Cokin’s Corner, Friday 2/22/19

  • February 22, 2019

Yes, I’m sure it’s unrelated. Just a coincidence. But one day after Zion Williamson sprained his knee in the basketball game between North Carolina and Duke, pardon me for being skeptical.

I’m referring to the announcement by the NBA, first reported by USA Today, that a formal proposal is now on the table to allow individuals to become eligible to get drafted at the minimum age of 18. Assuming the story is accurate, it’s now up to the National Basketball Players Association to agree to the proposal.

The view from here is that the rule change that prevented players from entering the NBA draft out of high school has always been unfair. There’s no question some individuals will err in turning professional too early. But the flip side is that some players will benefit from becoming draft eligible before seeing their stock plummet bu being forced to play college basketball for one year.

I’ve always found it amusing that critics of the 18 or older requirement inevitably bring up the scenario where players hurt themselves by going pro too early while failing to mention the other side of the argument.

In any case, here’s hoping this wrong gets righted.

I split four Thursday hoops. Elon and William & Mary were good, Minnesota and South Dakota State were not. The Jackrabbits missed covering by just one point, but that can’t qualify as a tough loss as the final score also represented their largest lead of what was a close game. I dropped my NHL play on there Rangers, so the seesaw results continue much to my frustration.

I have one play set for Friday at this point, but there will likely be a couple adds at some point. This daily free play is just an added opinion for now, I’ll update if it moves to full play level.