Cokin’s Corner, Friday 1/27/17

  • January 26, 2017

The soap opera with the Chicago Bulls continues. My Thursday blog was critical of both Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler for what amounted to throwing teammates under the proverbial bus. If you want to comprehend what my feelings are as far as that clubhouse violation is concerned, scroll back one day and read what I wrote.

Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo has now gotten involved. Rondo has been a controversial figure even since he arrived in the NBA, which likely has much to do with why he’s worn so many different uniforms. But in this instance, I agree wholeheartedly with Rondo’s assertion that what Wade and Butler did was out of line. Rondo stated that “my vets would never go to the media” and I’m 100% in accord with him on that count.

In an otherwise mundane, middle of the road season for the Bulls, they are now a team to keep an eye on. It’s possible the team gets galvanized with what is presently taking place. Or, and I would say it’s more likely, the fracture widens and management is forced to make a deal of some kind to try and restore some clubhouse order.

I don’t watch all that much NBA, as my personal preferences as a spectator are the NHL and college basketball, at least until spring training starts (and yeah, I’m one of those seamheads who will actually watch taped exhibition games). But I definitely want to sit in on the Friday night game between Miami and Chicago. I want to see what the Bulls look like in terms of attitude and cohesion, and I think I also want to see how the crowd reacts to what’s taking place. I don’t normally care for reality shows, but this one seems worth watching.

Pretty good on Thursday, 3-1-1 or 3-2 depending on the number Montana State was played at. I’d like to maintain the momentum with my Friday card, although this will be a short slate to be sure.

As for the Pros vs. Joes reports, the info is definitely doing well for those utilizing it. The games identified as the strongest sharp-square splits based on the info I garner are doing very nicely. You can purchase directly from me for $100 weekly (better long term rates are available). Just shoot me an email at and I’ll furnish all the details. You can also buy the reports by visiting, as there’s a four week $99 special there. Just go to the website and click on my page and then find the pros/joes offer. Same info either way.

Nice work down the stretch by Long Beach State as the Thursday free play. My Friday comp is an NBA game. Just a heads up that this game is NOT currently on my personal service slate for Friday. I do have a couple of college games, but am playing very little NBA currently. But, with little to choose from tonight, I’ll go with this pro hoops opinion for today’s free play.



Portland has managed to finally win a couple in succession, but the Blazers are having a rough season and making the playoffs might be a challenge for this entry. They might have enough to edge out Denver for the final spot, but I don’t think anyone is looking at this team as one who could suddenly surge come playoff time.

The Grizzlies are in much safer territory as far as getting to the post-season is concerned. The question is whether Memphis can make a second half run and climb to that #4 slots, which would get them a home court edge for the opening round.

For me, the bottom line as far as tonight goes is Portland’s shabby record against winning teams. They’ve defeated only six +.500 teams all season, and I think that’s a reasonably telling stat as to the quality of this year’s Blazers.

Memphis hasn’t been all that sharp lately. But they are off a good win against Toronto in a game in which they were down a couple of guys who are expected to be back in uniform tonight. The spread on this game is right around pick ’em, so it’s a win and cover scenario and I’d rather be on the Memphis side tonight.