30 Results for month: 04/2013

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 4/30/13

Off another plus night on Monday, thanks to getting the winner on the amazing marathon between the Angels and A's. Lucky win? You bet it was, and you bet I'll take it as well! I'm in the midst of a really nice run right now, and this one is pretty extended as it's been going on for what amounts to a couple of months. As previously noted, it was needed ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 4/29/13

Another good day on Sunday with a 3-1 ledger on the diamond. That was all my action for the day, as I never did pull the trigger on any of the basketball games, which turned out to be a good decision. I'm strictly a spot player in the NBA and if I can't get the right price, I won't play. Whereas I will find a way to get involved on a baseball game I like, I ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 4/28/13

My Saturday started off with a terrible beat as the Nets managed to blow a 14 point lead in roughly 200 seconds. Eventually the +3 blew up in triple OT. Fortunately, that was the only thing I lost all day. In fact, I can't even beef about the hoop result after watching the Padres come back from a 5-0 deficit to edge the Giants in extras. Moreover, the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 4/27/13

The proverbial bump in the road rose up and got me Friday night. On a big roll heading into the evening's action, I was very disappointed with a 1-4 result. Those nights are going to happen on occasion over the course of any season. The idea is to avoid bunching them together and to have the ability to bounce right back. That's the intent today, and the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 4/26/13

I'm now officially on one of those rolls. 4-0 again last night, and over the last four days the bottom line is a net +10.0. After a slow start to the month with a batch of one-run late losses, everything has fallen into place. The only downer last night was that I backed off the NBA, which is my weakest game and therefore one in which I am super conservat... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 4/25/13

Pretty good Wednesday on the personal play front. Just 1-2 in the NBA, but no complaints with a 5-3 finish on the blind Game Two road dog ploy I decided to utilize. Back to normal for me now, which translates into limited NBA plays. As for the bases, the Pirates rally against Mike Adams and the Phillies was a big help and I finished the day at 3-1, +2.4. So ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 4/24/13

Personal plays eked out a small profit on Tuesday. I split four on the diamond for net loss of -0.1, but grabbed two out of three in the NBA, so the overall for the day was +0.8. Every little bit counts, and while April is probably not going to equal what was a pretty sensational month of March, things are going pretty well for the most part right now. ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 4/23/13

I got the perfecto on Tuesday night, winning both NBA games and also nailing 2-0 on the diamond with the Brewers and Red Sox. The slate tonight looks deeper and I'm already on three MLB sides plus one Total, so I'm hoping what is actually a quick little 6-0 run (won the last two plays on Sunday) turns into something of real substance with a big night this ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 4/22/13

Rookie Allen Webster probably deserved a little better fate in his big league debut for the Red Sox, but the rookie showed why he was reportedly the must have guy in last year's big trade with the Dodgers. Disappointing conclusion to that game with the Royals as it was my Sunday free opinion, but Webster looks like keeper material. I'm not sure what the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 4/21/13

Nice job by a first-time starter on Saturday's free play, as Hiram Burgos and the Brewers got the win over the Cubs. I'm pretty big on following prospects as much as I'm able to, as it's one of those areas where I feel as though I can derive an edge for at least a few starts when these pitchers arrive in the big leagues. Speaking of debuts, Anthony Rendon ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 4/20/13

I didn't have to even break a sweat with my Friday personal plays. They were basically finished in the first inning, and in each case we're talking the wrong way. Over the course of a long season, the occasional lousy night is inevitable. -2.15 for the evening. The idea is to avoid stringing the bad nights together and trying to avoid the dreaded slump that ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 4/19/13

Nice little profit on my personal plays on Thursday, with a 3-2 ledger and just under one unit of net profit. No complaints at all with the way things are running right now, and without meaning to sound arrogant about it, I fully expect this trend to be maintained as the current data available increases. The free play came up short in extra innings as the ... More