Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 5/19/19

No controversy coming out of the second leg of this year's Triple Crown. War of Will got a perfect ride and was a clear winner at this year's Preakness. My choice was the 12 horse, and heading to the final turn I thought I had a chance to at least hit the board. The horse was well positioned in his role as a stalker but he simply didn't fire when asked and was a non-factor down the stretch. I had considered War of Will along with each of the two horses trained by Cox. But I made up my mind that in a race that I deemed being wide open, i was going to go for the longest price. Didn't work out this time. One more jewel remains and I've already got a circle on Game Winner if Bob Baffert chooses to run him at the Belmont. I thought the horse got an absolutely terrible ride at the Kentucky Derby and could be extremely live if he gets entered in the last leg. So here's where handicapping baseball can get highly irritating. I bet the F5 Under in the Cubs-Nationals game on ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 5/18/19

Quick blog today. I split last night, getting a rather fortunate winner on the ice with the Blues, while losing an underdog side on the diamond. San Jose was utterly dominant throughout the final two periods of that hockey game, but the Blues managed to somehow hang on for the 2-1 win. As of now, I have just one play today in baseball, along with my shit at the Preakness. Here's the one I'm settled on in baseball. CUBS (Lester) at NATIONALS (Strasburg) Take: F5 UNDER 4.5 -115 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 5/17/19

Sorry about getting this posted so late, but simply got time crunched this morning. I have one NHL play plus one on the diamond tonight. I've also decided on the horse I like to cross the line first at Preakness, so I'll use that here as the daily free play. The race looks wide open to me. I can certainly see a case being made for Improbable with Mike Smith now taking the reigns for Bob Baffert. The two Cox horses look interesting and Bourbon War could be a serious threat to run down the leaders late. But you can't play them all, and I decided that that I think will be a favorable post and the right style makes my horse a threat to win the race, so here goes. 12 Anothertwistafate is my pick for tomorrow's Preakness. Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 5/16/19

I mentioned something a few days ago about how quickly the pages on the calendar are turning. That's why I'm trying to get well ahead of the curve on the 2019 college football team projections. I want to be ready to go on some Over/Under win props, so that work needs to get done. That being the case and with tonight being one of the nights I'm grinding the colleges, I'll skip any commentary here and just get to the daily free play. 2-0 on Wednesday night with the Brewers and the F5 Under Padres-Dodgers. Here's another F5 for Thursday, though wil have to wait for the morning to make the wager. I'll update in the AM with the actual number, but here's the play. BREWERS (Davies) at PHILLIES (Eflin) Take: F5 UNDER 5 -115 More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/15/19

I guess I enjoy talking baseball about as much as anything. That being the case, the prospect of being able to do so at length on a five days per week basis is pretty appealing. I'll now be contributing Monday through Friday each week on Wagertalk's First Pitch webcast. Follow me on Twitter @davecokin to get the link for each day's program and enjoy! I did not enjoy Tuesday's action. That's thanks to a rare Runs Line play that sure looked great early but ended badly as the Red Sox lost in extras to the Rockies. This really was one of the weirder games I've seen all season. The Rockies ended up winning a game in which they established a new record for offensive futility. Colorado became the first team ever to strike out 24 times over 10 innings without drawing a single walk. That had never happened in MLB history. Now it has. Definitely one of the more bizarre losses I've been a part of, but that's the way they roll sometimes. I've got one side and one F5 Under set for ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/14/19

There's a long way to go before the finish line is even in sight. But the Oakland Athletics managed to get over the first hurdle in the journey they hope results in a new stadium and continued residency in Oakland. The A's now have four years to complete an environmental impact report for a proposal to build a new stadium on land at Howard Terminal. I'm not from Oakland and have zero familiarity with the city. But it at least sounds like an ideal location for a brand new ballpark. Here's hoping this gets done, even if takes a good number of years before the project is completed. Simply stated, this is it for big league baseball in Oakland. There has to be a new park or the franchise has to move. Given that the Raiders and Warriors are leaving for Las Vegas and San Francisco, and the NHL departed the premises decades ago, the A's are all that stands between the city losing its status as even a one-sport major league locale. Next up, it's the Tampa Bay Rays. Personally, I'd ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 5/13/19

The opening round of the NBA playoffs was pretty much a dud. That wasn't especially surprising as there were some clear mismatches in the first set of postseason hookups. But the second round was pretty spectacular and that means loads of anticipation as we head to the NBA's version of the Final Four. The Golden State Warriors are big chalk to eliminate Portland, and it's really tough to see the Blazers being good enough to beat the Golden State dynasty four times. There's no such thing as a moral victory when it comes to playoff action. But mist observers would likely agree that if Portland is even able to extend the Warriors and make this an exciting series, they'll have plenty to feel good about. The Eastern Conference final matchup is more compelling. The Bucks are not at all cheap as the chalk against the Raptors. I can't argue against Milwaukee being the definite favorite but I also can't say I'd be even remotely shocked if this is a lengthy series that provides loads of ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 5/12/19

All about gathering lineup info right now, so I'll just cut right to the chase and publish today's free play. Nice 2-0, +2.35 yesterday, looking to maintain a positive flow in baseball. As of now, this is my only play today. NATIONALS (Strasburg) at DODGERS (Ryu) Take: F5 UNDER 4 -120 Happy Mother's Day and good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 5/11/19

I can hardly believe we're almost at the first quarter pole of the 2091 Major League Baseball season. Gotta tell ya, those calendar pages are flipping at a rate that feels like it's speeding up with each passing year. Welcome to the aging process, I guess. Anyway, I'll put together some thoughts on what has transpired to date and will fire out those thoughts within the next day or two. Meanwhile, on to Saturday. My only Friday side missed as the Diamondbacks lost a 2-1 decision to the Braves. I'm continuing to do very well in isolating strong pitching performances and as long as that continues I'm going to enjoy a nice baseball season. Here's the free play for Saturday. This one i strictly on the starting pitchers, which means I'm going the F5 route as I'd rather not get involved with the bullpens, especially on my side. TIGERS (Turnbull) at TWINS (Pineda) Take: TIGERS F5 (likely about +140) Note this is Game One of a doubleheader. Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 5/10/19

Two down, no one on, one out away from a road win. Home run, followed by a single, a walk and finally the third out. Then, walk, single, single, game over. That was the finish for the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night as their horrendous bullpen managed to blow yet another game. It has been pretty obvious for some time now that if the Braves are serious about contending for a playoff spot, they're going to have to make an upgrade to the relief corps. The fix most mentioned has been Craig Kimbrel. He's still unsigned and seems like a natural fit to return to his former employers in Atlanta. But the longer Kimbrel remains on the sidelines, the more I am starting to believe one of two things, or maybe a little of both. One is that the contract demands are too high, and the other is that there's a strong perception his skills have diminished. So maybe Kimbrel isn't the answer. But it's apparent that the present constructed Atlanta bullpen is close to a complete liability ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 5/9/19

Quick blog tonight. Truth be told, my back is sort of out and the last thing I want to do is sit in this chair and type. The phone is an option but if I go that route the typo count will be through the roof. So here's the free play for Thursday and hopefully I'll be back in the saddle by this time tomorrow. BRAVES (Soroka) at DIAMONDBACKS (Weaver) Take: F5 UNDER No line on this as I'm publishing, but it figures to be 4.5. I like the prospects of an early inning pitching duel between two righties in very solid form. Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 5/8/19

When the 2019 calendar year got started, the St. Louis Blues were dead last in the NHL point standings. The Carolina Hurricanes were 23rd out of 31 teams. Those two teams are now heading to their respective conference finals. That might well be the best example anyone can share to illustrate why the NHL is such a terrific league. There's sure not much tanking and as a result some crazy things can happen. My Tuesday was as uneventful as it gets. I played just one game and that ended up as a push as the Nationals were scoreless with the Brewers through five innings. There's no way I want Washington full game these days as the Nats have an absolutely horrific bullpen. Sure enough, that brutal relief corps was its usual pathetic self last night. So in a game in which my team got blanked, I managed to get out of it free of damage by playing just the F5 option. Suggest anyone wagering on baseball use this strategy when firing on teams with really bad bullpens. I'm on one ... More