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Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 4/7/19

Sundays are a bit of a pain as it's almost all day games and I like to get lineup info before settling on any plays. So, this is going to be the one day each week where the daily free play likely won't get posted till close to game time if I happen to be on an East Coast clash as is the case today. With that being the case, here's today's comp. A more ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 4/6/19

For one day, I'll go back to the old format of an evening post for the following day, as this one is on the Final Four. Off a good Friday with a nice +2.65 gain on the diamond, and will have some action available on Saturday morning. As for the baskets, I don't have anything I'm really confident about. This looks like a terrific Final Four that ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Friday 4/5/19

It's too early to push any panic buttons for any team, but I cannot blame Cubs fans for being a bit on tilt about the play of their team out of the gate. This team is a mess right now. They aren't pitching a lick, particularly where the bullpen is concerned. The team defense has been almost comically awful. The offense is going to score plenty of runs, but ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 4/4/19

The one negative about the switch to morning blogs, rather than the late evening concept I've utilized for several years, is that I don't have much time to do much editorializing. But as the majority of the visitors here are mostly interested in the daily free play rather than whatever i'm in the mood to spout off about, I guess it's not a problem. I ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 4/3/19

This will have to be brief as I'm having internet issues this morning and am therefore a bit behind in terms of scheduling. 2-0 last night on the diamond, and I'm playing two more games today. Here's one of them, and please pardon the absence of any analysis today. CUBS (Lester) at BRAVES (Teheran) Take: BRAVES -127 Back with the regular edition ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 4/2/19

The Monday free play worked out as the Astros managed to squeak past the Rangers. The Houston offense is missing in action right now, with some terrible runners in scoring position stats, and they also ran into a couple outs on the bases last night. This team is not playing good baseball right now. But Brad Peacock and the bullpen were stellar and a win is ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 4/1/19

Let's get right to it with the new format of posting the daily free plays in the morning. I'll get things started with a somewhat chalky piece today, but one I feel comfortable playing. ASTROS (Peacock) at RANGERS (Smyly) Take: ASTROS -160 Brad Peacock looked quite good as a 5-6 inning starting pitcher in 2017. He went back to working just out of ... More