12-0. Need to note that Boise State will have three important players back on the field here. WR Evans, DT Moa and LB Maeva have been sitting as they just weren't all that needed and there was no need to rush them back in the first couple games. All ... More