Cokin’s Corner, Friday 12/6/19

I've settled on three Championship Week football plays. I'll post the early starting Saturday game between Baylor and Oklahoma today as the free play among the trio I'm betting. Be sure to check out the available late season packages now available at the Cokin's Picks menu on this site. Hope to have you with me for the holidays and beyond! Free play: BAYLOR +9 It's a power ratings value play for me, as my projection is Oklahoma -6. I've been higher than most on my Baylor ratings all season. Can't complain with the way that has worked out. I'll trust my numbers again here. More

Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 12/5/19

There will be a handful of days where there will be no free play. I'm only posting actual selections, and as of now I have a blank slate today. There might be one NHL personal service play, but even that is not a definite at this point. The good news is the comps are a perfect 3-0 for the week to date. Back tomorrow! More

Cokin’s Corner, Wednesday 12/4/19

Tuesday night was enjoyable, as the free play on Dartmouth got there as well as each of my two NHL sides, on the Coyotes and Jets. I'll be adding a couple of packages to the pick menu at some point today. The Bowl Package will run $250, and will include all my college bowl plays. The Super Bowl Special will include all my plays across the board through this year's Super Bowl. Note I don't cap the NBA, but that package does include the bowls, any NFL, plus NHL and college basketball. Email me if you need additional info. Here's today's free play, again in college basketball. 865 AIR FORCE -2 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 12/3/19

One click, one free pick as the daily blog is now back. Details tomorrow on the Bowl Package. The postseason has been quite good for me over the years, and no reason to expect anything different this season. Free play got there on Monday as the Ducks won at home against the Kings. I'll go with a college basketball call tonight. 757 DARTMOUTH +6.5 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Monday 12/2/19

Okay, the blog is back. One click, one pick and occasionally some commentary. The post season packages will be posted on the menu at some point. Meanwhile, you can email me for info if you're interested. Solid college regular season, every reason to expect another good bowl campaign. As for the daily free plays, it'll work like this. I'm only going to post actual plays. No leans or added opinions I'm not betting myself. I won't be posting till the morning on most days (which means you'll have to check back on Monday morning for today's free play). That's it! Back about 9-10AM Pacfic with the Monday comp. Tonight's free play: Anaheim Ducks -145 More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 11/23/19

Time for this week's free selection in college football! 191 SYRACUSE at 192 LOUISVILLE Take: SYRACUSE +9.5 I am definitely not crazy about this Syracuse team. Don't like the QB, the defense can be had, just not much of a team. But this is a great spot for the Orange. Syracuse's task is very simple. The win  over Duke kept them in the hunt for six wins and a bowl. They need to win here to stay alive. The Orange at least have some plus momentum off their best game of the season to date. It's a dead fade spot for Louisville. The Cardinals have really progressed nicely from last year's disaster. But they just achieved a huge goal with the win at NC State as they're now guaranteed to go bowling. That makes this a tough rebound for a very young team. Also, they finish up with a major rivalry game against Kentucky. As terrific a coach as Satterfiend is, I think he'll have a tough time keeping the young Cardinals focused here. The number is also too big in my view. I power ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 11/17/19

Here's a two-team six point teaser for Sunday's NFL. I've done okay with these so far, hope to get this one home as well. Be sure to contact me via email for details and rates about available packages! JAGUARS +8.5/JETS +8.5 Nothing complicated here. Through the 3 and 7 with two underdogs. Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 11/16/19

Four college football games on my card today. Lower volume than usual, but no need to force any action. Hope to have something solid on the ice, where things have gone really well in the first quarter of the NHL season. I'll have a new package offer ready by tomorrow that will be found at the Cokin's Picks tab. Meanwhile, here's one of the four plays I like today/ 339 CENTRAL MICHIGAN at 340 BALL STATE Take: CMU +2 This is a big game for both CMU and Ball State. The winner can capture the West if Western Michigan loses at Northern Illinois in its season finale. I believe the Chippewas are the better team in this matchup. That's based on a very big differential in yardage in conference games. Central Michigan is outgaining MAC opponents by an impressive 176 yards per game. Ball State is only +8 per game. The Cardinals have faced only a minimally tougher MAC slate to this point. That's a pretty huge split for a game that's lined this closely. The game is pretty even ... More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 11/0/19

Excellent day in the colleges on Saturday. Four winners and one kinda tough luck loser on Georgia State, as they lost their talented QB to an in-game injury. No beefs with the 4-1 on the gridiron. I"ve got just one NFL side I like on Sunday, and I'll toss that one out here as a free play. RAMS at STEELERS Take: RAMS -4 More

Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 11/9/19

Here's one of the five games I'm playing in college football. Back sometime Saturday with a game for Sunday in the NFL. LOUISVILLE at MIAMI Take: MIAMI -6.5 Scheduling and situation are advantageous to Louisville. But my numbers have worked very well all season and I'm going to trust them in this game. I made Miami -9.5. Anytime I can garner a three point advantage in a single digit lined game, I'm backing the power ratings, and that's the case here. Miami minus the points. More

Cokin’s Corner, Tuesday 11/5/19

Nice result on my only Monday play as the Arizona Coyotes earned the OT win at Edmonton. NHL is going quite well thankfully, and no beefs with the college football. And now, college basketball gets started. I'll post the rates sometime in the next day or two, or you can contact me for info. Meanwhile, two plays as of now for Opening Night and I'll publish one of those here as a free play. 667 DENVER at 668 COLORADO STATE Take: COLORADO STATE -14 Good luck! More

Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 11/3/19

Sorry, no free NFL play today. I made a decision that I won't put any more "leans" here that are not actual plays. Just seems kinda lame to offer an opinion I'm not backing with any cash myself. As it happens, i have just one NFL wager today, and that's already being sold on various websites as well as emailed to my customers. So hope you understand, I can't really publish it here as a comp. Good news is there should be more daily entries moving forward as college basketball gets going this week, plus there's always the NHL. As for my Saturday, the Utah State loser here was hideous, but the rest of my day went well enough. Loser on FIU, but very comfortable winners with Buffalo, Kansas State and Tennessee. Nevada managed to cover as well to close out the proceedings at 4-2, so the decent results keep coming. College hoops begin Tuesday, and I'll let everyone know about my early season strategy at that time. Enjoy your Sunday! More