Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/20/18

Mark down Tuesday as one of those days I know are going to take place, but they simply aren't much fun when they happen. I've included bullpen analysis as a pretty important factor when putting together my line projections and plays this season. This has worked out pretty well as I've been fortunate enough to avoid bullpenitis for the most part. But not last night. I liked the Phillies as their more reliable guys were fresh and I though they'd have a late inning advantage if the game vs. the Cardinals was close. Wrong. Tommy Hunter was a train wreck and impressive rookie Seranthony missed his location badly on an 0-2 pitch to Matt Carpenter. 7-6 loser. The Padres loss was way worse. The Friars have a really good late inning trio of Craig Stammen, Kirby Yates and Brad Hand. Stammen did his job protecting the 2-1 lead. Yates came through with the eighth inning hold. Brad Hand set down the first two hitters in the ninth with ease. Then, one strike away from nailing down the save, ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/19/18

I understand the concept of hustling. It's obviously a desirable trait we want all athletes to exhibit. That said, what can be called dumb hustle is thoroughly aggravating because it's counterproductive. The classic example in baseball is a hitter trying to beat a throw to first base by diving head first. Looks great. Doesn't work. If this was a good idea, you'd see world class sprints diving across the tape. They don't, because running through the tape gets them there faster. I do not understand why baseball players continue to try to this head first dive into first base. All they're doing is decreasing their chances of beating the throw. It happens all the damn time, which drives me a little batty because all these guys are doing is likely heading back to the dugout. That's it, daily rant complete. 2-1 here on Monday. Winner with the Rangers, loser with the Nats in a game in which they managed to go 0/11 with runners in scoring position. It's difficult to fathom ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/18/18

Back to the regular blogging on Tuesday. A bit jammed for time tonight as I enjoyed a Sunday evening out with friends and am now a little behind schedule in terms of getting the Monday MLB card broken down.  My Sunday was short and sweet, as the Phillies were my only play and they came through. Here's a game I like for Monday, and despite it not being a full schedule, it appears as though there will be a few games I'll be playing. This is one of them. YANKEES at NATIONALS (Gray-Fedde) TAKE: NATIONALS +110 Always chancy to go against the Yankees, but I'll take my chances here. This is a rematch from this last week between Gray and Fedde. Gray has clearly been much better on the road than at home and I did factor that into this mix. Another thing that factored into this analysis is that it's at Washington, which means no DH for the Yanks. That does make a difference for this team, and the fact is, small sample or not, they've scored only 11 runs in what amounts to 3.5 games at ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/17/18

Weekend blog mode. 1-1 Saturday with the Cubs winning on the diamond, and a legit bad beat on Hamilton +9 in the CFL. Ti-Cats down six with the ball on the Calgary side of the field, panic pass by Masoli that gets picked, and the Stampeders break off a long TD run while essentially in kill the clock mode. Get all my plays each and every day via subscription and with a guarantee to boot. Use that option on the Cokin's Picks menu to the right of the page, or email me at for more detailed information. The Tigers have been free play winners each of the last two days. There was also a free play posted earlier in the week on the aforementioned CFL game which lost. TIGERS at WHITE SOX (Hardy-Shields) Take: TIGERS -105 Right back to the same well once more. Blaine Hardy has been a very pleasant surprise and seems to still be undervalued by the market. The Tigers have been a delight this season as they continuously play with lots of energy and they're simply ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/16/18

Into weekend blog mode. But I've got to at least mention this Mariners team. This is starting to look one of those magical seasons a team has every now and then. The M's battle like crazy almost every night and their record in one-run games is absolutely phenomenal. That's not supposed to continue as anyone who believes in regression to the norm will tell you. But I don't think I'm going to be getting in the way of the Mariners for the time being. My Friday was awful. Worst night of the baseball season and landed on the wrong side of a CFL play on Toronto. So I've managed to kick back a chunk the last two nights. The baseball to date is still on the right side of +20 net units, but I've been spinning wheels the last few weeks. Time to get another roll going. The Friday free play on the Tigers won, and I will go right back to that well for the Saturday comp. TIGERS at WHITE SOX (Zimmermann-Giolito) Take: TIGERS +100 There are very few pitches I rate lower than Jordan ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/15/18

If Tiger Woods fails to make the cut in the US Open, he can feel free to blame me. I think I might have committed a cardinal sin on Friday. The one thing you should never say to anyone who happens to be winning a bet is the dreaded "you sure look good in this one" line. Absolute kiss of death. On Friday afternoon, heading into the bottom of the hour break on "The Las Vegas Sportsline" (ESPN Las Vegas 2-3PM PDT weekdays, online Tiger was staring at a 41 foot birdie opportunity. He was +4 with this being hole #13, and that score was not bad at all considering his difficult first two holes. Anyway, as we headed into the break, I noted that Tiger figured to two-putt so he's probably be hading to 14 still at +4. By the time we returned from the commercials, Tiger had four-putted his way to a really ugly double bogey. The remainder of the round wasn't much better and Woods ended ip carding a bloated +8, and he's going to need a good Friday round just to keep ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/14/18

I think this is a first. I've been writing this blog for several years now. Not once, until tonight, have I just plain forgotten to get it done. Full disclosure, I've already gone into what I like to call "relax mode" and that leaves me with two choices. A rambling discourse about nothing in particular or a very brief summation of Wednesday along with the daily free play. I'm pretty sure choosing the latter option is clearly the smart move. I lost my Phillies play last night, but got a nice return on a 1-0-1 split on a Nationals F5/9 wager. Season to date now stands at +26.3 net. I suppose I'm a little irritated at passing a couple of leans i liked on Wednesday but not much I can do about that after the fact. Here's an opinion for Thursday. Note that I've played just one game today and that's likely to be my only actual wager, so this one is currently just a lean. PADRES at BRAVES (Ross-Sanchez) Take: PADRES +120 They are not getting much attention, but minus the ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/13/18

Getting older is not that big a deal to me. It's an inevitability, so stressing about it is kinda stupid. Getting older as a professional athlete has to be tougher. That window starts to slowly close as the raw athletic skills begin to diminish. That makes it very difficult mentally, one would think, when an injury occurs and another season gets ripped off the calendar with no chance of getting it back. Miguel Cabrera is a great player, a sure fire Hall of Fame member down the road. But the sand in the hourglass is running slow for Miggy and now he's done for 2018. Cabrera ruptured a biceps tendon on Tuesday and he's done till 2019. I'm wishing he can get back on the field next season and perhaps enjoy one more big year. But realistically, that's become less likely as he's had a great deal of trouble staying healthy lately and he's simply not going ti get any younger. I've enjoyed watching this maestro with a bat for a long time. I'll hope Miguel Cabrera can return for at least ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/12/19

Every now and then, I'll stumble upon a story that's so cool it needs to be shared. This one involves a high school pitcher who polished off a huge playoff win for his team with a strikeout to end the baseball game. If you haven't read the story yet or haven't se the video, here's the link. Next time you hear someone make a stupid generalization about today's younger generation being collection of whiners and malcontents, direct that person to this story. There are millions of great kids growing up today and preparing to lead tomorrow. This young man is one of them. I wish I'd have played my Monday leans as it would have been a big night. But the one game I did play was the Rays and they obliged with a nice win over the Blue Jays. MLB is back on the beam after a bit of a stumble and the season to date figure is back up to just shy of +25 net ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/11/18

A little radio show promotion for the blog content today. The show is "The Las Vegas Sportsline" and it airs weekdays from 2-3 PDT on ESPN Las Vegas. The online location is We are now into the mostly baseball phase of the calendar operation, as hoops and pucks are done and NFL training camps don't open for awhile. But there are other big events that we will definitely be covering from a gambling standpoint. We've got the US Open this week along with the start of the World Cup. I've got sharp guests lined up to impart some wisdom. on both. Also, some down the road news. We've decided to go dark for the entire All-Star week in mid-July. The deadest week on the sports betting calendar and a perfect time to check out opening day at Del Mar. So if you tune in July 16-20 and don't hear us, we're not canceled, we're on vacation. Nice weekend on the diamond, thanks to a tidy 2-0 Sunday with the Diamondbacks and Twins. MLB season to date is back up to +23.8 ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/10/18

Weekend big mode continues. I won my only Saturday play as the Padres tried to give the game away at Miami, but the Friars managed to score the 5-4 win. MLB season to date moves back to +21.45 and I was certainly pleased to get the San Diego win. I've got only one play as of now for Sunday, though there are a couple others that might be worth playing once I get a look at starting lineups. Sunday is getaway day and often gets designated as a day of rest for a key player or two, so it's not a bad idea to check those lineups in advance of wagering. The Saturday free play was an added opinion that won as the Angels got past the Twins. This comp also fits as just an opinion for now. YANKEES at METS (Severino-Lugo) Take: UNDER 7 +105 Difficult to envision the feeble Mets getting much done on offense here. That lineup is awful right now and they're even worse against power righties, so Severino has a very good chance to dominate here. Seth Lugo starts for the depleted Mets ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/9/18

Weekend blog time. I have just one Saturday play as of now and am unlikely to add anything, as following two huge baseball months, I'm in a bit of a funk to start June. Season to date is still more than 20 net units to the good, but I won't pretend I'm not in one of those valleys right now. Part of the game, just gotta ride 'em out. But my rule of thumb is to cut back on volume while things are off balance, and that's what I'm doing on Saturday. The daily free play is an added opinion, but as I'm almost certain I will only play one game today, this won't be on my subscriber card. ANGELS at TWINS (Skaggs-Gibson) Take: ANGELS -115 Sometimes it's just a matter of luck. In the case of Twins righty Kyle Gibson, he's a great example of a guy who cannot catch a good break right now. Gibson has pitched very well  but he's either not getting run support or his cohorts in the bullpen are blowing his leads. So Gibson remains stuck on one win, and that came in his first start of the ... More