31 Results for month: 05/2013

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 5/7/13

I'm still scuffling on the diamond, although the free opinion on the Braves managed to connect on Monday. But the last three days have been poor overall. I'm counting on a major rebound Tuesday night with plays across the board in MLB, the NBA and on the ice as well. Sports bettors know full well how quickly things can swing from one direction to the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 5/6/13

One of the benefits of posting this blog each day is that affords me a great opportunity to push my product, while also letting everyone know just how well I'm doing. But there's a downside as well, and that comes when the plays aren't producing the desired results. I suppose I could just gloss over it and hope no one notices, but that's not my style. I ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 5/5/13

My day started off in spectacular form with a pair of baseball winners and a great Derby result as Orb crossed the finish line first. Note that I am not a horse handicapper, but I have a couple of guys who are as good as it gets with the ponies, and they both liked Orb to win convincingly. I took their advice and made a very nice score on the race. That's ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 4/5/13

Small profit overall on Friday evening. 2-1 in baseball on full plays, 1-2 on half unit plays in the NBA and NHL, and that one win was fortunate as the Sharks rallied late in regulation after pulling the goalie and then won in overtime. So I'll be more than happy to escape with a little black ink for the day. Today's baseball card looks better than usual, ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 5/3/13

Nothing better than following up an off night with a sweep, and that's exactly what took place for me on Thursday. The Orioles dusted the struggling Angels on the diamond, and both the Blues and Red Wings managed to get wins on the ice. The free play also connected as the surging Red Sox got the job done against the reeling Blue Jays. Here's an off the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 5/2/13

Things have gone really well for me lately, but Wednesday was a clunker. 1-2 on the diamond, 0-1 NBA, and that adds up to a negative day. The good news is that I've been rebounding from the rare off days with plus results the next day, and that's how slumps are avoided. I'm expecting that trend to continue with the Thursday agenda. 2013 is turning into the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 5/1/13

Just a harmless 2-2 split for me on the Tuesday personal plays, but the April bottom line turned out to be solid, and the net profits for the last two months would fall into the major category. There just isn't any doubt in my mind that the task of beating the books is much easier when you're able to play with their money rather than your own. It's simply a ... More