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Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 2/4/14

I'm not watching the Olympics. I might not be able to avoid the occasional highlight, but for the second time in fairly recent memory, I am conducting my own personal boycott. The first time was in 2008 at the Beijing Summer Olympics. Call if my form of protest against the human rights violations that were taking place there, at least prior to the arrival ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 2/3/14

Well, that was pretty ugly. There was loads of conversation about how exciting the 2014 Super Bowl was likely to be, but only one team showed up and the result was a lopsided romp. The good news for me is that I had the Seahawks, so at least I was able to sit back and enjoy the proceedings. Had I been on Denver, I'd have probably switched over to the Puppy ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 2/2/14

Here's when you know things are breaking your way. I was sitting at 3-0 for the day in college basketball, and in a coin flip finish on the UC-Davis/UCSB game. I had the dog +15.5, and they'd been well behind the entire game, so I wasn't exactly crushed when the final tally read 84-65.  I figured, no big thing, I'm still 3-1, and when Colorado State ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 2/1/14

News flash. Kevin Durant failed to score 30 points last night, and that streak has come to an end. Blame it on the Brooklyn Nets, who were so bad last night that Durant was a spectator for the entire final quarter of the Thunder blowout win. Durant is having a truly magnificent season. It's not just the old school stats, which are obviously spectacular. ... More