Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 7/26/17

I just finished reading a piece on why the Cleveland Cavaliers should not trade Kyrie Irving unless they absolute have to. The view from here is that they might absolutely have to, at least if they want to maintain the harmony necessary to make one more run at the Golden State Warriors. Obviously, I have no inside information as far as what's transpiring in the Cavaliers clubhouse or upstairs where the suits hold court. Anyone reading this column has access to the same info I do. But it seems crystal clear that the relationship between Irving and team management has soured to the point of no return. If that's indeed the case, the Cavaliers have to deal Irving as quickly as possible, assuming the right offer is available. Needless to say, there are likely to an ample number of suitors waiting in line for their chance to put together the right offer for the Cleveland star. The team getting the most mention right now seems to be the Phoenix Suns. Whether those rumors have any ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 7/24/17

Today's blog will be one of those occasional pieces where I include a link to a column I think everyone will find pretty interesting. This one is by Boston Globe journalist Dan Shaughnessy and goes into great detail about the rift between Red Sox pitcher David Price and NESN analyst Dennis Eckersley. Here's the link: The one quote from Price that genuinely cracked me up was "some people just don't understand how hard this game is." Apparently David Price is unaware that Dennis Eckersley pitched Major League Baseball for 24 years and is enshrined in the Hall of Fame. I'll take a shot and speculate that Eck knows very well how hard the game is. Anyway, this is a terrific read courtesy of Dan Shaughnessy and I urge everyone to check it out. ------------------- I'm loving the CFL, but my baseball continues to be up one day, down the next. 2-3 on Sunday, resulting in a net loss ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 7/22/17

Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize you haven't. In case you missed it, check out this bizarre sequence of events in Saturday evening's clash between the Astros and Orioles. Top of the sixth, Houston has already scored twice to shave the Baltimore lead to 4-3. The Astros have two on and two out with Colin Moran at the plate against Darren O'Day. Moran got chewed up on an inside fastball by O'Day and rather incredibly, fouled the ball directly into his face. The ball went straight up in the area around his left eye, and while Moran wasn't knocked out, he was bloodied and clearly out of sorts. Moran tried to get uo with the assistance of his trainer but quickly went back down and was eventually carted off the field. Needless to say, Moran could not complete his at bat. So the Astros brought in Marwin Gonzalez to take over. Gonzalez fouled off several tough pitches and then got a fat one. Goodbye baseball, three Houston runs and for all intents and purposes, ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 7/22/17

I've always wondered why people seem to love "reality TV", which is some of the phoniest crap imaginable. Try sports instead. That's the real "reality TV" minus the silly scripting and there's rarely a day where something crazy doesn't happen. Consider Friday's Braves-Dodgers game. Alex Wood has been ridiculously tough all season. The Dodgers are almost unbeatable right now and they're facing Atlanta lefty Jaime Garcia, who was supposedly on his way to Minnesota in a trade. So naturally, Wood has his worst outing of the season, and Garcia pitches a very nice game. Plus the Braves southpaw shows off his hitting skills with a grand slam off Wood. That's true reality as opposed to the bullshit the masses seems to flock to. By the way, true story. Several years ago, some cable network was airing a makeover reality show and they selected someone at Lotus Broadcasting as the subject. That's the home of ESPN radio here in Las Vegas. Long story short, there's a sequence where ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 7/21/17

I'm watching the British Open as I write this edition of the blog. So I'll keep things short and sweet. There is nothing to recap from Thursday, as I ended up on the sidelines with no plays. The free play on the Yankees was good, but when that price shot up 30 cents I could not recommend it as a personal service call. I do have a couple of CFL plays pending and am definitely getting back into action on the diamond on Friday night. Don't forget, the early signup rate for Football 2017 is available now. But regular prices resume once the exhibition season gets underway. So if you like the concept of saving a significant chunk of change, now is the time to make your move. For complete details on what's included with this offer, email me at Here's the Friday free play. WHITE SOX (Shields) at ROYALS (Kennedy) Take: OVER 10.5 The weather report indicates extremely favorable hitting conditions tonight at Kansas City. Temps in the 90's, will feel like triple ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 7/20/17

JD Martinez is now a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Martinez was one of the few legitimate big name rentals on the market this summer. While his first game with the Snakes provided a major scare when he was hit on the hand by a pitch, it looks like JD will be okay. Therefore, so will the Diamondbacks, or at least they should be. Props to Arizona management for pulling the trigger in what is clearly a go fir it now deal. Martinez is strictly a rental as he's heading to free agency after this season. It's not like the DBacks gave up a huge haul to land Martinez, as only one of the three prospects (Dawel Lugo) heading to Detroit projects as a big league regular down the road. But too many times we see teams with a chance to get to the playoffs hesitating to take on an expiring contract. So props to the powers that be with Arizona for being aggressive. This deal also pretty much sets the bar for what we should look for in the next couple of weeks, at least as far as the trading ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 7/19/17

Early morning coming up for me, so this will be one of my abbreviated blogs. First off, a quick Tuesday recap. I won with the Phillies. The Tigers were also winners, but I bought out of that play when the JD Martinez deal was announced about an hour before game time. No regrets, as I had no idea what the reaction would be in the clubhouse and decided to avoid the game. The one loser was, almost incredibly, another extra inning defeat, this time on the Indians. For those keeping score at home, that's 12 straight extra inning losers for me, and 1-16 on my last 17 plays that have gone past regulation. That is absolutely ridiculous, but not much I can do about it. I'm excited about the not too far away now start to the NFL exhibition season, which I've done well with over the years. That's just the start to my football package. Everything is included when you purchase the early signup subscription. For all the pertinent into on exactly what that entails, be sure to email me at cokin@... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 7/18/17

Lucky Whitehead makes his living as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.  Playing in the NFL offers its share of perks, along with a nice salary and a certain level of celebrity status. That's some great upside. But evidently there's also an occasional price to pay that is difficult to accept. Whitehead has posted on social media and also revealed in interviews that someone recently kidnapped his dog and is now demanding $10,000 for his safe return. I sure hope this creep gets caught and that Blitz is reunited with his pal. I won't put in print what I genuinely hope happens to the kidnapper. What kind of scum would do something like this? 1-2 on Monday for me, and incredibly, with losses were in extra innings. That's an 0-11 extra inning run, and 1-15 in the 16 games I've had that went past regulation. C'mon law of averages, kick in. The early football signup period is now in play. For complete details on everything that's included, be sure to email me at ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 7/17/17

Quick blog today, with just a short recap, a football promo and the Monday free play. The weekend was not a good one for me, and I'm now slightly in the red for the month overall. It's a very manageable deficit, but to be honest, I've got to stop losing all the extra innings games. That's not an exaggeration. I'm 1-13 on games going past regulation over the last two months, and it's virtually impossible to be in the black with numbers like those. Laws of probability demand that this can't continue, so let's hope a little better luck is coming in the coin flip games. The early signup football package is now available. It's a solid deal as the price is reasonable, and the information all subscribers receive has a great amount of value. Remember, this is more than just my plays, and the added info I'll provide all season is absolutely of great use. For more info, email me directly at The Sunday free play looked dead early, then looked like a winner late, but ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 7/16/17

I  don't need a calendar to know when it's mid-July. I simply need to check out the chatter in baseball, start seeing names of Miami Marlins players potentially on the move, and I can pretty much nail the date just based on that information. Here we go again. I'm hearing and reading that at least a few Marlins are at the very least being talked about in deals. That doesn't guarantee that Miami management is listening. But based on their track record snd the fact the team is once again virtually out of the playoff chase, my guess is they're going to be trying to sell one more time. It's no big deal if the Marlins move relief pitcher David Phelps. It's a very big deal if there's any truth to the rumors the Marlins are willing t0 listen on offers for Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich. Long story short, as anyone who has listened to my rants over the years, I don't think there's a worse franchise in professional sports than the Marlins. Let's just say I've been extremely ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 7/15/17

Sandy Alderson is a spoil sport. Maybe. The Mets head honcho stated on Friday that he doesn't foresee Tim Tebow getting called up to the parent team with rosters are allowed to expand to 40 players come September. Tebow has been tearing it up at Hi-A St. Lucie. He's hit in 12 straight games and made big news with a walkoff homer the other night. Realistically, Tebow really doesn't have any business reaching the big leagues this season. But also realistically, the New York Mets have very little chance of contending for a playoff spot down the homestretch. That means lots of empty seats for their home games. Fact is, from a purely business standpoint, bringing Tebow up means major revenue, even if all he does is sit in the dugout for most of the season's final month. Let's just say that while I believe what Anderson said from a baseball standpoint, I'm not punting on the idea of the prospect of some major long green causing him to change his mind. In other words, I won't ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 7/14/17

This is not by any stretch a political commentary. However, I'll draw on that climate by offering an opinion that will probably fall mostly upon deaf ears. If you're a Facebook member, chances are you've noticed the ridiculous proliferation of phony stories from mostly unknown websites. It should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain these are pure bullshit, yet there's not a day that goes by where I don't see multiple posts urging followers to click on some inane piece that is patently false. They're mostly sensationalized opinion pieces that can be exposed as totally false with about 30 seconds of effort. But apparently that's too much work for too many people. Or perhaps even more accurately, if the story fits their train of thought, then it must be true. The reason I'm bringing this up today is because of something that took place here in Las Vegas on Thursday. Apparently, there was a flyer making its way around town that promoted an opportunity to apply for ... More