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Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 4/6/14

It really doesn't get much better than what we witnessed last night in college basketball. If you couldn't get into the drama that was unfolding as Kentucky and Wisconsin dueled to the final buzzer, you just don't dig sports. This was truly the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. This was also the type of game that blows up the myth about legali... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 4/5/14

The baseball season has just gotten started, so it's tough to call any early April series meaningful. But don't tell that to the fans in Pittsburgh. If I didn't know the actual date, I'd have probably guessed that last night's game between the Cardinals and Pirates was one where the division title was on the line based on the excitement level of the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 4/4/14

There are definitely some occasional sweet perks associated with doing radio every day. Matt Youmans (@mattyoumans247) and myself are actually getting paid to do our The Las Vegas Sportsline (@theLVSportsline) on the road this week. Yeah, we had to suffer through perfect weather in paradise at Shadow Creek for this year's Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitati... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Thursday 4/3/14

We're just what amounts to three days into the 2014 baseball season, so it's way to early to get overly enthusiastic over quick starts by projected bottom feeders. It's also far too soon for the panic button to be pushed by any high profile entries that have stumbled out of the starting gate. But in an era of immediate reactions based on scant evidence, the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 4/2/14

The benefits of instant replay are pretty clear. But one of the aspects I've always liked the best in the NFL have been the coaches challenges. There's a real strategy that has to be implemented here, and either agreeing or second guessing the clash's decision adds to the enjoyment of the game. That's why I really like that they put the challenge system in ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 4/1/14

Some guys are simply just not very lucky. We're one full day into the baseball season, and two of the regular DL denizens are already injured. Jose Reyes managed one AB for the Blue Jays before exiting with what for him has been a familiar problem. Reyes is already off to the disabled list and the Jays are sadly looking as though they're a good bet to ... More