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Cokin’s Corner, Friday 11/18/16

So I got it right after all, in spite of the belief I wouldn't. Mike Trout was my choice for American League MVP, and admittedly to some surprise, Trout won the hardware on Thursday. My reason for putting Trout on top was simple enough. He was the best player. That's pretty much what the MVP is about to me. But the thought here was that Trout would ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 11/17/16

WEEKLY WISE GUY REPORT Here's the weekly rundown on which college football games are attracting sharper dollars. Info is garnered from a variety of sources, including Nevada books, offshore stores, and numerous stateside underground shops. 330 Illinois is getting some sharp play as big home dogs against Iowa. The betting public prefers the Hawkeyes.... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 11/16/16

Terry Francona and Dave Roberts are now officially the AL and NL Managers of the Year. If you're a Red Sox fan, getting this news has to generate the ultimate flashback. 2004. Yankees lead the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth in Game Four of the ALCS. Mariano Rivera is on to do what he did better than anyone who ever played the game, which is to save ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 11/15/16

This is one of my favorite nights of the college basketball season. It's the annual ESPN Tip-Off Marathon and as I'm writing this, we're entering hour #11. I used to be able to pretty much do the vast majority of the entire 24 hours without a problem. Now, not so much. Of course, it would help if the quality of play was a shade better in the game that's ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 11/14/16

Much of the time potentially great games don't live up to the hype. But when they do, it's really something special and that was the case on Sunday in the NFL. I honestly can't recall having two back to back games provide the excitement NFL fans got to relish on Sunday. The Cowboys-Steelers and Seahawks-Patriots games were incredible thrillers. There ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 11/13/16

We all should have seen it coming. Sure enough, like clockwork, the chase for the playoffs in college football is now in a completely chaotic state. Alabama is now the lone unbeaten team among the contenders. Western Michigan is also perfect but the Broncos are not going to get a playoff berth. Meanwhile, following Saturday's carnage that saw Michigan, ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 11/12/16

"I'll be remembered as the biggest bust in NBA history." Greg Oden, who years ago was drafted first overall ahead of Kevin Durant, chose to describe himself that way in an interview on ESPN's Outside the Lines. There's little question that Odeon is in the conversation as far as this topic goes. Personally, I give bottom honors to Kwame Brown. Brown ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 11/11/16

I should be getting back to the usual routine tomorrow as far as the commentary portion of this daily blog is concerned. I'm finally just about at the finish line with my personal power ratings for all the college basketball teams. The boarded conferences are now complete and I'm down to the added leagues. Those conferences don't get as much focus from me ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 11/10/16

Here's the rundown of where the sharp money has been showing for this week's college football action. Info is garnered from various sources, including Nevada books, offshore outlets and stateside underground stores. 113 UL Lafayette has drawn smart money for the Thursday night game at Georgia Southern. 152 UNLV is getting a small amount oif play from ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 11/9/16

I'm still working my college basketball numbers with the season set to start on Friday. Sorry, no time for any observations today. I did manage to save several hours last night as it was pretty apparent very early that Donald Trump was going to win. By the way, major props to the New York Times live website, which was, as far as I can tell, way ahead of all ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 11/8/16

I'm passing on the commentary portion of the blog today. That doesn't have anything to do with this being Election Day, although I do happen to think this should be a national holiday. Actually, I'm trying to crunch college basketball power ratings, in order to be as ready as possible for Friday's opening night. So just the free play today. I played only ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 11/7/16

I don't often pay a great deal of attention to post-game press conferences. It's usually just one cliche after another and there's no real information to garner from these events. But I thought Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers nailed it following a very poor performance by his team in a decisive home loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Rodgers said the ... More