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Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/15/19

I'm very much enjoying the start of the new football season. 6-1 with the colleges on Saturday. Season to date college and NFL sits at 24-12, so I'm actually happy for a change. But never satisfied as there's always room for improvement (for example, don't spoil a perfect slate laying doubles with Michigan State and it's 1940's offense). Packages are ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/15/19

No football plays for me on Thursday or Friday, so my week begins on Saturday. Seven colleges, with the last of the bunch being added on Friday evening. Note that will be subscribers only. I already posted one of the games as the free play here at the blog. So I'll toss out a baseball side for Saturday. Not an official play as of now, so call it a lean for ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 9/10/19

Off a very good weekend in both the colleges and NFL. Always nice to get ahead of the house out of the gate, so mission accomplished as far as that goes. I'll be changing the Cokin's Picks menu over the next day or two. The packages available are still good, but I'll be adding some kind of special. Contact me via email if you want details. I'm on ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/8/19

Lots of close calls on my Saturday card, but overall a very nice day. Arkansas State up big as I'm writing this, and if they hang on, it's a 6-3 result, which I'll take anytime. Akron was a miss, as they had some serious special teams mishaps. I lost Tennessee and a late add on Arkansas, which was not a good decision on my part. Everything else won, a ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 9/7/19

Only time for a free play this morning. I'm in action on eight college football games, plus one wager on the diamond, which I'll list here. If you want all the plays, be sure to purchase one of the available packages at Cokin's Picks here at this site. BLUE JAYS (Kay) at RAYS (Morton) Take: F5 UNDER 4.5 More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 9/5/19

Sorry about the sporadic blogs, the plate is pretty full these days. Radio, podcasts, videos et al. All those take a back seat to the actual handicapping, as that's numero uno. I'd like to say I'll get these pages posted every day, but the reality is that's not gonna happen. Thankfully, a bit of time today to put together a quick analysis on a Saturday ... More