Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/15/19

I'm very much enjoying the start of the new football season. 6-1 with the colleges on Saturday. Season to date college and NFL sits at 24-12, so I'm actually happy for a change. But never satisfied as there's always room for improvement (for example, don't spoil a perfect slate laying doubles with Michigan State and it's 1940's offense). Packages are available at the Cokin's Picks tab, or email me for more detailed info and an adjusted season rate. Sometimes takes me a day or two to respond, so please be patient. As for Sunday, I'll be on two NFL sides and I'll also take one shot on the diamond. I'll post the MLB play here as the free play. Note no line on this one currently as the road team made a pitching change. The adjusted price will be much higher and I'm going to therefore go the -1 route (half ML, half RL). TWINS (Dobnak) at INDIANS (Bieber) Take: INDIANS -1 More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/15/19

No football plays for me on Thursday or Friday, so my week begins on Saturday. Seven colleges, with the last of the bunch being added on Friday evening. Note that will be subscribers only. I already posted one of the games as the free play here at the blog. So I'll toss out a baseball side for Saturday. Not an official play as of now, so call it a lean for the time being. For those interested in getting all my plays directly from me with analysis, choose one of the available packages at Cokin's Picks. Note the full season college rate is no longer the listed price as we're three weeks in. Shoot me an email for the adjusted rate and payment instructions. WHITE SOX (Cease) at MARINERS (Hernandez) Take: MARINERS -110 More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 9/10/19

Off a very good weekend in both the colleges and NFL. Always nice to get ahead of the house out of the gate, so mission accomplished as far as that goes. I'll be changing the Cokin's Picks menu over the next day or two. The packages available are still good, but I'll be adding some kind of special. Contact me via email if you want details. I'm on four colleges thus far for the coming week. Here's one of the games I've already played. COLORADO STATE at ARKANSAS Take: ARKANSAS -9.5 More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/8/19

Lots of close calls on my Saturday card, but overall a very nice day. Arkansas State up big as I'm writing this, and if they hang on, it's a 6-3 result, which I'll take anytime. Akron was a miss, as they had some serious special teams mishaps. I lost Tennessee and a late add on Arkansas, which was not a good decision on my part. Everything else won, a couple by a whisker and I survived a near disaster with Central Florida. In case you missed it, that game got called due to weather issues. Fortunately, they managed to get the minimum 55 minutes in, so I didn't end up absorbing what would have been a catastrophic push. On to Sunday. I'll have just one NFL play, but will have more substantial action in baseball. One of the games I'll be on will be the Cardinals-Pirates, where we once again have a debuting big leaguer. I like playing these games Under as it's a sight unseen guy for one of the lineups and that's generally an advantage. The other factor here is red hot Flaherty on ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/7/19

Only time for a free play this morning. I'm in action on eight college football games, plus one wager on the diamond, which I'll list here. If you want all the plays, be sure to purchase one of the available packages at Cokin's Picks here at this site. BLUE JAYS (Kay) at RAYS (Morton) Take: F5 UNDER 4.5 More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 9/5/19

Sorry about the sporadic blogs, the plate is pretty full these days. Radio, podcasts, videos et al. All those take a back seat to the actual handicapping, as that's numero uno. I'd like to say I'll get these pages posted every day, but the reality is that's not gonna happen. Thankfully, a bit of time today to put together a quick analysis on a Saturday game I like on the college gridiron. My packages that include all my plays across the board are available at Cokin's Picks here at this blog. Questions, just email me. Meanwhile, here's one I've taken on Saturday. 309 UAB at 310 AKRON Take: AKRON +9.5 One of the ugliest Saturday games figures to be this one between UAB and Akron. The Zips were annihilated last week at Illinois, and they're staring at a rough season in the MAC. But I actually think we're getting some value with Akron here. UAB appeared to be way down from last season and their opening week close win over a very weak FCS team fortifies that opinion. I think ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/1/19

Football week is complete, as I won't be involved in the final two college games. Ended up going 5-6 overall, which is disappointing. 11-8 season to date is okay, but lots of room for improvement. The three college football free plays posted here went 2-1. Managed to earn a small profit altogether for August, fourth straight positive month, though none of those were what I'd call spectacular. Beats losing though. I will be on one MLB game Sunday. That's a service play, so won't post it here. Unfortunately, I don't like anything else to even a mild extent. So what I'll do is post what my power rating line is for Houston-Oklahoma. If you want to play it, that's up to you. It's a definite pass for me, not enough of an edge to warrant a wager. Anyway, I made this number Oklahoma -25, so it's a very slight edge for the Sooners. No blog on Labor Day. Have a great holiday, back on Tuesday. More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 8/30/19

It's that time. I like to find one value team, or at least one with value in my eyes, to key for a Super Bowl future in the NFL. I realize that playing earlier can often yield a better potential return. But I like to get a feel for teams in the preseason before taking the plunge. My play last year was on the Rams, and while they fell short in the Super Bowl, I did quite well with the conference win and then also hedged some in the big game. I'll be fine with that same setup this season! PITTSBURGH STEELERS +1800/+900 (half unit each SB and AFC) Condensed thought, I think this team is better off with the two superstars gone, as they were immense distractions last season. Still plenty of talent on hand and this has the look of a team with a massive chip on its shoulders starting the new campaign. I don't think the Steelers are the best team but i do think they're the best value on the board. More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 8/29/19

Clock is my enemy this morning. No results last night as I had no action, but plenty in play tonight. Two colleges, two NFLX and one baseball that I'll post here as a free play. Packages available at Cokin's Picks, as well as a single game in college for those just looking for a solitary spot. PADRES (Paddack) at GIANTS (Rodriguez) Take: GIANTS Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 8/28/19

The college season begins in earnest tomorrow night following an exciting pair of Week Zero games that should have whetted the appetite of all fans. I'm on a total of nine games altogether, and don't anticipate adding anything. Subscribers to my personal service (package available here at Cokin's Picks) get all the plays, as well as whatever I have in NFL, MLB and NHL once that gets started. So lots of action and hopefully lots of profits. I'll also be offering one exclusive game each week at this site. I'm not really a fan of all the eggs in one basket type of wagering but for those who want just one strong opinion, I'll have one college game each week. As for the sites that sell my plays, I want to be very consistent. So I'll be posting five colleges every week at each of those sites and it will always be the same five games at each site. The reason for the same five games is simple enough. I want all the records to be the same so there are no questions about why I'm ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 8/27/19

After a day off from wagering on Monday, back in action tonight with one game. I'll post that here as the free play. Back with more tomorrow, including a college football comp for the weekend. RED SOX (Porcello) at ROCKIES (Garcia) Take: ROCKIES F5 +115 Standard play for me as I like backing debuting big league pitchers. Built in edge first time through the order against hitters with no book on them. In this instance, can only go the F5 route as Boston has the far better bullpen and the Rockies have had a penchant for blowing early leads. But as a F5 play, the Rockies at the price are appealing enough to warrant a bet. More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 8/25/19

Up against the clock this morning, so this will be very abbreviated. I'll try to size up the Andrew Luck stunner in tomorrow's blog. I split Saturday, with another NFLX winner on the Bears (6-2 on those to date) and a tough miss on the diamond with the Padres. Deeper than usual MLB card today and one of my plays is today's free selection. REDS (Bauer) at PIRATES (Agrazal) Take: REDS -1 (split the ML and RL) More