Cokin’s Corner, Friday 12/23/16

  • December 23, 2016

I’m a Red Sox fan, so I guess I’m supposed to hate it. But I’m also a baseball fan, so I actually love it.

I want every team to compete. I’ve never bought into the small market baloney, with only a couple of what I believe are unique exceptions. My argument is based on the enormous revenue stream that benefits all 30 big league franchises. While the smaller market (note that’s smaller market, not small) teams might not be able to roll the dice as frequently as the handful of monster money producers, there’s no excuse for not at least going for the big prize when it’s possible to win it.

So, I’m thrilled to see the Cleveland Indians going the big name route and signing Edwin Encarnacion to a big three-year deal. It’s a great move for a team that was perhaps just an 18-minute rain delay from winning the World Series. And that was with a starting rotation that had gotten depleted due to injury and no Michael Brantley for virtually the entire season.

The 2017 Indians are loaded and I think they’re right there with Boston as the teams to beat in the American League. If those big arms stay healthy, I don’t see how this team isn’t a serious contender, and you know they’re going to be super fueled after just missing in 2016.

This is good for baseball. As much as I’d like to see the Red Sox run and hide from the rest of the competition, I love the idea that Cleveland isn’t playing the crying game and is just as determined to win it all next season.

Solid 4-2 on Thursday. Easy as can be winner in the bowl game with Idaho and the Bruins came through on the ice. My four college hoop games split and had it not been for the loss of Justin Bibbins to an ankle injury during the game, I’m quite sure Long Beach State would have won in easier fashion than they did against Colorado State. By the way, although the x-rays were negative, be sure to monitor his status before getting involved for or against the 49ers with Big West play beginning. Bibbins might only be 5’8″ but inch for inch, he’s one of the better players around.

The Bowl Package is still available, although the price for the remainder of the games is now $200. 5-1 out of the gate with the Idaho romp last night, so I’m very pleased with those results to date. Contact me at for instructions on how to get tour subscription in.

As for the December Special with the big guarantee, that’s on the table till 12/31. Again, shoot an email my way at for details on how everything works with this plan.


The Bruins were good as they Thursday free play. Today’s comp is actually on the Monday night NFL game. I’m posting it now as I don’t expect this number to be available on game day.


Take: LIONS +7

There’s just no reason to elaborate in ample fashion to make myself sound impressive. I made this bet as soon as the Giants lost to the Eagles and managed to grab 7.5 with the Lions.That’s already gone as I’m writing this, bit +7 is still readily available.

The loss by the Giants means the final two regular season games for Dallas are meaningless. The Cowboys have now earned home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

I don’t know whether Dallas will rest their starters or not in these final two weeks. If it were up to me, I’d do exactly that to at least some extent. No knocks at all on Zeke and Das, but they are each rookies and that means they’ve already played more football this season than at any previous time. I know there’s the argument about losing momentum, but there’s just nothing on the line in Weeks 16 and 17 for Dallas. Plus, they really haven’t been as sharp these last few weeks as they were prior to that.

The Lions need wins, as they’re in a dogfight for their division title and/or a potential wild card. Must win certainly doesn’t mean will win. But I’m enthused about snaring a TD against a team that has already accomplished a major goal and is now waiting to get the playoffs underway. Lions plus the points.