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Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 7/19/14

Football previews are on the way, so this will be final time this baseball season, at least in all likelihood, that I go on one of my sacrifice bunt rants. I really hadn't intended to go down this road again. But after watching Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon mismanage his team to a loss I consider him directly responsible for, I just couldn't contain ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 7/18/14

And that's it for the handicapping vacation. With football just around the bend and lots of baseball still to be played, the All-Star break was a nice little hiatus, but now it's really nose to the grindstone time for anyone who's doing this on a serious basis, myself included. I'll be sharing a couple of significant announcements over the next handful ... More

Back Thursday Following All-Star Break!

I'm on a 'capping and writing break till after the All-Star break. Look for my next update late Thursday with a free play from Friday's MLB slate. Plus, college football previews will begin right after the break as well! More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 7/13/14

It's All-Star break time, which means it's also blog break time. I'll be returning sometime Thursday evening with a free play for Friday, and the college football previews will also be getting started this coming weekend. It's not a vacation for me, as I'll still be doing my daily spin with Matt Youmans and assorted guests on The Las Vegas Sportsline (2-3 ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 7/12/14

Quick blog tonight. I'm going to hold the start of the college football previews till right after the All-Star break. I've got what I hope is good info ready to roll, but this is strictly business. This weekend and the All-Star break will have less eyes on this page than is the norm, and therefore I decided it's better to wait. So look for the previews to ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 7/11/14

It's college football season! Okay, not really. But for those who take wagering on the sport seriously, the action is now getting underway. O/U win totals are being posted and there's usually some solid value to be had on these options. The tough part is tying up the money for several months but the results can make that a worthwhile exercise in patience.... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 7/10/14

With the Bud Selig regime as MLB commissioner winding down, I'm seriously hoping one inane rule is done away with right away by his successor. The All-Star game deciding home field for the World Series remains one of the silliest decisions made by anyone in the history of sports. I've never been able to grasp even a scintilla of logic here. A game that has ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 7/8/14

Everyone seems to agree the Houston Astros have a spectacularly bright future with so many top prospects on the rise. Everyone except for me, apparently. This isn't to suggest the Astros are going to continue to be awful forever. But I was more than a little amused reading a big recent Sports Illustrated feature on how great this team is going to be in ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 7/8/14

The annual NFL draft gets a tremendous amount of attention from the football fan base, and has become a huge media event. The NBA isn't quite at that level, but it's still a very big deal. The MLB draft doesn't get more than scant mention. But make no mistake, it's every bit as important when it comes to building and maintaining a strong organization. ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 7/7/14

"Yankee pinstripes, awesome. Very slimming but awesome." That's the tweet from Brandon McCarthy, who is headed from the Diamondbacks to the Yankees with lefty Vidal Nuno on his way to Arizona. I'm assuming McCarrthy might not be quite as enthused about the dimensions in right field for his new employer, but at the same time he's gone from a playing out the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 7/6/14

Now that the first major deal of the current MLB campaign has been consummated and dissected, the rumor mill is starting to really churn. Heres's a short rundown of a few that might be possibilities. The Rays have suddenly gotten hot, but if the right offer comes along, both David Price and Ben Zobrist are likely available. Price is a good fit anywhere, ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 7/5/14

The baseball world is buzzing following the first blockbuster deal of the 2014 season. Billy Beane, to borrow some poker terminology, has gone all in, and he isn't bluffing. The deal just consummated with the Chicago Cubs is a loud announcement that the Oakland Athletics are going for the big prize right now. Here's the deal. The A's received both Jeff ... More