Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 8/21/18

Quick tip for those who might want a little good handicapping advice for the brand new college football season. Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark. There's so much good information available on a regular basis for virtually every FBS school. Local newspapers, school newspapers, Twitter, etc. I remember the days when garnering good info was a truly arduous task. That's simply not the case anymore. If you're not reading the articles, you're not maximizing your potential edge. It's as simple as that. Do the homework and reap the rewards for your labor. Best advice I can give anyone and everyone hoping to enjoy a winning college football season. Good luck! Yet another split for me on Monday. Too many of those lately for my liking. At least this one produced a decent profit as the winner was a generously priced underdog call on the Cardinals. I missed with the runs line play on the Astros. Small profit, but every little bit counts. Week Zero features two college games, which ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 8/20/18

The college football season kicks off this Saturday with a pair of games. This is basically Week Zero of the campaign. Just two games, and if this happened to be a full schedule, not much attention would be focused on this pair. Wyoming-New Mexico State and Hawaii-Colorado State are not exactly marquee material, although the latter is a conference hookup. But the bottom line is it's the return of college football and a nice appetizer to what is a Week One slate that's loaded with intriguing matchups. As for the NFL, the Ravens and Colts will close out Week Two with the Monday night matchup that actually offers good reasons to watch. Andrew Luck will play on his home field for the first time in way too long as he quarterbacks the Colts. Meanwhile, it's another chance to watch Ravens rookie QB Lama Jackson. Baltimore fans are hoping to see some improvement from the former Louisville start following two games in which his accuracy throwing the football has been more than a little ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 8/19/18

Closing out an exceptionally long day, so this will be as brief as it gets for me. I split my Saturday plays, 1-1 on the diamond, 1-0 NFLX and the lengthy win streak in the CFL finally ended as BC came up short at Toronto. Sunday's free play will be something a little different as I like a pair of big chalk pieces. DIAMONDBACKS/RED SOX No line on the Boston game as I'm writing this, but it will obviously be steep. As for the Diamondbacks, I like Greinke off a subpar start and I also like the Snakes off a game where they blew an early 3-0 lead and got walked off by the lowly Padres. Good shot for these two huge favorites to win. With Arizona being -130 on the runs line and the Red Sox figuring to be in that neighborhood as well, parlaying the two on the money line seems more worthwhile. More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/18/19

Next weekend at this time, I'll be looking forward to the first college football games of the 2018 campaign. But for now, it's the usual brief weekend blog. My Friday was uneventful, with a 2-2 split. I'm on three plays for Saturday, one in baseball, one in the CFL, and one more in the NFL. Get all my plays by subscribing to one of the packages available to the right of the page at Cokin's Picks. Friday's free play was a blowout loss. I'll go with some chalk for the Saturday comp. Bear in mind that as of now this is just an added opinion. If it ends up as a personal play, I'll update with a note on Twitter (@davecokin). DIAMONDBACKS (Godley) at PADRES (Richard) Take: DIAMONDBACKS -135 Arizona continues to dominate the Padres San Diego has now dropped five straight overall with the Friday night loss. Zack Godley owns a decided advantage over Clayton Richard in the starting pitcher matchup. Not value to speak of here, as the visitors are rightfully good sized chalk. ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 8/17/18

If Hollywood ever decides to do a football remake of "The Picture of Dorian Gray", the title of the film will have to be "The Picture of Tom Brady". In case you missed it, Brady took the field for the first, and most likely the only time this NFL preseason. Big surprise. Brady is still Brady. He looked to be in typical outstanding form as he carved up the Eagles for a half of football before calling it an evening. Good luck to the Jets, Bills and Dolphins. I don't know what the order of finish will be this season for those three AFC East residents. But second, thirds and fourth seems a foregone conclusion.  There will be lots of exciting divisional battles this season. I don't know anyone who thinks that will be the case in the division still dominated by the Patriots. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a frontrunner to win the MVP, I wouldn't bet against Dorian Gray, better knows as Tom Brady. Splitsville for me on Thursday. 1-1 NFL, 1-1 MLB. I've got three plays on ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 8/16/18

Going with a very brief blog tonight as I'm perusing as many NFL team reports as I can to try and gain some edges on this week's exhibition slate. One of the games I like is tonight's clash between the Steelers and Packers, so I'll use that as the daily free play. I'll get back to the regular format on Thursday night. STEELERS at PACKERS Take: PACKERS -5 Aaron Rodgers will start for Green Bay tonight. This will likely be his only preseason appearance. The info I have is that he will not play in Week Three even though that's the usual dress rehearsal game. So I would expect that Rodgers would like to get something positive done here. All three GB backups looked good last week, so once Rodgers calls it a night the play should not drop off dramatically, The Steelers are not using Roethlisberger nor his backup Landry Jones. There is no competition for the QB3 slot as they drafted Mason Rudolph and that means Josh Dobbs is the odd man out. That plays into the bet here as Dobbs ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 8/15/18

One of the teams I thought had a chance to make some positive progress this year was the Oakland A's. But there is no way I saw this coming. We're at the 3/4 mark of the season and rather incredible, the A's are now just one game behind prohibitive favorite Houston in the AL West. I would still have to rate the Astros as the likely winner of the division, but I'd also be foolish to dismiss the Athletics. This isn't some kind of fluke. The A's are playing .600 ball for the season and they've obviously been quite a bit better than that for what is now a pretty lengthy period. This is the beauty of baseball. Let's call it straight, Oakland is at a distinct disadvantage from a financial standpoint in comparison to nearly every other franchise. They've got a built in acceptable excuse for mediocrity. But everything has come together for this team and manager Bob Melvin s doing a superb job of pressing the right buttons at the right time. Let's also give Billy Beane and the upper ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 8/14/18

Welcome to the latest edition of Beating A Dead Horse. I honesty hate that cruel expression, but it fits here. Yes, it's yet another installment of the Dave Martinez is the worst in-game manager I've ever seen series. DMart is awful. He makes decisions that indicate to me has has absolutely no feel for strategy. Here's the latest brain fart, and it's important to note this one benefited me tremendously. I mention that just in case anyone thinks I'm just ripping him because he cost me a bet. Not the case. Martinez won me this wager with his mindless maneuvering. Here's the situation. Bottom of the 8th, the Nationals lead the Cardinals 4-3. Runners at second and third, one out. Matt Carpenter is at the plate. Yadi Molina is on deck. I absolutely could not believe Martinez pitched to Carpenter in this spot. The guy has been a power hitting machine for what is now months. He's got a righty ready in the bullpen. You HAVE to IBB Carpenter here. Load the bases, set up the force at ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 8/13/18

Plenty of observations coming out of the first full week of NFL preseason action, and that will be the focal point of today's edition of The Las Vegas Sportsline, airing 2-3 PM PDT on ESPN Las Vegas, online at One thing we probably won't cover is the suspension of a couple of Jacksonville Jaguars players. Dante Fowler will get a week off due to his participation in a post-practice altercation with a teammate. Jalen Ramsey earned his suspension for mouthing off at the media present who filmed what was taking place. Ramsey needs to get a clue. I certainly have no problem with his sticking up for Fowler. Teammates are supposed to support one another, and Ramsey evidently felt Fowler needed some backup in this incident. My problem is with Ramsey going on a profanity-laced tirade against the media that were simply doing their job. I could see Ramsey's point if this had taken place somewhere where the media doesn't or isn't supposed to have access. That wasn't ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 8/12/18

Usual quick weekend blog. Saturday was good. The Cardinals hung on to complete a very nice opening week of NFL preseason action. 2-1-1 on the diamond, so a solid couple of units in the plus column for the day. My Sunday card looks thin. I have just one MLB play as of now, and that's for my subscribers. So file this one in the added opinion category. PHILLIES at PADRES (Arrieta/Lucchesi) Take: UNDER F5 I'll back the two starting pitchers to keep runs off the board early in this game. Jake Arrieta is in decent form and should be able to contain the less than daunting Friars lineup. Joey Lucchesi can be deceptive for hitters who have not seen him, and this will be first look at him by all the Phillies other than Asdrubal Cabrera. Lucchesi has good numbers the first time through the opposition order, but weakens as the game progresses. I therefore feel that if I'm going to do anything where I'm banking on the rookie southpaw, I'd rather it be early. That's the case here. ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/11/18

My usual abbreviated weekend blog mode, with just the Friday recap and the Saturday free play. Friday was okay. Winner with the Jets in the NFL. 1-1-1 on the diamond. Tigers were good, I pushed the F5 Indians-White Sox (0-0 after five in a game the Chisox eventually won 1-0 on a Palka walkoff homer), and a peculiar loss on Oakland. The A's hit two bombs in the first inning to take a quick 3-0 lead and never scored again. Could have been a big night, had to settle for a small profit, but a win is a win (I guess). I'm going with a rather phenomenal trend that's in play for the Saturday free selection. DODGERS (Buehler) at ROCKIES (Freeland) Take: F5 UNDER 6 There's an amazing stat in play here. Kyle Freeland pitching at home for Colorado, the F5 Under is now an incredible 24-2. Both these pitchers have good data first two trips through the order, so I would think there's an excellent chance this remarkable trend continues for another start. Neither bullpen is reliable at ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 8/10/18

It's just one exhibition game. The opposing defense was a collection of mostly second and third unit guys. The actual stat line was nothing spectacular. But make no mistake, the professional debut of Baker Mayfield was more than just a little impressive. The Cleveland Browns have to be ecstatic at the poise and polish displayed by the overall number one draft pick. If you wanted the game between the Browns and Giants, I don't see how you can't have walked away with very positive impressions on Mayfield's performance. Put it this way, he sure didn't look like a raw rookie. Mayfield might not start the season atop the Cleveland QB depth chart. In fact, it's just as well that he sits for awhile behind veteran Tyrod Taylor. But this kid looks the part of a QB1 and I'm going to be very interested to see how quickly he masters the pro football learning curve. It's too soon to chisel anything in granite. But early impressions are that the Browns might finally have landed their quarte... More