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Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 12/31/14

It's the final edition of this blog for 2014, so time to update all the numbers since starting this thing back in March of 2013. The bottom line record on the daily free plays posted here now stands 579-448, which works out to better than 56% the right way on more than 1000 plays. It should be noted that the baseball and the occasional hockey selections ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 12/30/14

One last 2014 award to hand out, and that's my choice for Athlete of the Year. I like to try and come up with something outside of the box when it comes to this stuff. But there's just no way to do so this time around. So I'll just have to follow the leader, in this case Sports Illustrated, and chime in with the obvious selection. Madison Bumgarner is ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 12/29/14

The Chargers were in a must win situation against the Chiefs. The Ravens were in a must win spot against the Browns.  The Texans had to win to have a playoff chance as they faced the Jaguars. And if you took the bait on those three "obvious" spots, you got nailed as none of the three covered. The Chargers appeared to be in great shape, needing only to ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 12/28/14

It's the final day of NFL regular season action. That means time to say goodbye to a handful of head coaches who will be either shown the door, or who will simply walk away. Jim Harbaugh is reportedly done with the 49ers, and the fact the team fell apart after entering the season with high expectations, means few tears will be shed by team management. My ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 12/27/14

Continuing with my 2014 Sports Media Awards, today's entry is for Best Studio Show. Feel free to contribute your thoughts via my Twitter feed (@davecokin). Best Studio Show, any sport: "Intentional Talk" (MLB Network) If you're looking for hard core analysis, this is probably not your show. If you want laughs with a baseball theme, Intentional Talk is ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 12/26/14

Back to the regular blog activity tomorrow as the Christmas break wraps up. I'll be on one of the bowls today with little more than a weak opinion on the other two games. I've also already played one NBA game and there's a good chance I'll be adding the free play once the line becomes available on that game, assuming it's a fit on my numbers. Check my ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Christmas Day, 12/25/14

I've been involved in sports gambling in some form since I was roughly 12 years old, so we're talking about nearly half a century here. Western Kentucky, all things considered, is the single worst beat I can recall. There have been countless bizarre winners and losers, but I've never blown a 35 point fourth quarter lead and then had a game end on a 75-yard ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 12/24/14

I'll be skipping the daily commentary for the holiday, but the free plays will continue on a daily basis. My Tuesday was enjoyable, with both bowl winners, 2-1 hoops and nice dog winner on the ice with the Leafs. The Bowl Package prorated price is now $190 through the championship game, and includes all the official bowl plays plus opinions on those ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 12/23/14

My choices for Best Play by Play and Analyst Awards the last couple of days. Today I'll head in the other direction with a Worst selection. This one is for an entire show, so I'll call it Worst Series of 2014. ESPN's "First Take" has never been a favorite of mine. The original premise goes back to the old "Cold Pizza" days, when it was at least tolera... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 12/22/14

I'll continue with my 2014 Media Awards with another best today. Play by play choice was yesterday, this time it's TV analyst. This is a difficult choice for me, as there are numerous candidates, and it's tough to select just one. But I am going with Gary Danielson, who has been doing marquee college football games for many years. The former NFL QB never ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 12/21/14

As we head toward the 2014 finish line, it's time for some Best and Worst in Sports Media Awards. These are just my own opinions, so feel free to tail or fade. Comments certainly welcome on my Twitter feed, which is @davecokin. I want to drag this out for the rest of the year, so I'll choose just one best or worst each day. Best TV Play by Play: Brent ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 12/20/14

Due to the enormous Saturday college basketball slates, as well as good sized agendas in the NBA and NHL, I'll be passing on doing any commentary for this one day each week. Time better spent trying to dissect the card in search of some right sides. But there will, of course, always be the daily free play. My Friday was a split, with one of the worst ... More