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Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 2/28/15

The usual skip the editorial late night entry for Saturday's action. This will likely be my final really deep card of the season. A significant number of my college plays are from the non-marquee leagues and with those conferences about to head to their respective tournaments, my quantity will decline. Early signup rates for MLB '15 are now available. ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 2/27/15

I am fuming right now. This has nothing to do with any wager, but rather with an incident that took place at the conclusion of the Vanderbilt/Tennessee rivalry battle, won by the Commodores. Here's what happened. In the waning seconds of the game, Vandy freshman Wade Baldwin IV did some taunting. This is apparently not the first time it's happened, and ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 2/26/15

I can't say that Josh Hamilton has played his last big league game, and that's probably not the case. But I'd have to speculate it's now at least a possibility. Hamilton met with MLB officials on Wednesday regarding a "disciplinary" issue and reports are that he confessed to having suffered a relapse that might have included both cocaine and alcohol use. ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 2/25/15

I suppose it's logical to assume that I'm somewhat jaded as a fan. That's a sensible conclusion, as my emphasis is on the gambling aspect of most sports. I really can't argue with that assessment, as I can no longer be classified as a passionate fan of any team, not even the Red Sox. I'll still pull for the Sawx if I'm not involved with the opponent on a ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 2/24/15

Due to a continued service outage, I'm forced to skip the commentary and analysis again today. I have received assurance from my provider the situation will be rectified by sometime Tuesday. They did not specify whether they mean this Tuesday or one in the future, but I will hope for the best. Tonight's free play: 544 Utah State -2.5 UPDATE: ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 2/23/15

Due to an internet outage, unable to post the usual blog today. Hope to have the problem resolved by this evening.   Tonight's free play is in the NBA: Milwaukee Bucks +7 Good luck!     More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 2/22/15

The NHL is getting a little extra attention in these parts right now. The possibility of a new team calling Las Vegas home seems to get better by the day, particularly with a huge response by locals galore plunking down a deposit for season tickets. I honestly don't think things would have gotten as far as they have without a true sense that the NHL is ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 2/21/15

The usual late Friday night routine for me, rifling through one local beat report or blog after another for the Saturday colleges, plus getting the math done on all these games as well. Looks like a big card as I've already played eight games, and a few more are on the radar. Mostly dogs, by the way. My Friday was a wash, with the Rockets missing and the ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 2/20/15

Once upon a time, freshmen were not eligible to play varsity college football or basketball. The first-year student athletes played a more limited schedule and had to wait a full year before moving up to the main events. For the most part, there was scant interest in what took place with these rookies. The monster exception was at UCLA as a kid named Lew ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 2/19/15

Kevin Durant is one the best basketball players on the planet. He has also come to be regarded as a really cordial guy who has had a great relationship with the media ever since arriving in the NBA. The All-Star weekend was not a great one for Durant, as he lashed out at the media in somewhat surprising fashion. It now appears as though cooler heads have ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 2/18/15

Here's where I'll sum up the changes I would make if I were appointed commissioner of college basketball. The intent is simple. Make the game better than it is right now. I will refrain from making any over the top moves as I don't want to abuse my executive privilege. 1. I'd love to eliminate the three-point field goal completely. But I will compromise ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 2/17/15

The conversation continues about how to fix college basketball. I already offered up my analysis on why offenses are so bogged down in today's game. I've also got what amounts to a pet peeve that might not have anything to do with the on-court product we're now seeing. Or maybe it does. There's no rule that can be passed to control this, but I'm really ... More