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Dave’s Free Play, Friday 7/31/15

It's deadline time for non-waiver trading in MLB, and that means a handful of hours remaining in what has been one of the most frenzied sessions I can ever recall. I'll try to summarize winners and losers after the weekend. Meanwhile, there are still some deals to be made and here's what the rumor mill is churning out right now. The White Sox were ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Thursday 7/30/15

What an amazing 48 hours of baseball related activity. Trades that were and then suddenly weren't. Big names on the move one way with some exciting prospects heading in the other direction. And we're not done yet, because there are still another 48 hours or so remaining before the curtain rings down on this season's non-waiver trading session. I'll hold ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Wednesday 7/29/15

I'm taking a night off from the usual commentary, as most of the last few hours have been spent updating college football power ratings and there's still plenty of work to do as far as that goes. Barring unforeseen circumstances, that portion of the blog will return tomorrow. ----------- I split my Tuesday plays, with a wrong side on the Tigers but a ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Tuesday 7/28/15

The first trading deadline blockbuster deal is in the books. Johnny Cueto making the move from the Reds to the Royals was big, but everyone knew Cueto was going to get rented by somebody for prospects. On Monday evening, however, we got a genuine big name swap that was a bit of a shocker. I can't say it's surprising that Troy Tulowitzki was dealt by the ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Monday 7/27/15

I guess last season wasn't such a fluke, after all. There was much divided opinion coming into the 2015 MLB campaign as to what to make of the 2014 Royals. Some considered them to be a fluke of almost epic proportions. Others saw them as a franchise on the rise that was going to have a shot at winning a second straight pennant. Full disclosure, I was ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Sunday 7/26/15

You really cannot make this stuff up, and it's what makes sports amazing. Cole Hamels pitched what might well be his final game for the Phillies on Saturday. Hamels figures to be wearing another uniform by this time next week, as the non-waiver trade deadline will have passed. It wasn't looking like a memorable farewell for Hamels prior to yesterday. His ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Saturday 7/25/15

Sports bettors will generally reserve their managerial or coaching complaints for situations where a bad decision costs them a chance to win a wager. I definitely do my share of bitching when something like this takes place and I watch a play go down the drain. But I'll at least try to maintain as much objectivity as I can when ranting about a bad move, ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Friday 7/24/15

Trading season is now officially underway. The A's and Astros got things rolling on Thursday as Oakland sent veteran lefty Scott Kazmir to Houston in return for a pair of prospects. This appears to be a good deal for both entries. The Astros add a quality lefty who should enhance their chances of getting to the playoffs. The Athletics acquired a couple ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Thursday 7/23/15

I don't know if Charlie Strong will ever take the Texas Longhorns back to the very top of the college football food chain. That's something that remains to be seen as Strong tries to rebuild a program that had, by Texas standards, fallen upon hard times prior to his arrival. But regardless of what the W/L ledger looks like this season and down the road, ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Wednesday 7/22/15

I'm not a lawyer, nor have I talked to one on this topic. So I'll just offer an opinion based on common sense here. The NFL and the DOJ apparently agree that sports gambling in the "skill" category years ago, as we all found out Tuesday thanks to document released. That doesn't Roger Goodell has changed his stance, he's still declaring his opposition ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Tuesday 7/21/15

The handwriting is on the wall. The long run of serious playoff contention for the Detroit Tigers is in serious jeopardy, and with the farm system pretty much barren, the time has come for change in Motown. The buzz on Monday was that David Price and Yoenis Cespedes, each headed for off-season free agency, are going to made available as the trade deadline ... More

Dave’s Free Plays, Monday 7/29/15

The Mets were a Sunday winner, as they managed to salvage the finale of their weekend set at St. Louis. The victory, in tandem with a loss by the Nationals, means the Mets are just two games out of first place in the NL East. They're also just a couple games behind the Cubs in the chase for the second NL wild card spot. Yet this win was the ultimate ... More