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Dave’s Free Plays, Sunday 5/31/15

Maybe Game Seven didn't deliver the drama that was hoped for and perhaps expected. But congratulations are in order for both the Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks. Even with the finale not delivering the nail biting conclusion, this was still a classic seven-game battle between two very good hockey teams, and I enjoyed virtually every minute. As for ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Saturday 5/30/15

No commentary today, but the usual free plays, and a quick recap of Friday night's results. I ended up with a split on the day, winning two of the three straight plays, but missed on a money line parlay. No damage done, however, and I'll try and continue what has been a strong week with today's action on the diamond. I won't be involved in the most compel... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Friday 5/29/15

Goodbye, Tom Thibodeau. Hello, Fred Hoiberg. The Chicago Bulls made it official yesterday on the farewell count, as they canned Thibodeau. The "search" for the next head coach is now underway, but those in the know are convinced that's just window dressing and that Hoiberg has already all but signed on the dotted line. Thibodeau is clearly a good NBA ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Thursday 5/28/15

Riley Curry is four years old, incredibly cute and has become an overnight sensation with her press conference appearances following Warriors playoff games. Her dad, Stephen Curry, is this year's NBA MVP, but he's strictly a supporting cast member when his daughter is around. I think it's terrific. It's rare that anything of substance is ever uttered at ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Wednesday 5/27/15

It's not always about the money. Cynical sports fans might be of the opinion that everything is about the big bucks with today's athletes. But while there's no question the contracts matter, there's no price tag that can be put on the emotional connections players sometimes have with teammates, organizations, and fans. A great example of this was on ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Tuesday 5/26/15

A couple of random baseball thoughts today, and I'll start with the San Diego Padres. I think it's fair to say that the first quarter of the season has been a flop for the Friars. Matt Kemp is having a very disappointing start to the season and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get him out of the #3 hole for at least a little bit. What's really getting ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Monday 5/25/15

Lots of controversy coming out of the Sunday night OT battle between the Hawks and Cavaliers. Cleveland ended up with the exciting 114-111 win, and they're now in possession of a series stranglehold, up three games to zero. The big buzz coming out of Game Three is being focused on the Flagrant 2 and therefore automatic ejection of Atlanta's Al Horford. ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Sunday 5/24/15

It happens almost every day. I've been watching baseball longer than most of you reading this space have been alive. But I still see something I've either never or at least seldom seen on a constant basis. Take Saturday, for instance. First off, I saw a manager get thrown out of a game before it started. Bryan Price was evidently still irritated with ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Saturday 5/23/15

Skipping the usual commentary tonight, and will just do the quick Friday recap, the obligatory sales pitch and the free plays. 2-1 on Friday, winning with the Orioles and Giants, losing with the Cardinals. The current special is in place till the end of the month. Buy 30 days, get a guaranteed net profit of 1o units minimum (virtually all plays are one ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Friday 5/22/15

The Golden State Warriors are now up 2-0 in the duel with the Houston Rockets for the NBA Western Conference title. That's not unexpected. But neither of the two victories for the Warriors have come easily, and with the series now shifting to Houston, things have a chance to get really interesting. The Warriors appeared to be on their way to a relatively ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Thursday 5/21/15

The hottest player in baseball had a very short evening on Wednesday. Bryce Harper was sent to the showers by umpire Marvin Hudson after protesting a called strike in the matchup between the Yankees and Nationals. Needless to say, the fans in attendance weren't at all happy with this expulsion, and neither was Washington skipper Matt Williams, who also got ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Wednesday 5/20/15

Whenever any conversation I'm in turns to television viewing preferences, I'm quick to offer that I'm a huge fan of reality TV. That is always followed by a question about which shows are my favorites. The answer is always the same. MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, college football and basketball. All great shows that deliver plenty of excitement on a very regular ... More