Dave’s Free Play, Monday 7/28/14

You gotta love this Red Sox-Rays rivalry. Let’s face it, the Red Sox-Yankees feud has ebbed a bit recently. I think that has much to do with Boston finally breaking through and winning three World Series titles. The various complexes Red Sox fans suffered from when it came to the Yankees are gone. In fact, it’s almost as if the roles have flipped. Now it’s Yankee fans bringing up the 26 titles, which they never really felt the need to do in the past as they were almost always the favorites going in.

I imagine the bad feelings between the Red Sox and Yankees will return at some point. It could be as soon as next year if the Yankees somehow make something happen in October. But let’s face it, at the present time, there’s not really a whole lot to dislike about the Yankees. They’re an old and pretty much non-threatening team, and the main focus as far as they’re concerned is all about the Derek Jeter retirement journey around the majors. And almost everyone likes and respects Jeter.

But the Red Sox-Rays deal is real. This is nothing new, as it goes all the way back to an exhibition game more than a decade ago. But it’s really sizzling right now, and David Ortiz, to the delight of Red Sox fans and the aggravation of virtually everyone else, just keeps adding fuel to the fire. His pose following the three-run homer on Sunday was epic. Unlike the terse comments from David Price following the previous incident, Sunday’s victim was far more talkative post-game. Chris Archer had plenty to say about Ortiz and while he was quick to say this was strictly based on Big Papi’s on field actions, Archer was clearly pretty upset.

As for Ortiz, he was hilarious as usual. He made some reference to Archer having been in the majors “for two days”, fired off a few bleeps and got a big laugh from the assembled media.

I think every sport needs one of these nasty rivalries, and the players have to buy in. The Giants-Dodgers dislike is real, but I really think it’s more the fans than the players. Maybe not, but it’s tough to get past Clayton Kershaw calling it “fun” while being interviewed last night during the ESPN Sunday Night telecast. I realize Kershaw is simply not the type to instigate, so this wasn’t unexpected. Still, and this is from someone who doesn’t care about either team, I would have much preferred Kershaw letting a “blank them” slip out when being asked about the Giants.

Here’s the serious part of this. The fans are supposed to have fun with these rivalries. But in too many instances now, we’re seeing actual cases of serious physical harm being inflicted because someone happens to be rooting for the wrong team. I haven’t attended an NFL game since I had hair on my head, and the baldness is not a recent development. I have no desire to be surrounded by drunks, and I don’t want to have to make sure I’m wearing the right colors before attending a game.

Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying the Red Sox-Rays rivalry. It’s between the players. And that’s where it needs to stay. Once it escalates to real problems between people who think they’re a part of the team but aren’t, the fun is done and there’s a serious issue. Let’s hope this one stays the way it is right now.


2-0 with the personal plays on Sunday, as the Twins held on to get their win and the Mets received some outstanding pitching en route to a shutout win over the Brewers. The last two months, following a lousy May, have been really outstanding.

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The Diamondbacks missed as the Sunday free play. The number on that game went nuts, and that forced me to leave it off my final card for the day. A reminder that you can simply follow me on Twitter for updates as to whether these games make my card, and I’ll also be updating that info at pregame.com.

07/28 04:10 PM   MLB   (969) MILWAUKEE BREWERS  at  (970) TAMPA BAY RAYS

Take: (969) MILWAUKEE BREWERS +120

I’m not big on letdown spots in baseball. That scheduling dynamic seems to be more applicable to football than a daily grind game like baseball. But if there is such a thing as a baseball flat spot, this could be it for the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Rays finally lost a game yesterday, and it’s not unusual for teams to lose a couple or a few immediately following the conclusion of a very long win streak. Also, this was a series against the Rays without a doubt main rival, and I wonder about the intensity level with a team from the National League now coming in for a series. One things that’s certain is that there will be loads of good seats available tonight as the Rays still draw flies and unlike the Red Sox fans who love visiting the Trop, the Brewers are not what one would call a major attraction.

Beyond the situation, there’s also a pretty fair pitcher catching a nice price here. Kyle Lohse has had a terrific year for Milwaukee, and the Brewers are a robust 15-6 when he takes the mound. It’s surely not a blowout as Jake Odorizzi has come on impressively for TB. But I have to give Lohse the slight edge as far as the starting pitching is concerned.

Obviously, the current form advantage has to be given to the home team. That’s why it’s tough to argue with the Rays being the favorite here. But I thought the opening number on this clash was inflated and even at the present tag, I see a little value on the Milwaukee side. I’ll bank on Lohse doing his usual thing and perhaps a bit of a letdown from the Rays. The Brewers at an okay underdog price are the choice as the Monday comp opinion.

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 7/27/14

Sometimes I hear stuff that just forces me to shake my head. It’s not a conscious decision on my part. It’s just a reflex action that cannot be avoided. If it’s really crazy, the head shake might get accompanied by the open mouth “what the $%^& did I just hear?” maneuver, but that’s generally reserved only for remarks made by Skip or Screamin’ A on whatever that show is called.

I was doing a lot of head shaking on Saturday as I kept on hearing that Jake Peavy is 14-2 lifetime against the Dodgers, and that’s why the Giants were so eager to get him for the stretch drive. While it’s true that Peavy has those awesome career numbers against the chief rival of the Giants, he’s also 1-0 against the Dodgers since 2009. In 2009, Jake Peavy was still with the Padres and was not far removed from being one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball. I think it’s okay to conclude that the 2014 Peavy, while not as bad as the 1-9 record might indicate, is no longer one of most dominant pitchers in all of baseball.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the Giants for swinging this deal with the Red Sox. They had to fork over a couple of pitching prospects, but this is a team trying to win its third World Series in five years, and the Giants needed another starting pitcher. The rumor mill had them being very hot for David Price, but it now appears as though Price is staying in Tampa Bay for at least the rest of this season. Maybe they’re in on Cole Hamels if the Phillies decide to actually trade with someone. But lots of teams will be making offers for Hamels. The same holds true for any other front line arms that become available.

The Giants decided they had to try and firm up the rotation for the season’s last two months. I cannot disagree with that assessment, and Peavy is, in fact, a pretty good fit for the Big Phone. He’s a fly ball pitcher and mistakes that were flying out of Fenway and other AL East ballparks might just stay in play in San Francisco and a couple of other NL West locales. Peavy probably isn’t going to set the world on fire at this juncture, but he’s not being asked to. The Giants need a guy who can give them six innings and three runs every fifth day, and it’s not a reach to suggest Peavy can do just that.

As for the 14-2, it means little to me and shouldn’t to anyone who really understands the game. If he’s 15-2 against the Dodgers after tonight, it still doesn’t mean anything. One of the mistakes baseball ‘cappers make, at least in my opinion, is putting too much meaning on what happened years ago. It might look good in a writeup on a game, but that’s about as far as it goes. However, feel free to shake your head reflexively if you disagree.


My Saturday started off badly as the Cubs bullpen fell apart yet again, and the Indians then coughed up a 5-0 lead and lost to KC. But I got a lucky winner as the White Sox and Twins somehow stayed Under 7.5, hit two more late plays including the comp on the Angels, and nailed a 2-0 CFL sweep. So 5-2 for the day and the good run that’s taken place here for nearly two full months continues. I probably won’t have much today as it’s not an attractive card, and I don’t like forcing plays.

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Another solid showing from Matt Shoemaker and a really good effort by former UNLV star Efren Navarro as the free play on the Angels came through. I’ll look at one of the ugliest games on the Sunday slate for today’s comp.



There is something noteworthy about today’s game between the Diamondbacks and Phillies. It’s very possibly the final home game for one or more veteran Phillies. The trade deadline is near, and rumors galore are swirling. Aside from that, it’s 45-59 vs. 45-59, so this is about as meaningless as it gets for a late July baseball game.

The Phillies are not losing every game, but sometimes when watching this team, it’s a wonder they don’t. I’m not saying it’s all the time, but there are just too many games where the eye test suggests these guys are mailing it in. No emotion, no fire, just 25 guys showing up for work. I can almost envision a time clock just out of camera view where the players punch in and out before and after the game.

It’s not like the Diamondbacks are any great shakes, either. There’s going to be an overhaul taking place for the Snakes as well, but it’s not as dramatic as what I think we’re about to see in Philly. But the Diamondbacks have some young guys who are now playing most everyday and I can tell you from watching most of their games, there’s some enthusiasm with this entry. That’s not translating into lots of wins, as the talent just isn’t in place right now. But I at least like the energy.

Vidal Nuno starts for the road team today, and he’s strictly back of the rotation material. But Nuno isn’t necessarily the worst starting pitcher in action at Citizens Park today, as the former Fausto Carmona will be on the mound for Philly. Trying to guess which version of Roberto Hernandez will show up is a challenge, to put it mildly. When he’s locating that sinker, Hernandez can be pretty tough. But when he loses his command, that’s a different story. Of late, Hernandez has been closer to okay than mediocre, but that means little as far as figuring out what he’ll do today.

My take is that this is as dead even as a game can be on paper. But the intangibles spell out Arizona. The DBacks got a terrific extra inning win on Saturday night, and I really feel as though the Phillies clubhouse atmosphere today could be very somber. I’ll take the team I believe is going to be more excited to play today, and that’s the Diamondbacks.

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 7/26/14

I don’t stray off the beaten path too often in this blog. It’s mostly straight sports, with an emphasis on the gambling aspect, and that’s not going to change. But today is an exception to that rule, as I have to weigh in on the Ray Rice suspension fiasco.

Clearly, a two-game suspension for Rice is not even a slap on the wrist. It’s more like a tender caress. But before we all come down on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the legal system itself has to draw criticism.

Rice never even had to go to trial for this assault. He instead was accepted into a diversionary program that will allow him to clear his record of any charges, thanks to his status as a first-time offender. Personally, I think that’s ridiculous, as it’s basically a free pass. I have no problem with second chances, but feel they should be earned rather than simply handed out.

As for the punishment meted out to Rice by the NFL, consider the following. Robert Mathis is going to miss four games. His crime was apparently using an unapproved fertility drug as he and he wife tried to make a baby. Terrelle Pryor got a five-game suspension over some comped tattoos, and those were received before he even arrived in the NFL. Get caught smoking pot? That’s four games. 

Sorry, but I can’t see any logical argument in defense of this ridiculous sentence being handed down by Goodell. The lack of common sense here is more than a little troubling, and for many fans (and not just the female portion of the fan base) this is an insult to our intelligence and sense of what’s right and wrong.

On the flip side, I don’t know why we should expect anything different from this outfit. The NFL is as hypocritical as it can possibly be as far as gambling is concerned. That’s another topic, so I won’t go any further with that right now. But the stance is the same here. The league talks about how concerned they are over the domestic violence and/or sexual assault incidents. But when it comes down to putting their money where their mouth is, they act as if it’s no big deal.

I guess I’m guilty of some hypocrisy as well on this whole incident. I find the NFL’s handling of it to be abhorrent. But I’m still going to watch the games, still going to bet the games, and in reality, earn the largest percentage of my business income along the way thanks to the NFL.

But I’ll at least learn one lesson from all this. Don’t believe anything the NFL says when it comes to their stance on social issues as they pertain to the league. Actions always speak much louder than words, and the Rice mini-suspension is as much proof as anyone should ever need that they really don’t give a rat’s behind.


A 2-2 split for me on Friday, which might be 2-1-1 for some subscribers depending on their O/U in the Padres/Braves game. I decided to get greedy and go for the better price on the lower number and got burned. The Nats and Rockies won, and the Indians lost thanks to a meatball served up by John Axford that got absolutely obliterated by Billy Butler.

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Good result with the Friday free play as Brett Anderson was again very sharp with his command as the Rockies ended up trampling the Pirates. I’ll try and grab another winner with one of the Saturday late games.

07/26 07:05 PM   MLB   (925) DETROIT TIGERS  at   (926) LOS ANGELES ANGELS

Take: (926) LOS ANGELES ANGELS -113

What a difference a few months can make. If someone had told me in April that I could get underdog on Justin Verlander opposing Matt Shoemaker, I’d have been racing to my screen to start blasting away with every out available. Perennial ace against fringe big leaguer at plus money? Sign me up!

Now here it is late July and I’m looking at Shoemaker being a small favorite and thinking that the line is actually a little bit short of where it rightfully should be.

Verlander is clearly not the same pitcher we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the past several years. I can’t determine whether this is still part of an ongoing recovery from his off-season surgery or simply a diminishment of skills. But that really doesn’t matter. The fact is that Verlander has been nothing more than ordinary this season, and there’s nothing I can see to suggest a surge is imminent.

As for Shoemaker, he continues to be a revelation of sorts. There was simply nothing in his minor league resume to suggest he could thrive in the show, much less while owning a spectacular 1.9/9.3 BB/K ratio. But those are the numbers, and if you’ve watched this guy throw, you already know why he’s getting all those swings and misses. Shoemaker evidently discovered the splitter at some point, and that pitch has taken him from organizational filler to, if not a mainstay, a valuable piece in the Angels starting rotation.

I think the oddsmakers have finally adjusted to where Verlander is at this juncture, and there are no more bargains available for those fading him on a regular basis. But I still believe this price is a tad short. That’s more on the team data, however. The Halos are dominating their guests when playing in Anaheim and while the Tigers are a tough adversary with the best road record in baseball, the Angels are currently owners of the second best home record in the game and they’re getting better.

There’s a good chance we won’t see Josh Hamilton in the Angels lineup tonight, as he had to leave Friday’s game with an injury (a real shocker there, huh?) but I don’t consider his absence especially critical, as he hasn’t been productive lately anyway. I like the Soria pickup for the beleaguered Detroit pen, but still give the late inning advantage to the home team if this is tight. The lean here is definitely to the Angels to make it two straight over the Tigers.

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 7/25/14

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is now less than one week away, and it looks as though there could be a flurry of activity. It doesn’t appear as though any blockbusters are looming, but there are some good players on the market. With so many teams still involved in the playoff chase, I think it’s fair to assume we should see plenty of action.

The biggest name on the possible move is Cole Hamels, but the team that might have the most interest is not one of the contenders. The Red Sox are pretty much dead in the water as far as this season is concerned. But with Jon Lester apparently determined to test the free agent waters, the Red Sox are being proactive here. Boston has a very deep organization and is therefore a perfect trade partner for the Phillies, who desperately need to restock their system.

The Yankees have already added Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley, but they’re not done dealing. The recent surge almost guarantees the Yankees will swing another deal or two. They reportedly are hot for Rockies southpaw Jorge De La Rosa.

It sure sounds like Jake Peavy is going to be on the move, and the Cardinals are still the rumored destination. St. Louis needs another starting pitcher and reports are that the Red Sox have had their top scouts taking in lower level Cardinals minor league games.

Aaron Hill’s name keeps popping up as the most likely member of the Diamondbacks to be wearing a new uniform shortly. Hill should be on the wish list for several teams, and if that’s the case, the Snakes could be well positioned to score a really good prospect from one of the prospective trade partners.

The Mets have apparently let the Rockies know they’d be interested in either Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez, but it doesn’t sound like the Rockies are ready to deal either star. But outfielder Drew Stubbs has a good chance to be changing addresses.

Justin Masterson is currently rehabbing and wasn’t pitching at all well prior to getting hurt, but he’s still a high potential pickup who will attract offers. I have no idea what the Indians asking price might be, but I’ll assume that it has to be a righty bat, as that’s a pressing need for the team presently.

The Tigers are not done shopping yet and are still on the prowl for a southpaw reliever. The Dodgers are also looking to upgrade their staff, but they reportedly covet a starting pitcher. Considering the form of Dan Haren, that makes sense, as does the team getting at least one of their outfielders out of LA.

Finally, I saw tonight where the Cubs are entertaining offers for Edwin Jackson. Good luck with that, Theo. Jackson still has two years remaining on a very bloated contract, so it’s difficult to envision Jackson getting moved unless the Cubs pick up a good percentage of the money still owed the mediocre righty.


A nice sweep for me on the Thursday personal plays, so while I haven’t had what I’d call a hot streak at any point this month, it’s nevertheless shaping up as a very positive July with a steady black ink grind.

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Corey Kluber certainly did his job on Thursday night, but the Indians ended up on the short end of a 2-1 tally as the Royals walked off with a 14-inning win. Tonight’s free play is already on my personal card for Friday, along with two other games.

07/25  05:40 PM   MLB  (911) PITTSBURGH PIRATES  at  (912) COLORADO ROCKIES

Take: (912) COLORADO ROCKIES +110

I can’t recall the last time I bet on the Rockies to win a baseball game. I can state with certainly it’s been at least two months, although I’ve definitely made a number of anti-Rockies wagers in that time span. But I’m going to take my chances with this last place entry tonight in a game that I believe sets up well for them.

The key here is Brett Anderson, and the impression he left with me on the eye test in his most recent start. I pay quite a bit of attention to dips in velocity and normally want to go against those pitchers seeing a substantial decline. That’s the case with Anderson presently, and in fact I’ve made two successful plays against the lefty since he came off the disabled list.

But off what I’ve seen of Anderson, I was fortunate to get those two winners. He got bombed by the Twins in the opening inning of his first start off the DL, but settled down after that and actually pitched much better than his line might have indicated. Anderson was even better last time out in a stellar seven inning effort against the Pirates. The Bucs eventually won that game, but they did very little against Anderson. If he’s locating his arsenal like he was in that most recent start, I would expect this to be a tough night for the Pirates hitters, even in the hitter’s haven known as Coors Field.

Charlie Morton will throw for the Bucs tonight. Morton has been very tough, but is still prone to the occasional big inning. I also don’t like the way his stuff figures to play out at Coors. Morton has made two career starts here, and while his overall lines weren’t terrible, one thing really caught my eye. Morton is a pitcher who thrives and survives getting ground balls. But in those two starts at Coors, his ground ball percentage was way below its norm. That’s a red flag for me, as when Morton doesn’t get grounders, he also doesn’t get wins as a rule.

The downside here is that the Rockies are a bad baseball team with an awful bullpen. Plus, the Pirates have demolished losing teams all season. But I really liked what I saw from Anderson and want to try him here. I also don’t mind the fact that it’s a lock that the Pirates will be a very popular public side tonight, while I’m of the belief the pro dough is going to show on the home dog. You won’t see me on this bad baseball team often, but tonight I’ll be taking my chances with the Rockies in the role of home dog.

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 7/24/14

The offers are going to come. But now there has to be some real doubt as to whether the Tampa Bay Rays will be listening as contending teams around the majors make their pitches to get a deal done for star southpaw David Price.

After slogging along in last place throughout the first half of the 2014 season, it was inevitable the Rays would deal Price to the highest bidder. From the Rays standpoint, this made perfect sense. The farm system has dried up considerably and the determination just about everywhere was that the team was toast this season, and it was time to rebuild.

That was then, and this is now. The Rays are the hottest team in baseball, and they’re very much back in the playoff chase. Tampa Bay closed to within seven games of the Orioles in the AL East following last night’s win at St. Louis. They’re even closer in the wild card race, now trailing the Mariners by only 4.5 games.

The Rays are now on their way back home for a lengthy stay, and barring a sudden loss of form, they’re again serious contenders. I think the Price trade talks are pretty much dead in the water at this point. That’s not to say Tampa Bay won’t get offers for their ace. But there’s really no need for the Rays to deal Price now, as he’s not a free agent till after next season.

At the same time, I think it’s doubtful the Rays will want to pay what Price will be due next season, and I’ll be surprised if he’s wearing a Tampa Bay uniform next spring. But with the Rays rolling toward what could be another season with October action, I now believe he won’t be traded till the off-season. The Rays might well be tempted with a great package now, but with some possibly lean years ahead of them, it makes more sense to go for the marbles this season and wait till the winter to explore other options.


1-2 on Wednesday, with the Rays coming through, but a side and total loss at Wrigley as the Padres took full advantage of major wildness on the part of the Cub pitchers. Losing night, but the month to date remains rock solid, and I intend to finish July with a flourish.

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Alex Cobb and two relievers overpowered the Cardinals last night, making the free play call on the Rays a good one. I’ll bank on one of the game’s most reliable pitchers to come through this evening.

07/24  05:10 PM   MLB   (965) CLEVELAND INDIANS  at   (966) KANSAS CITY ROYALS

Take: (965) CLEVELAND INDIANS -114

What should be a good pitching duel is on tap tonight as the Indians and Royals open a weekend set in Kansas City. It’s Corey Kluber vs. Danny Duffy in a dynamite duel with lots on the line for each team. Both the Indians and Royals are still within hailing distance of the AL Central front-running Tigers. But the reality is that these two clubs are more realistically contending for the last wild card spot. Cleveland has stepped it up lately, and the Indians are now only two games back of Seattle. The Royals haven’t been sharp recently, but they’re still just 2.5 games off the pace.

That current form is big tonight, though. Even though the Indians are not as potent against lefties, this is still a hot entry right now. As for the Royals, they got a much needed won on Wednesday against the White Sox, and maybe returning home will get them heated up.

But there’s no question that the Royals major weakness is getting them in hot water right now. This is simply a poor offensive team, with an alarming lack of power remaining an issue all season long. The Royals usually have to put hits together in small ball fashion to score, and accomplishing that against Kluber has been a problem for them.

KC did manage to beat Kluber once this season, but they’ve also been completely overmatched by the star righty twice. That doesn’t bode well for the home team here, as the Royals are not hitting at all well right now. Aside from a seven-run outburst against some mediocre White Sox hurlers on Tuesday, the post-All Star Kansas City bats have done very little.

The Indians lost yesterday and in fact dropped two out of three at Minnesota. But even with that series loss, I still feel there’s positive momentum with the Tribe. They might not have it easy tonight against the southpaw serves of Danny Duffy, who should own a better record than his current 5-10.

But therein lies the problem for Duffy. He hasn’t been the recipient of much offense and he keeps getting matched up tough, which is again the case this evening. Kluber has been the model of consistency and as long as his command remains top notch, it’s hard to see the Royals helping Duffy out with much tonight.

The Indians are rightfully small favorites here, so this isn’t a particular bargain. But I really don’t see this as having to pay a premium to enlist the service of Kluber tonight. As good as he’s been for me this season, I’ll have no problem supporting the Cleveland ace once again. I’ll side with the Indians to garner the road win tonight.

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 7/23/14

Chase Headley was on the receiving end of the pleasurable Gatorade shower following his game winning hit on Tuesday night. That would normally be reason for celebration among San Diego fans. Only Headley, who started the day as a Padre, finished it as a Yankee. Meanwhile, the Padres were walking away from Wrigley Field after having been shut out for the 15th time this season. Thus ends what had to be another difficult day for Padres faithful, with perhaps the only saving grace being that they’re very used to them.

The Headley trade puts the finishing touch on yet another blunder by a front office that, quite candidly, has been nothing short of incompetent for some time now. The Padres had two choices following Headley’s breakout 2012 campaign. Figure out a way to ink him long term or trade him, as his value was never going to be higher. Of course, they did neither, Headley suffered through a terrible 2013 and most of the current season to boot, and in the end, the Padres basically had to pay the Yankees to take him off their hands.

There’s no way to spin this positively for the Padres. Their roster at this point can’t even be called mediocre, as it’s worse than that. The farm system is not exactly overflowing with prospects, especially from an offensive standpoint. And if that’s not bad enough, my guess is that the Padres are probably going to deal away a couple more guys between now and the trade deadline. I’ll be surprised if they get anything of substance in return.

There are a handful of big league franchises that have been down for some time, but of all these teams, it sure looks to me like the Padres are in the worst shape as far as the next few seasons are concerned. But what’s most troubling to me is that there’s not much outrage. Sorry, but the San Diego media and fan base need to start crushing this franchise from the top down, and abjectly refuse to play that ludicrous small market card. That won’t help turn the Padres around anytime soon, but at least it would be a first step in the right direction.


A winning Tuesday with my plays, although I wish I’d loosened the leash and fired on the leans as well. Nevertheless, the bottom line profit got increased and I’ll attempt to add some more today.

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It took several extra innings, but the Giants managed to deliver a win as the Tuesday free play. This has been a pretty good month with the comps, so let’s try and nail another side tonight.

07/23  04:15 PM   MLB   (929) TAMPA BAY RAYS  at   (930) ST. LOUIS CARDINALS

Take: (929) TAMPA BAY RAYS +105

Remember when the Rays were considered dead in the water? The buzz wasn’t if they’d be dealing David Price, Ben Zobrist and perhaps a couple other players, it was just a matter of when.

Fast forward to right now and while the Rays could still be sellers at the deadline, that’s far from a sure thing. I think it’s fair to say that unless the Rays are offered a deal they can’t refuse, Price and company will still be calling the Trop home. The Rays have clawed their way back into contention, and with no dominant entries in the AL East, this team absolutely has a chance to play its way into the post season.

The Rays picked up a sweet underdog win on Tuesday night, beating Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright in the process. They have another tough assignment tonight as they take on Lance Lynn. But this is a pretty hot Rays squad right now and they’ve got their own solid righty on the bump as Alex Cobb throws for Tampa Bay.

Cobb has not really been what one could call dominant this season, but he’s doing well enough, and he has a good chance of succeeding against a Cardinals lineup that isn’t exactly crushing the ball. If you’re talking current form, Tampa Bay has the offense that’s more productive. I also think that the absence of Yadier Molina is starting to take its toll on the Redbirds. There are few players in the game more valuable than Yadi, and the drop off to Tony Cruz is nothing short of enormous.

The oddsmakers are making it clear to me which side they think is going to win this game. Lynn is having a terrific campaign overall, and the hard throwing righty has been dominant at home. Yet he’s barely favored here. The number is so low I can’t see how the vast majority of tickets won’t be written on the Cardinals. But I think you can look for the pros to again line up on the Rays, just as they did on Tuesday night. I’ll expect a similar result and will tab Cobb and the Rays to come out on top once more.

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 7/22/14

I’m a great believer in getting the work done early. That doesn’t mean I’m always in action early, but the idea is to be prepped and ready to fire when what figures to be the best number is available. It really doesn’t matter what sport is involved, the bottom line is still the same. In football or hoops, it’s all about getting the best spread. On the diamond, well, if you don’t think saving nickels and dimes and sometimes more doesn’t add up over the course of a long season, then you probably shouldn’t be wagering.

Obviously, it’s really important to be able to assess the betting lines and make sound determinations as to where the number is going to go. Without meaning to sound boastful, I don’t think many do this better than  I do. That’s not to say there’s not an occasional incorrect assessment, but those don’t happen very often.

I would have to attribute this strength to having received my baptismal fire on the other side of the counter many moons ago. It really didn’t take me long to start figuring out public betting patterns, while at the same time spotting numbers the sharper guys were going to attack. The methodology might have changed over the decades thanks to the information stream now available, but I think the patterns are very much the same now as they were 30 plus years ago.

The reason I bring this up is that I’m frequently asked about the best way to go about becoming a handicapper. I don’t know that there’s a real answer for that in terms of analysis, as it’s largely different strokes for different folks. But the starting point is always the same in my estimation. Learn the line. Master that aspect of the overall equation and you’re one giant step ahead of the game.


Split on Monday, with the Red Sox a snap and the Mets, which was also the free play, a clear loser. Good situational spot to fade the Mariners, but the Mets aren’t hitting a lick right now, so it wasn’t a particularly smart play. I also should have played the Orioles on the same theory as I did the Mets, and naturally, that was a winner. Nevertheless, no damage done and I jumped all over a pair for Tuesday already (and one of those at a much better price than will be available during the day).

Two months for the price of one is the current offer. Results have been quite solid for some time now, and diving in at the present time means not only MLB, but football as well as training camps have opened and pre-season NFL action is just around the bend. Use the “buy now” feature on this page if that’s visible to you. Otherwise, just send an email to me at cokin@cox.net for further info and instruction.


No good with the Mets on Monday, let’s see about a return to the win column with a little road chalk tonight.



I’m not going to spend much time breaking down the two starting pitchers tonight. If you’re looking for consistency, neither Yusmeiro Petit nor Roberto Hernandez offers any. Each guy can be very good at times, each guy can look like a misplaced minor leaguer on the wrong night. Off the data, I prefer Petit. But I can’t really say that he’s a pitcher who inspires great confidence.

My take here is far more on the teams than the pitchers. The Giants seem to have gotten over what was a pretty ugly stretch of baseball. I don’t see this team as a powerhouse, and I also don’t know that they’re built for the post-season this year. But I do expect the Giants to still be playing in October. It’s a veteran outfit with a strong skipper in Bruce Bochy, and even minus a couple of key components they’re sticking right with the Dodgers in the NL West.

The Phillies are just plain lousy, and it’s going to only be shocking if this team doesn’t unload a few veterans between now and the end of the month with the trade deadline looming. Therefore, it’s also not surprising that the Phillies are playing what I’d have to term as uninspired baseball right now. This is pretty much the standard atmosphere for a team with too many older guys and no hope of doing anything but playing out the string. There’s still going to be the occasional good game, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

The Phillies are 9-18 in their last 27 games, and that’s with a five-game winning streak mixed in. So in the other 22 games, we’re looking at 4-18. There’s not a doubt in my mind the Phillies would be best served to start calling up whatever prospects they deem as 2015 roster possibilities. Get them some big league innings now and see what they’ve got. To me, it’s pointless to keep trooping out players who are not going to be around much longer. The results might not be any different with new blood on the diamond, but the energy will be greatly enhanced, and I have no doubt at all about that.

As for tonight, my only real concern is if the bad Petit shows up and the good Hernandez makes a surprise appearance for Philly. With erratic pitchers such as this duo, that’s always a possibility. But aside from that, I’d much rather consider the contender vs. the team playing out the string, so the Giants are the choice this evening.

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 7/21/14

It’s time to kick off the college football previews. This won’t be the standard stuff, as the entire aim here is going to be focusing on schools that could represent spread value, at least early on, in either direction. So the majority of these rundowns will probably be on teams not too many people care about, but that bettors can hopefully earn a profit with.

First up, out of the Mountain West Conference, it’s Wyoming. The Cowboys had a rough time of it last season, and at first glance they look pretty mediocre heading into the new campaign. Their star QB, Brett Smith, has moved on and major scheme changes are taking place on both sides of the ball.

New head coach Craig Bohl is going West Coast with the attack and he’s a 4-3 guy on defense. It usually takes a team time to adjust to changes such as these. But I’m expecting a fairly quick transition in Laramie, and in any event, I can see this team being far more competitive than they were a season ago despite some glaring question marks in terms of personnel.

The primary reason for my optimism is Bohl and what amounts to addition by subtraction. I’m very impressed with Bohl, and not only off what he accomplished at North Dakota State with three straight national titles. I see the biggest improvement in Wyoming’s overall attitude.

The Cowboys had some serious issues last season. The team started off playing very well, as they rebounded from a close opening loss at Nebraska with three consecutive wins. But then came the loss at Texas State in rain-delayed marathon, and even though Wyoming got it to 4-2 with a win vs. New Mexico, they were never the same team.  The defense virtually quit, the only remaining win came in a crazy OT game with Hawaii, and by season’s end it was clearly time for a major overhaul on the sidelines.

Everything I’m hearing about this year’s is upbeat. Maybe that’s more attitude than talent, but the opinion here is that the talent level here wasn’t nearly as bad as the record indicated last season. Replacing Smith under center is definitely a problem, and I don’t think there’s enough to prevent Wyoming from struggling at times this season.

But I also think we’re going to be able to cash a few tickets with this team simply based on the coaching upgrade and the style of play. Wyoming is going to be a physical team that runs the football and plays much more aggressively on defense. And most importantly, unlike the squad we saw in the second half of last season, this Wyoming entry will be play with pride and as a unit. I expect a team that will win its share of games while hanging much tougher against its better opposition, and that should make the Cowboys a potential go with team at the betting windows.


Just a 1-2 Sunday on the diamond, but another okay week in the books as the positive grind continues. Take advantage of my current special and score two full months of all my plays in all my sports for the price of one. That significantly lowers the overall cost, so that even more recreational bettors can get involved. Use the “buy now” feature to subscribe or shoot an email my way at cokin@cox.net for additional info!


The Yankees walked off with the win against the Reds on Sunday, so a good result with the free play. I’ll look to keep it going with a Monday night road dog.

07/21 07:10 PM   MLB   (923) NEW YORK METS  at  (924) SEATTLE MARINERS

Take: (923) NEW YORK METS +105

This is a situational spot I think offers a good chance of producing a win. The Mariners are off a very draining set of games with the division rival Angels and I think they could be a bit flat tonight. Letdowns are more frequently brought up as potential factors in football and basketball more than in baseball, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

The Mariners/Angels series was as hard fought as it gets. All three games were intense battles, with two extra inning affairs and 6-5 Halos win on Sunday with plenty of emotion on display both ways. Let’s just say that this would have been a great spot for Seattle to enjoy a day off, but that’s not the case.

Jon Niese is apparently healthy again, and he should therefore be a tough nut for the Mariners hitters. The Mets lefty has actually had a really nice season when he’s been able to take his regular turn. The Mets have been a solid squad when Niese pitches, and only a few of the Mariners have ever faced him.

The sight unseen factor is in play for Roenis Elias as well, as none of the Mets have stepped in against him. But Elias, after a surprising run in the earlier part of the season, has not been very effective lately and the Mets aren’t terrible offensively against lefties.

This is really one of those games where I see the situation being the trump card. On paper, it’s virtually a tossup. But after watching the high octane duels this weekend at Anaheim between the Mariners and Angels, this looms as a night where taking a shot against the Mariners makes lots of sense to me. I’m siding with the Mets as a small road dog to produce a winner this evening.

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 7/20/14

I’m one who believes that coaches and managers can have a huge impact on the performances of their teams, regardless of the sport. That certainly includes baseball, and there’s not much question I’m more critical than most as far as managers are concerned.

There’s a pretty simple reason for this, really. Far too many current MLB skippers display a consistent and for me, thoroughly aggravating ignorance of meaningful statistical data. I’m not talking about the old school numbers that have been around forever and that are still the most popular. I’m referring to more advanced material, much of which would fall into what can probably best be described as new school data.

One manager who absolutely does not fall into the above category is Joe Maddon, and he had his philosophy and belief in advanced metrics on display again last night in Minnesota. The Rays were matching up with Phil Hughes, who has enjoyed a renaissance campaign for the Twins. The run of the mill managers throughout baseball have pretty much all done the norm with their lineups when facing Hughes, at least as far as their platoon personnel is concerned. Start the lefty hitters, because Hughes is a righty.

Maddon went the opposite route and loaded his lineup with righty hitters. That’s because Hughes has been getting lefties out at a much better rate than he has righties. That’s opposite of the norm, but Maddon obviously decided that the actual numbers were more meaningful than the popular theory and acted accordingly. The result was just what Maddon hoped for, as his Rays got Tampa Bay ace David Price plenty of run support and the dominating southpaw ended up garnering an easy win.

This hasn’t been a good season for the Rays, and while they have clearly picked things up recently, they’re still a long shot to make the playoffs. But that’s sure not on Maddon. He consistently puts his team in the best position to win, and that’s really all anyone can ask.

It’s too bad more of Maddon’s cohorts stubbornly refuse to follow his lead with their respective teams. They’d probably win more if they did, and they’d be far less likely to be subject to ridicule from observers like me in the process.


A very enjoyable Saturday on my personal plays with a net gain of three units on the day. I’m pretty happy with the way things have been going for the last several weeks and will look to maintain that consistency moving forward.

Thus, it’s a good time to take advantage of the current special. Buy one month of all my plays, receive a second month at no additional cost. Plays are emailed as I make them myself with analysis almost always included, and one of my objectives is to get the games out before the lines get beat up, although I’ll also add plays moving closer to game time if warranted. Subscribing is easy enough, just utilize the “buy now” feature on this page. If you happen to be viewing on a cell phone or at another site that features this blog, the best move is to get in touch with me via email at cokin@cox.net.


The Saturday free play on the Pirates was a winner, although I ended up with a push on this game. I decided to create a -1 line because the money line was higher than I like to risk a full unit on. This can be done easily enough by splitting the play between the money line and the runs line, thus manufacturing a -1 line. The Bucs ended up winning by one run, so my money line play got there but the runs line didn’t, and that’s a push. No need for that maneuver with today’s comp, as it’s more competitively priced.

07/20 10:05 AM   MLB   (979) CINCINNATI REDS  at  (980) NEW YORK YANKEES

Take: (980) NEW YORK YANKEES -105

The Yankees have won the first two games in this series, much to the consternation of the majority of bettors. It’s a classic example of wagerers putting too much weight on the starting pitching and not factoring in other elements. I think the biggest flaw most baseball bettors make is overvaluing the starting pitching. This series has been a good example of that, and we’ve seen it in the line movement. In each of the first two games, the Reds have drawn the majority of the ticket volume, but the pro dollars that move the line have been pretty heavy on the Yankees.

I suspect we’ll see the same thing again today. Johnny Cueto is going to be a more enticing option than Hiroki Kuroda and the Reds will win the popular vote by a substantial margin. But don’t be surprised to see the line again head in the opposite direction with the sharper dollars arriving on the Yankees.

Cueto is good enough to win this by himself, and Kuroda is not the pitcher he used to be, so I can understand why so many players will make a case for the road team. And they might well end up getting paid, as the sharp money certainly doesn’t automatically win.

But aside from the starting pitching, this matchup favors the Yankees. The Reds are feeling the effects of being shorthanded with the right side of their infield on the disabled list, and I personally think they need to get a stick or two, even short term, as one or two extra losses could be all it takes to keep this team from playing baseball in October.

As for the Yankees, they’ve sure got their flaws. The infield defense is pretty bad, the starting rotation is going to miss Tanaka at some point and the offense has some holes as well. But a couple of their key hitters are starting to swing the bats better, the bullpen has actually gotten quite strong and at least from a position player standpoint, the Yankees are by far the healthiest they’ve been all season.

So long story short, Cueto rates the clear edge over Kuroda, but the other factors point to the Yankees. That adds up to the home team rating the true favorite role here, and the current line is very close to pick ‘em. Mix in the positive momentum for the hosts and I’m compelled to view the Yankees as the right side once more today.


Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 7/19/14

Football previews are on the way, so this will be final time this baseball season, at least in all likelihood, that I go on one of my sacrifice bunt rants. I really hadn’t intended to go down this road again. But after watching Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon mismanage his team to a loss I consider him directly responsible for, I just couldn’t contain myself.

If you’ve read this blog on occasion or heard me on the radio, you already know how anti-sac bunt I am, and I’ve got a wealth of statistical data to support my position. So I’m not going to revisit that again. Instead, I’ll just focus on what happened in the marathon on Friday night and into Saturday morning as the Angels won a 16 inning decision over the Mariners.

Lloyd McClendon ordered up four sacrifice bunts along the way in this game. Those four bunts resulted in, you guessed it, zero runs scored. Four free outs handed to the opposition and absolutely nothing to show for it. He bunted twice in spots where his 8/9 hitters were up next, and that’s a duo hitting a combined .204 for the season. But the worst bit of “strategy” came on the final try in the 16th inning, and this was epic stupidity.

Here’s the situation. Brad Miller leads off the inning with a single. Next up, Mike Zunino, who while carrying a lousy overall BA, has actually done well against lefties, and southpaw Hector Santiago is throwing for the Halos. Following Zunino are lefty hitter Endy Chavez and sub Stefen Romero. Chavez is hitting .000 for the season against lefties, by the way. So it’s pretty clear that Zunino is probably the best option to get a hit and possibly win the game for the Mariners.

Naturally, this birdbrain of a manager has Zunino bunt, which to my knowledge he had not done even once as a major leaguer. Zunino pops up the bunt for an easy out. Then McClendon decides to hit and run with the guy who is 0/18 for the season against lefties. Swing and a miss, runner is thrown out at second. Chavez then whiffs to run his season ledger vs. lefties to 0/19.

There is simply no debate here. Any manager who is so locked into old school strategy that he utilizes it even in the worst possible scenario is not qualified to manage.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why baseball is the most advanced sport from a data standpoint, yet has so many managers stuck in an archaic mindset that just doesn’t work. How these guys keep getting hired is beyond my comprehension. As for McClendon, he was terrible in Pittsburgh and it’s apparent to me he still doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s doing. End of story.


Needless to say, I had the Mariners last night. 1-2 for me on the evening, so a -1.0 result. Not a problem, as the last seven or so weeks have been really solid and not much damage was done. I still don’t like losing even the one unit when I feel I should have been a winner, but that’s why they call it gambling.

The current offer is two full months for the price of one. That includes all plays in all sports, and my emails with the selections also include analysis as to why I’m playing a particular game. Sign up via the “buy now” tab on this page, or shoot me an email at cokin@cox.net for more info or with any questions.


The Cubs coughed up a nice early lead en route to a 5-4 loss at Arizona as the Friday comp. Let’s see about getting back to the winner’s circle with a chalky all for Saturday evening.

07/19 04:05 PM  MLB   (903) COLORADO ROCKIES  at   (904) PITTSBURGH PIRATES


Regular followers of my free plays know that I don’t generally recommend bigger favorites. But I’ll have to line up with one of those pieces tonight as the Rockies continue their series with the Pirates.

Brett Anderson is on the hill for Colorado tonight, and this is mostly a stance against the veteran lefty. Anderson made his first start off his most recent DL stint last Sunday, and it wasn’t pretty as he got drilled by the Twins. I make Anderson a candidate to get hit hard again tonight.

I might normally simply attribute a bad first start off the disabled list to rust, and that’s even with a minor league rehab stint thrown in. But it’s not the fact that Anderson got his clock cleaned that has me skeptical of his ability to get hitters out at this point. It’s having watched the carnage take place, and then following that up by viewing his charts from the game. Anderson set a career low with his fastball velocity in that Sunday game with the Twins, and I find that very troubling. The fact the game was at Coors means little to me. He’d have been hit hard in any ballpark with what he was throwing last weekend.

Charlie Morton will go for the Pirates tonight. Morton has not been very lucky this season, but there’s actually quite a bit to like about the quality of most of his recent efforts. Plus, most of Morton’s problems have come on the road. He’s been impressive at PNC and tonight he gets to face a Rockies entry that is not exactly murderer’s row on the road.

Aside from the starting pitchers, this is still a strong spot for the Pirates. The Colorado season pretty much concluded with that awful run of injuries, and the phony success the bullpen enjoyed early in the campaign gave way to reality some time ago. The Rockies are a bad team at this point, while the Pirates have worked their way back into the playoff chase following a very slow start to the season.

I actually think this number is short by a dime, perhaps a bit more. It shapes up to me as a game the Bucs are supposed to win, and I obviously have no problem at all trying to beat what should be a shaky Anderson. I’ll look to lay the price with the Pirates tonight.