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Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 6/7/17

This is going to be another of those blogs where I link to a story. In this instance, it's an interview with Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt, one of the all-time great players. Here's the link. https://sports.yahoo.com/mike-schmidt-wouldnt-build-around-player-speaks-spanish-161729860.html This is the classic example of why, if I were an agent ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 5/6/17

I've been behind the microphone continuously for what is now 30 years. I've had the pleasure of interviewing some major sports celebrities, a few movie stars, and even a presidential candidate, who in fact went on to win. But the most bizarre on-air conversation I have ever had is unquestionably an extremely uncomfortable session with an individual I ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/5/17

Short blog this time, as I'll be unavailable Sunday evening. So just a quick recap, a fast promo and Monday's free play. Sunday was good. 3-0 on the diamond, with a net profit of about +3.3 at good numbers. Half unit loser appears a virtual certainty on my Cavs-Warriors Under, but no beefs as I won a full unit playing that way in Game One. The ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/4/17

Albert Pujols is now a member of a very exclusive club. He became only the ninth player in baseball history to hit 600 home runs. Pujols did it in style to boot, as his #600 was a grand slam. The question now is how many more legends Pujols will pass and whether he can hang around long enough to make a serious run at the Bonds-Aaron-Ruth trio at the top. ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/3/17

Tied up tonight, so I'm simply posting the Saturday free play and will catch up on everything else in the Sunday blog. The Saturday comp is actually a money line parlay on a couple of substantial chalk pieces. ASTROS (McCullers) at RANGERS (Cashner) INDIANS (Carrasco) at ROYALS (Hammel) Take: ASTROS/ INDIANS +147 The Astros are a monster right ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/2/17

I'll chime in on the Tiger Woods situation. This is not a view on Tiger as much as an observation to the reaction to Tiger's latest problem. First, to those who are absolutely trashing the guy, lighten up. The level of hate being displayed by some is troubling. You'd think the guy was a career criminal based on some of the comments. There's no denying ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 6/1/17

Just in case you missed it, Mr. Met has been terminated. Not the actual mascot itself, but the individual inside the costume. Evidently, some fans were giving Mr. Met a bad time and the unknown individual wearing the costume responded by exiting the field with a middle finger salute. Maybe it's just me, but I found this to be hilarious. You have to ... More