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Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 12/19/15

The usual late Friday routine, working on the massive Saturday CBB slate, so no editorial tonight. I split my four college plays on Friday, and should end up with a good sized slate today. One game that's on my ticket will be the free play, so let's get right to that, and I'll return to the usual format tomorrow. For inquiries on my personal service, feel ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 12/18/15

So was that it for the St. Louis Rams before they become the Los Angeles Rams? I sure don't have the answer, although it sure seems likely that some existing NFL team will be relocating for the 2016 campaign. Maybe it's the Rams, maybe it's the Chargers, maybe it's the Raiders. Personally, I would rank them in that order, but that's strictly a guess. H... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 12/17/15

This blog is mostly a labor of love. So I generally will select topics I enjoy talking or writing about, even when there's a negative tone involved. I'm on the cynical side anyway, so no problem on that count. But I already know I will get no enjoyment out of this particular column. I've lived in Las Vegas for a long time and like so many who have ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 12/16/15

And just like that, it's over for Bo Ryan at Wisconsin. The enormously successful Badgers head coach delivered a real shocker on Tuesday night following Wisconsin's home victory against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Ryan announced he was stepping down immediately. There was quite a bit of speculation going into this season that it would be the last ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 12/15/15

Pete Rose's lifetime ban from baseball is not going to be lifted. That news came down on Monday and with Rob Manfred likely to be the MLB commissioner for many years to come, I suspect this was Pete's last chance to get reinstated. I've never agreed with the harshness of the penalty assessed in the first place, but that's just my view and has little to ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Monday 12/14/15

We're all used to heading into the final three weeks of the NFL regular season with all kinds of playoff suspense. But it appears that aside from the battles for seeding, there's much more settled than is usually the case. In the NFL, there's a battle for the top spot in the NFC East, but no one from that division has the look of a team poised to make a ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Sunday 12/13/15

I'm posting my Sunday blog much earlier than usual, so won't have the rundown on what Saturday produced. First, a word about those just ripping Iowa State fans for storming the court after the Cyclones rallied from a 20-point deficit to nip rivals Iowa earlier this week. I've never felt even the slightest urge to rush any court or field. But then ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Saturday 12/12/15

The usual Friday late night grind here, sifting through all those Saturday college basketball games in search of a few edges. So let's skip the commentary and get right to the Saturday free play. The usual format will return tomorrow. CELTICS  AT  HORNETS Take: HORNETS -2 If you're into hot trends, you probably will be very reluctant to bet ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Friday 12/11/15

I hear constant debate about the pros and cons regarding Twitter. They're easy enough to list either way, and each to their own as to whether it's a useful tool or not. I know which side of the debate I'm on. I can sum up my side of the argument by publishing one single tweet from Thursday afternoon. This is from David Carducci @CarducciKSU), who is ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Thursday 12/10/15

The wheeling and dealing continues in Nashville as the MLB winter session winds down. The buyers and sellers have been identified for the most part. But there's one interesting team that hasn't swung in either direction, and I'm taken that as a sign they might just be about to spring a surprise and go into buy mode. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Wednesday 12/9/15

The dust has barely settled from the stunning free agent signing of Zack Greinke by the Arizona Diamondbacks. I think we all knew the Snakes weren't done dealing, as the Greinke blockbuster was a clear signal this franchise was going to be going for it in 2016. But the Tuesday deal with the Braves constitutes major gamble by the Diamondbacks, and there has ... More

Dave’s Free Play, Tuesday 12/8/15

My Monday got rolling with the announcement of a big name trade between the Reds and Dodgers. Cincinnati was to send stud closer Aroldis Chapman to LA in return for a pair of prospects. Shortly thereafter, rumors began to circulate that the deal was on hold and that it might involve another team or two. Even in this warp speed information edge, news was ... More