Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/17/19

There really is an advantage to be garnered by digging deep for meaningful info on these August NFL exhibitions. I'm 3-0 with the Bills winner on Friday night, and my only disappointment is that I haven't played more games in these first two weeks. But no complaints to be sure. Note that ALL my plays are included with any of the packages on the Cokin's Picks menu to the right of the page. I'm trying two more preseason games on Saturday. No handicapping, just what I consider meaningful info that I believe cremates an edge. That doesn't mean they automatically wins, but all I want is what I perceive be an advantage in these meaningless games. Today's free play is on the diamond. As of now, consider this to be a lean and not yet at actual play. But it's a side I'm certainly strongly considering. TWINS (Berrios) at RANGERS (Jurado) Take: RANGERS +155 More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 8/16/19

Up 5-0 through seven innings and Yu Darvish rolling along at just 92 pitches for the Cubs. Manager decides to lift him and the rest is history. The Cubs got lucky in the eighth inning when a Phillies tuner got thrown out at the plate to quell a rally. But a six-run ninth capped off by a Bryce Harper grand slam and an easy winner becomes a brutal loser. No second guessing here. I tweeted (@davecokin) before the eighth inning that I completely disagreed with the decision to take out Darvish and I was right. Unfortunately, that made my bet wrong. I'm perfect in the early going with the NFLX plays and I'll try another one tonight. I'll get into some analysis on the Friday edition of The Las Vegas Sportsline (2-3PDT, ESPN Las Vegas or online BILLS at PANTHERS Take: BILLS +2.5 More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 8/14/19

I'm back in action today after playing nothing on Tuesday and having just single plays on Sunday and Monday. I'm on a pair on the diamond today, so I'll toss out one of those here as a free play. RAYS at PADRES TAKE: PADRES -107 Note I'm aware Tatis will almost certainly not play for San Diego. But the Padres fit an angle I like that has been quite successful this season and I'll back the Friars to salvage the finale of this series. More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/10/19

All systems go right now. Baseball has been pretty steady all season, but definitely running well presently. NFLX is off to a 2-0 start, though admittedly the Bucs winner last night was pure larceny. Regardless, it counts as a winner, and that result capped off a 3-0 evening. College football package is available to the right of the page at Cokin's Picks. Note that package includes everything else I play in the other sports as well, although as always my primary focus will be on the college football. Package runs through the national title game, and there aren't any surprise extra charges for whatever. I have only one play today. Nothing in football, and this is the only wager I've made to this point in baseball. CUBS (Hendricks) at REDS (Gray) Take: F5 UNDER 4.5 +105 More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 8/8/19

Baseball is going quite well right now, but today looks like a blank page for me. Easy as it gets winner with the Cardinals/Dodgers F5 Under yesterday, as neither team scored in the first five innings. I won't be playing any of the Week One NFLX games tonight, but I am in action on Friday on both games, and will post one of those here as a free play. I'll probably pass on publishing anything tomorrow, likely back Saturday with something. VIKINGS at SAINTS Take: VIKINGS +3 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 8/6/19

Just time for the free play today. BRAVES-TWINS F5 UNDER 6 (Foltynewicz-Berrios) Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 8/5/19

Just a quick check-in today. Good Sunday in the books with Oakland and an unlikely B9 rally by the Dodgers against Kirby Yates. I made just one play today, and this one is a big price long shot. Strictly scheduling/situational, but worth a wager from my vantage point. YANKEES at ORIOLES Take ORIOLES F5 +200 More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/3/19

As is always the case at this tine of year, college football is center stage for me. I've got all my numbers completed, although those will remain somewhat fluid until the season starts based on information that becomes available. But getting ahead of the curve as much as possible allows for some early stances to be taken at what could end up being favorable numbers. I placed a wager this morning on one of the opening week matchups. It's only my second Week One play to date, but there will likely be a few more coming over the next week or so. I decided to share this one here as a free play. 163 SOUTH ALABAMA at 164 NEBRASKA Take: NEBRASKA -34 I'm not averse to laying big numbers early in the season when it's a mismatch. It always helps, however, if the head coach on the better team has no reservations about running up the score. Scott Frost has a chance to do exactly that here, and we know from his UCF days that he's happy to score 60 if he can. Nebraska was 4-8 last ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 8/1/19

MLB trade deadline has passed, and not much question the big prize was Zack Greinke going to the Astros. Might be a long term gamble based on Greinke's contract and advancing age. But that matters little if Houston captures another World Series title this season, and they're now the favorite to do exactly that. Obviously, anything can happen in a short series. But on paper, the Astros are the best team in baseball, no question in my mind about that. I think the NL is more wide open. The Dodgers remain the favorite, but I don't see them as anything close to a cinch. The Cubs helped themselves with the Castellanos trade. The Braves and Nationals certainly made key moves to shore up their bullpens. Washington looms as a real threat if they make the playoffs with that powerhouse rotation, and I'm not surprised their future book odds are dropping. I understand the asking prices were very high but the Dodgers could well regret not adding a needed bullpen piece. As for my baseball, I ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 7/31/19

Quickie this morning as I'm working against the clock. I split last night. Easy winner on the F5 Under between the Twins and Marlins. Somewhat aggravating loser on the Red Sox, but aren't they all? Involved with three games today, here's one of them. RAYS at RED SOX Take: RED SOX -1 (split the ML and RL) More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 7/30/19

College football season package is now available. I don't feel any need to hype myself here as the numbers over the years in college football pretty much speak for themselves, and last season was extremely pleasant. My first selection has already been sent out and there will be several more to come for Week One. Sigh up using the menu to the right of the page at Cokin's Picks, or email me at if you'd like more info. I passed the Monday baseball skate after a nice Sunday on the diamond. Wish I'd have gone ahead and pulled the trigger as the leans (posted at Twitter prior to the games starting) went 3-0, but I'm sticking with the low volume approach in baseball. I have a couple of plays tonight, one of which I'll publish here as a free play. Good luck if you're following along. TWINS (Odorizzi) at MARLINS (Gallen) Take: F5 UNDER 4.5 -115 More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 7/27/19

I enjoyed a day off Friday as far as the wagering was concerned. Well, sort of. I did play a CFL game that goes tonight and my first Week One college football game, a matchup I like quite a bit. As for that one CFL contest, I'll post it here as a daily free play. Good luck! SASKATCHEWAN AT BC Take: BC +2.5 More