Cokin’s Corner, Friday 1/31/20

  • January 31, 2020

I’m enjoying a very big week, which is always fun. 3-1-1 last night, and 11-1-1 over the past three days. The bad news is I’m on just one game tonight, an NHL side I like quite a bit. I came up blank in the baskets. I had intended to back the Lakers tonight in what figures to be an incredibly emotional setting, but just couldn’t bring myself to lay that many points.

So no free play for tonight, but as I won’t be selling my Super Bowl play, I might as well just post it right here today.

49ERS +1: Simple analysis for me. Anyone who has followed me over the years knows I have a consistent philosophy that has worked pretty well, particularly in college football. Not as good for me in the NFL, but mostly because the spots that fit are tougher to identify. My bottom line is that if a game is closely lined and one team has a clear edge both running the ball and defending the run, I’ll usually be on that side. In this matchup, those numbers favor San Francisco. Therefore, I’m backing the 49ers to win this year’s Super Bowl. Not what I would consider a big opinion by any means, but I’m on San Francisco.