Cokin’s Corner, Friday 12/30/16

  • December 30, 2016

I want to see a new rule put into college football. This will apply to officials. I’m not being sarcastic with this proposal, I’m totally serious.

In a nutshell, I want a rule that restricts officials to a specific time limit when it comes to issuing a decision. In other words, a defined amount of time with a clock that begins at the completion of any play. How much time? That can be debated, but I’ll go ahead and say three minutes. That’s the deadline, and if no resolution has taken place, the original call stands, and right or wrong, that’s it.

Anyone who watched the scene unfold near the end of the first half of the Thursday Arkansas-Virginia Tech Belk Bowl knows exactly what I mean.

The Hokies fumbled a punt return. Arkansas guy appears to recover but as he’s rolling over, he loses control of the football and Virginia Tech gets it back.

Tough call? Yeah, it sure was. But the replay sure seemed to indicate it should have been V Tech ball. Regardless, between huddling with one another and then having a discussion with Hogs coach Bret Bielema, and then deciding the play had to be reviewed, this process took about ten minutes. And then they got the call wrong.

This has to stop. I’m all for replay and it was needed in this instance. I actually don’t care that much that I think replay got it wrong. The point is that the stripes HAD to know this was eventually going to be reviewed and the wasting of all that time huddling and then consulting with one of the coaches was ridiculous.

This should never happen but apparently a rule is needed to make sure it doesn’t in the future. Fix the problem, college football.

I split two bowl plays, split two college hoop plays and won both NHL calls, so another 4-2 day, which is fine. So far for Friday, I’ve got there CBB plays, a couple of bowls, and unknown as of now in the NBA.NHL.

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The Bruins fell down a pair of goals early at Buffalo, but it was all Boston after that first period, so the free play was a winner. Tonight’s call is in college basketball.


Take: ARIZONA +1

Potentially long story short here, as this is mostly a stat fit for me. But here are a few additional words on tonight’s key PAC-12 clash between the Wildcats and Golden Bears.

Both Arizona and Cal have had to battle through early season physical issues, and I think both coaches have to be pleased with where their teams are at this juncture. An important add for the Wildcats tonight as Parker Jackson-Cartwright is expected to get back on the floor. He’ll probably see limited minutes, but for a team that has been as shorthanded as ‘Zona has been, getting him back for even 15 minutes is significant.

This figures to be a defensive rumble where good looks and fast breaks are at a premium as both teams defend really well. If that’s the case, I’ll side with the team that simply shoots it better, both from the field and the foul line. That’s Arizona, so in a pick the winner game, I’m siding with the Wildcats.