Cokin’s Corner, Friday 1/4/19

  • January 3, 2019

Going to make this a quick blog tonight. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention there was some great entertainment provided on Thursday night from Samford coach Scott Padgett. His team ended up losing an overtime decision at East Tennessee State. What put this one in the spotlight was an encounter during the game where one of the officials decided to go after Padgett. Thoroughly unprofessional on the part of the ref. The best stuff took place after the game in Padgett’s postgame press conference. Search it online, it’s definitely worth checking out. Sound bite of the year to date courtesy of Padgett and one that might be tough to top.

My Thursday went very well. NC Wilmington came out on top in a double OT thriller at James Madison, while Austin Peay came out of the locker rook on fire and destroyed Eastern Kentucky, 2-0 and what has been a pretty lengthy hot run continued with the mini-sweep.

The deal on the menu at Cokin’s Picks that runs through the Super Bowl should be a good investment for serious players. I’m not a high volume player, so you need to be wagering at a decent level for this to be feasible. If so, take advantage. For more info, shoot me an email at

I won’t have any college basketball action on Friday. It’s a very short slate with only four games and none of them meet the value criteria I’m adhering to for my plays. So don’t consider this as an actual play, but if you’re looking for a little action, here’s the one that was closest to a fit for me.

803 IUPUI at 804 UIC

Take: IUPUI +4