Cokin’s Corner, Friday 11/25/16

  • November 25, 2016

Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed a fine Thanksgiving. Today is Black Friday, which means frenzied activity at department stores for reasons I’ve never quite been able to figure out.

Anyway, as I suspect is the case for many of you reading this piece, I’ve eaten too much, and my eyes are shot from watching three football games and I’m honestly not sure how many basketball games. Oh yeah, I also managed to take in most of the Bruins-Senators NHL game. So, short and sweet with today’s blog.

I’ve got two free daily plays from earlier in the week that take place today, as Western Michigan hosts Toledo and TCU visits Texas. Results on those tomorrow as well as my big game, which I popped for two units, first time I’ve done that all season.

Here’s today’s comp, and I’ll journey to the NBA for this one.



Tom Thibodeau is the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Following the teams’t third consecutive loss, this one at New Orleans, Tibs was not in the most jovial holiday mood.

Thibodeau didn’t mince many words in assessing his team’s performance against the Pelicans, as well as their overall performance. Not surprisingly, given his reputation as a defensive specialist, that aspect of the Timberwolves game appeared to have Thibodeau most aggravated. He mentioned the team “not playing any defense” and later in the interview offered that “I don’t know what we’re doing defensively”.

I have a feeling we’re going to see that portion of the Minnesota game getting more focus tonight at Phoenix. That doesn’t necessarily translate into a victory against the Suns, as the team still has to make some shots. But the Suns are a squad that can get handled when the opponent puts the clamps down defensively, and I’ll be really surprised if there’s not some real intensity in display tonight by the Wolves.

This is also not a great spot for Phoenix. The Suns have a lousy ledger when returning home from an extended road trip. plus this is not a team that has shown much ability to string together good performances. I also have a tendency to prefer visiting teams in holiday settings, as they don’t have anything else to do other than play the game, plus they’re not always overjoyed at having to spend the holiday way from family and friends.

Minnesota is clearly a bit of a flop through the early going with only four wins. But this is a team they ought to be take care of business against if they come to play. I’ll bank on the effort being there on the defensive end, and if the Wolves can make a few shots, I like them to get the best of the Suns tonight.