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Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 7/1/17

One of my quick blogs tonight. Plenty to assess as far as the NBA is concerned, but I think I'll wait for the frenzy of activity to calm a bit before tossing out some opinions. My Friday was okay with winners on the Reds and Brewers, and a loss with the Twins. Altogether, a net gain of a bit more than one unit. I've got action on the Saturday night CFL ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/30/17

Sometimes sports can be downright cruel. If ever there was an example, it was in the Thursday night game between the Yankees and White Sox. Dustin Fowler was making his big league debut for the Yankees. In the bottom of his very first inning as a major leaguer, Fowler went full bore after a foul ball that ended up landing in the stands. Unfortunately for ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/29/17

Unacceptable! That's the spot on description for the performance of umpire DJ Reyburn on Wednesday night as the Cardinals scored a 4-3 win over the Diamondbacks. Reyburn was absolutely terrible with his ball/strike calls in this game. Yes, he was consistent. We often hear that as long as an umpire is consistent with his strike zone, it's up to the ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/28/17

No commentary in this edition of the blog. Instead, a quick note regarding the release of my plays for personal service clients as well as what I post at the various online sites that sell my plays. I will, for the most part, not be playing games as early as I generally have in the past. That will likely cost me some value as one of my strengths is ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/27/17

No commentary tonight as I'm focused on a handicapping-related task. So this will be a very brief blog, with just the Tuesday free play. Note I'm getting off the fade Tigers express for at least one night. I might jump right back on it come Wednesday. But I have the Tuesday game with the Royals priced about right on my projections and maybe the Tigers ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/27/17

The MLB trade deadline buyers and sellers list is starting to take shape. Surprise additions, at least based on projections prior to the season, would be the Tigers and Giants. My thoughts are the Cardinals should be on that list of sellers as well. The surprise buyers list is more interesting. It was assumed the Royals run was over and they'd be ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/25/17

I've been highly critical of Brad Ausmus during his tenure as manager of the Detroit Tigers. Ausmus is highly intelligent, and obviously knows the game. But I just don't think he has the instincts that make for a good manager, at least not in-game. I obviously can't speak on anything else related to the running of the team, so all I can go by is based on ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/24/17

Asdrubal Cabrera is unhappy. The veteran Mets shortstop is evidently displeased about a variety of things. But Cabrera decided to go public on Friday by letting the media know he wants to be traded. Cabrera has had a solid big league career and while his best days are behind him, he's clearly still good enough to play in the majors. Just not at shortst... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/23/17

If you're a heavy duty MLB viewer as I am, I'm guessing you might be sharing my sentiments on one aspect of the game. There's just no way to justify how subpar far too many of the umpires are when it comes to calling balls and strikes. I know how difficult the job is. There is no easy aspect of umpiring at the major league level. So this really isn't ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/22/17

Quick blog tonight. That means a recap of Wednesday's results, my obligatory promo, plus the Thursday free play. My Wednesday was a 2-2 split, with both favorites winning and both dogs blowing late leads to lose. One of the losers was Philly. If you watched that game, I think you'll agree we were looking at a minor league team in the late innings. Player ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/21/17

Check-in time on the MLB Over/Under season win totals I played prior to the start of the season. I think it's safe to say I'm pleased with the progress to date on these seven wagers. Marlins Under 77.5... Miami is on pace to win 73 games. I don't like the starting pitching any better than before the season started. But admittedly, residence in the NL ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 6/20/17

Quick blog today, with just the Monday recap and the Tuesday free play. I'll return on Wednesday with some baseball notes which everyone will hopefully find interesting. Monday was a wash at 1-1-1, and while I'd rather have a plus day, I've never been bothered much by splitting out unless there was some really rough luck. None of that on Monday, and in ... More