Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 10/12/19

Here's one of the five plays I've got for Saturday's college football. Strong season to date, let's get this one into the win column as well. For updated rates on available packages, email me for details. 186 Florida Atlantic -10.5: A few elements pointing me to FAU in this game. The Owls seem to be getting things together, so positive momentum is a plus. Middle Tennessee is off a rather fraudulent win in which they were outplayed but got the benefit of a +4 net turnover ratio. I also like the revenge factor here. FAU was in complete control last season, up 21-3 and in position to blow out MTSU. But the Owls got very sloppy in what appeared to simply be a loss of focus and ended up blowing the game when MTSU scorned a late TD and went for the win on a successful two pointer. That ended up being an extremely costly loss for the Owls, and I have to believe they want to get some payback here. The Blue Raiders are pretty well coached but their numbers just aren't any good. FAU is ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 10/6/19

Set for another Saturday loaded with college football action. Been a heckuva season to date. Here's one of the games I'm playing. To get everything I'm on, buy one of the available packages at Cokin's Picks or email me for more details. 360 UAB -10: Rice has been a pain in the butt for me the last two weeks, as they slipped inside the number against Baylor and covered in the OT loss to La Tech. But that was a very tough beat for the Owls last Saturday and I think they could be down some here. UAB is not what they were last season, but this is a well coached team off a loss they basically gave away last week against Western Kentucky. I expect the Blazers to rebound and they are very tough against the run, which should provide a big matchup edge against Rice. I made this number Blazers -12.5 and I like the spot. UAB minus the points. More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 10/4/19

Quick hit today. Plenty of action set for tomorrow in college football, where things continue to go really well. Blank on the ice tonight, but off to a profitable start in the NHL. MLB Playoffs are 1-0 and I will try to ad to that tonight with one play that I'll use here as a free play. NATIONALS F5/9 SPLIT (HALF UNIT F5, HALF UNIT FULL GAME) Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 10/1/19

Quick hit today with a free play on an NHL Make the Playoffs prop. I played a pair of these and here's one of them. Winnipeg Jets to NOT make the playoffs +110 Note the line on this one has dropped, so it's not an optimum price. But I think it's a decent bet as I expect the Jets to be down considerably this season. Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/29/19

A middling college week for me, with only a small profit. But the streak continues as I've yet to endure a losing week in football going back to the start of the NFL preseason. No complaints with that. If you'd like to jump on, buy one of the packages available here at Cokin's Picks or shoot me an email for more information and options. This is also the final day of the baseball regular season, and I decided to play on two big home dogs with perhaps a little extra motivation. The games are otherwise meaningless. But this is the swan song before retirement for Bruce Bochy and Ned Yost and at big prices I'm willing to take my chances at getting a little dividend. GIANTS +165 ROYALS +165 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 9/27/19

The new football week got off to a successful start as Memphis rallied after a poor first half to get the win and cover against Navy. Updated numbers for the season are now 31-17 on all football plays, so things are going quite well. If you want to get ALL my plays, the only way to do so is with one of the subscriptions offered at the Cokin's Picks tab. The full season rate has been adjusted from the price currently listed, shoot me an email at if you want the new price and details on how everything works. Meanwhile, here's one of the games I'll be playing on Saturday. 189 LOUISIANA TECH at 190 RICE Take: LOUISIANA TECH -9 GOOD LUCK! More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/22/19

It wasn't all pretty, but another plus day on the college gridiron. Baylor was the primary dud, getting shut out in the second half by Rice after leading 21-3 at the break. But the bottom line was another profit and the season to date bottom line is looking quite good. Not much for me on Sunday. I'll likely have one, maybe two sides and there's a six-point teaser I like. I'll use that here as the free play. Note NHL is out of the gate okay, 2-1 on the first three preseason plays. The hockey is included with any package as is all the football, plus the MLB playoffs. Check out the available options at Cokin's Picks or shoot me an email for what is now an adjusted season rate. 6 POINT TEASER: FALCONS +7.5/PANTHERS +8 GOOD LUCK! More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 9/12/19

My NHL season is underway, with the first of the exhibition game wagers winning on Wednesday night. Like other sports, there are advantages available in preseason that bettors can take advantage of, thanks to way more pregame information now being available. The lines on games where the pregame info is out there tend to explode, but they're worth backing and I got a winner with Carolina on Wednesday evening. My football season has gone very well to date and this week's card is taking shape pretty nicely. As I'm writing this piece, I'm now on six Saturday colleges and there could be a couple adds before game day. The packages available at the Cokin's Picks tab include all my plays and they're sent out at the same time I bet them myself, usually with ample analysis. The season rate is now a little less than the price posted on the menu, so shoot me an email for the adjusted rate. Meanwhile, here's one of the six I've played so far for Saturday. 355 TENNESSEE at 356 ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/15/19

I'm very much enjoying the start of the new football season. 6-1 with the colleges on Saturday. Season to date college and NFL sits at 24-12, so I'm actually happy for a change. But never satisfied as there's always room for improvement (for example, don't spoil a perfect slate laying doubles with Michigan State and it's 1940's offense). Packages are available at the Cokin's Picks tab, or email me for more detailed info and an adjusted season rate. Sometimes takes me a day or two to respond, so please be patient. As for Sunday, I'll be on two NFL sides and I'll also take one shot on the diamond. I'll post the MLB play here as the free play. Note no line on this one currently as the road team made a pitching change. The adjusted price will be much higher and I'm going to therefore go the -1 route (half ML, half RL). TWINS (Dobnak) at INDIANS (Bieber) Take: INDIANS -1 More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/15/19

No football plays for me on Thursday or Friday, so my week begins on Saturday. Seven colleges, with the last of the bunch being added on Friday evening. Note that will be subscribers only. I already posted one of the games as the free play here at the blog. So I'll toss out a baseball side for Saturday. Not an official play as of now, so call it a lean for the time being. For those interested in getting all my plays directly from me with analysis, choose one of the available packages at Cokin's Picks. Note the full season college rate is no longer the listed price as we're three weeks in. Shoot me an email for the adjusted rate and payment instructions. WHITE SOX (Cease) at MARINERS (Hernandez) Take: MARINERS -110 More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 9/10/19

Off a very good weekend in both the colleges and NFL. Always nice to get ahead of the house out of the gate, so mission accomplished as far as that goes. I'll be changing the Cokin's Picks menu over the next day or two. The packages available are still good, but I'll be adding some kind of special. Contact me via email if you want details. I'm on four colleges thus far for the coming week. Here's one of the games I've already played. COLORADO STATE at ARKANSAS Take: ARKANSAS -9.5 More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/8/19

Lots of close calls on my Saturday card, but overall a very nice day. Arkansas State up big as I'm writing this, and if they hang on, it's a 6-3 result, which I'll take anytime. Akron was a miss, as they had some serious special teams mishaps. I lost Tennessee and a late add on Arkansas, which was not a good decision on my part. Everything else won, a couple by a whisker and I survived a near disaster with Central Florida. In case you missed it, that game got called due to weather issues. Fortunately, they managed to get the minimum 55 minutes in, so I didn't end up absorbing what would have been a catastrophic push. On to Sunday. I'll have just one NFL play, but will have more substantial action in baseball. One of the games I'll be on will be the Cardinals-Pirates, where we once again have a debuting big leaguer. I like playing these games Under as it's a sight unseen guy for one of the lineups and that's generally an advantage. The other factor here is red hot Flaherty on ... More