30 Results for month: 09/2013

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 9/30/13

Very nice Sunday in the NFL for me, with a 4-1 result. The Jets were a big miss, but the Browns, Bills, Lions and what was also the free play on the Chargers all came through. Overall, a solid week on the gridiron and I'll likely be firing early on a few games this week on the college side. While you can purchase my weekly and monthly packages right here ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 9/29/13

Okay Saturday on the gridiron, but the ending for me was downright cruel and unusual punishment. I managed to go 3-2 with the personal plays, which is fine. Pretty clean on the three winners, wrong side on the two losers. I'll sign up now for 60% winners for the rest of my life, so no complaints there. Add on the NC State winner as the comp, and it's a ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 9/28/13

The game of college football has changed dramatically over the past few years. It's all about the fast break offense right now. The ball is in the air more frequently, and the task of containing all these spread offenses is certainly a challenge for even the best defensive coordinators. Yet the old formula still works far more often than not. That is, ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 9/27/13

The daily free play rampage was maintained on Friday night as the Rays rolled past the Yankees. That's now 14-3 on the last 17, so obviously no complaints there. My other two Thursday ventures didn't do as well. The Mets futility with men on base was epic in their loss to the Brewers, and Tulsa was a just a good old fashioned wrong side as the Golden ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 9/26/13

The Wednesday free play winner on the Mariners was also my only personal play for the entire day. Great job by red hot Hisashi Iwakuma, who doesn't figure to be the same well kept secret come 2014. Things get a little busier tonight as the football week gets underway, and I'll definitely be on one of the two college hookups. The weekend card is starting ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 9/25/13

Another split on Tuesday night, although this one produced a profit with the Blue Jays winning while the Padres missed. It would have been nice to get both into the win column, but as each game went to extra frames, I've got no complaints with the split. In fact, factoring in the prices on the two games, the right one got the money. There should be some ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 9/24/13

Monday's card produced a winner on the Brewers, a disappointing loss with the Angels, and another winner on the free play as the Royals won an extra inning duel in Seattle. The Tuesday slate appears to have some good spots, one of which I've already played and a good likelihood I'll be involved in at least a couple more. As always, a reminder that you ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 9/23/13

My Sunday wasn't spectacular, but an overall 3-2, +0.8 was an improvement over Saturday's results. Meanwhile, the free play rampage remained intact, as the Patriots got the job done. That's 11-2 the last 13 days on the comps. By the way, the overall free play ledger, which goes all the way back to March 2012, now sits at 339-249, so some seriously healthy ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 9/22/13

My strong start to the college season took a bit of a hit on Saturday. Overall, just 2-3 and two of those losers fell into the 2x category as I played them both against the spread and on the money line. There was a bad beat mixed in on a nasty back door TD in the ULL-Akron game. But the big miss was on San Jose State, and that was a really poor job of ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 9/21/13

My first negative night since back on 9/8, as I split in baseball but lost with the Under in the Boise/Fresno game. That was not a good decision on my part. Neither was the failure to play the Padres, with the Dodgers is a great fade spot. Bottom line was a -1.1 evening. Hardly the end of the world, but the mere fact I missed such an easy spot as the Friars ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 9/20/13

This is when you know things are going well. The long term wagering endeavor isn't all about finding winners, it's just as much about avoiding losers. Last night I ended up with zero plays making my final board. I had opinions, but when it came to punching the tab where the money was actually going to be on the line, I just could not find anything I was ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 9/19/13

This is not a sour grapes rant. I want to get that out of the way right off the bat. I played a pair in baseball on Wednesday night, with one easy winner and one no doubt loser (1-1, 0.0 for the night). So the complaint I have with what I saw watching several games had zero to do with my own results. I have always been open minded enough to accept that ... More