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Dave’s Free Play, Friday 3/7/14

So I'm sitting in the barber chair Thursday morning with Sue C. applying whatever mix of gunk she concocts to keep my beard and few remaining hairs dark (I know, I'm 61 and at this point it's waste of time, but for $30 a week, screw it), and I'm immersed in Twitter when all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. A couple of high profile and I would say well ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 3/6/14

Attention ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox as well as the various conference networks. Can you please figure out that college basketball games no longer get completed in two hours? I just don't get it. With all the fouling that takes place, along with what apparently are inescapable delays to check how much time is left on the clock, or whatever else is reviewable, ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 3/5/14

Pardon me while I bitch and moan a bit. I'm not exactly a rookie at this endeavor, so I'm fully aware that some games that are supposed to win end up not doing so. The reverse is also true. Nevertheless, when it's a deluge of weird stuff on the same night, it can be more than mildly aggravating. I went 2-2 on Tuesday night, so it's hardly a disaster. But ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 3/4/14

We got our first taste of MLB instant replay challenges in three exhibition games yesterday. Score it 3-0 umps, although I'm still not sold that was the correct result. But the decisions notwithstanding, it's clear that the process needs some fine tuning. The one challenge I got to see was on a safe/out call at first base. The challenge took more than 2 ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 3/3/14

"Uh oh". I lost count long ago of the number of times I've uttered that little phrase, either verbally or just silently to myself, while watching a game I have a bet on unfold. It happened again yesterday while viewing the DePaul-St. John's college basketball clash. I had the Red Storm minus the points and was comfortably enjoying the proceedings as the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 3/2/14

The conference tournaments get underway on Tuesday with the Horizon League being first out of the gate. This is truly my favorite period of the college basketball season from a fan standpoint. The first of these I saw in person was the Big East Tournament way back when I was a still a Rhode Islander, and very much a Providence College fan. Making the drive ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 3/1/14

Well, at least they've got Robinson Cano. Spring training is barely underway, and the Seattle Mariners are already having what could be very concerning injury problems on their pitching staff.  High end prospect Taijuan Walker has been shut down with shoulder inflammation, which is never good news. Hisashi Iwakuma, off a superb 2013 campaign, is now out ... More