Cokin’s Corner, Friday 7/19/19

Only time to toss out a free play for tonight. NATIONALS -120 (Corbin-Teheran) Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 7/17/19

My favorite golf tournament of the year is here. I'm a huge fan of the British Open, or the Open Championship if you prefer. It's a chance to see the best players in the world often have to struggle with difficult weather, and you just can't beat the tradition. So I'll toss out my four-pack of golfers for this edition. No argument with anyone on Rory or Koepka, or Tiger for that matter. But I am on one guy who's in really good form, two players I'm going to have a bet on when (not if) they break through and capture a major and a very long shot. The latter is a player I really don't think has a chance, but I've been betting him stateside. if he were to spring the monumental upset and I didn't have a piece, I might be a candidate for the funny farm. By the way, the baseball is going quite well and I picked up another unit on Tuesday with a F5 Marlins winner. Feel free to contact me for rates and info. JON RAHM 16:1 XANDER SCHAUFFELE 22:1 PATRICK CANTLAY 30:1 JOAQUIN ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 7/15/19

I'm back from the San Diego break, which was as good as it gets for a week of ocean and great food. I went 0-1 on Saturday with the Rockies blowing a nice early lead and losing to Cincinnati. But 2-0 on Sunday was nice with the Phillies and Indians both coming through. The game plan is to start featuring some college football team and conference previews over the next several weeks, but today's edition is just a free play version, with one of the two games I'm on tonight. PIRATES (Musgrove) at CARDINALS (Mikolas) Take: CARDINALS -140 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, All-Star Break

Those of us in the sports betting industry, on ether side of the window, are generally grinding nearly every day of the year. The All-Star break is therefore a welcome respite for many of us, myself included. My break is now underway. I'll be breaking from the blog publishing until Monday July 15, and at that time most of the focus in this space will be geared toward college football. No daily free plays until 7/15. Time to grab some ocean! More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 7/4/19

Happy 4th to everyone! Quick recap of Thursday plus a free play on a CFL game that's on tap for tomorrow. Wednesday worked out okay, with a 2-1 result. The only blemish was the Tigers in the second game of their doubleheader with the White Sox. as Detroit blew a 5-2 lead and then also coughed up a 6-5 extra inning lead. But that's the Tigers. One game I like this week in the CFL. WINNIPEG at OTTAWA Take: WINNIPEG +4 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 7/3/19

Just a heads up on the blog schedule. I'll get something up each day through the weekend. But there will be no blogs from Monday 7/8/19 through 7/12/19. I'll be sitting on a beach all week and enjoying the elements. Tuesday was a nice rally off a really tough 0--2 Monday. Both Tuesday plays were dogs and the Astros and Angels got me a solid +2.5 profit after blowing two units the night before. My golf plays for the 3M are set. I've been on a great run as far as finding decent prices that are nailing Top Five finishes, but haven't had a winner since Cantlay at the Memorial a handful of weeks ago. Here's two I like this week. In each case, it's a player I see on the verge of breaking through for a PGA win. No great value as they aren't huge prices. Not like I'm the only one who is bullish on this pair. Joaquin Niemann +3000 Viktor Hovland +3000 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/30/19

Quick edition today. My Saturday resulted in a harmless 1-1 split. Bad read on the underdog Cardinals, but did well with the Rays and their impressive rookie Brendan McKay. I'm playing just one game today, as I prefer to go the thin route on Sunday getaway day slates. I've got there sides I had a preference to and will list them here, but note that these were leans that I ultimately decided not to play. If you're looking for a little action, here are those three sides: Take: Phillies, Mets, Blue Jays Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/29/19

Friday night worked out nicely, with the Padres and Rangers each winning. I'm looking at two plays for Saturday, and will post one of those here as the daily comp. Note this is a F5 Runs Line play, and that's the only way I'd recommend rolling with this one. RANGERS (Sampson) at RAYS (McKay) Take: RAYS F5 -0.5 -120 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/28/19

Very brief today as the clock is in the way. 1-0 Thursday baseball, tough loss with Edmonton in the CFL (check the stats on that one). I'm currently on a pair in baseball tonight, one of which I'll post here. CARDINALS (Wacha) at PADRES (Lauer) Take: PADRES -117 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/27/19

A few quick notes. I'll be doing some college football previews in this space later in the month. I'll do some teams individually, and will offer predicted orders of finish in each conference well before the season actually gets underway. Also, some days off coming on The Las Vegas Sportsline. We normally air weekdays 2-3PM Pacific on ESPN Las Vegas, or online at But we will be off on Tuesday and Thursday next week, and then will be dark the entire All-Star MLB week. The Tuesday show next week is being bumped for a basketball game the station will be airing. The Thursday is off as it's the Fourth. And the full week off is a vacation break for me. 1-1-1 on Wednesday, but a red figure as the Dodgers F5 was a favorite. I pushed my Angels F5 play and won the F5 Under in that game. Here's one I'll be trying on Thursday. DIAMONDBACKS (Young) at GIANTS (Beede) Take: DIAMONDBACKS F5 For analysis on this game, be sure to catch the Thursday edition of First ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/26/19

Pardon me while I vent for a moment. I went 1-2 on Tuesday. Good win with the Mariners F5 as they blew up the regressing Zach Davies and returned a nice price in the process. A dumb late add for me on Blake Snell, who got destroyed again for the Rays. I have no idea what's happening there, but it's sure weird. So 1-1 for a nice profit on those two plays. The swing game was the Cubs. I have no problem accepting tough losses, as they're part of the process. But this was one the Cubs simply gave away. Goat horns for the genius skipper this time. Bases loaded one out B2, the pitcher up. Alzolay has gone 0-16 as a professional hitter and he has him squeeze bunt. He missed the ball and two Cubs get picked off on the same play. JMad also left lefty Montgomery in to face Albies, who is vastly superior hitting from the right side. Two-run homer. Cubs also screwed up two on, none out in the B8. Nasty loser that really pissed me off. Anyway, that's that. On to Wednesday. I'm zoned ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/25/19

Nice start to the week on Monday as the Phillies snapped their losing streak and routed the Mets. The daily free play was not a personal service play, but the Blue Jays and Yankees went well Over the number as the teams combined for 18 runs. I'm already set with two Tuesday plays, and here's one of them that I'll make the daily comp. Good luck! MARINERS (Gonzales) at BREWERS (Davies) Take: MARINERS F5 +150 More