Cokin’s Corner, Friday 3/1/19

  • February 28, 2019

The long wait is finally over, and Bryce Harper is now signed, sealed and delivered to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Harper signed on the dotted line for 13 years for a whole lotta money. No deferred payments, full no trade clause, no opt-out.

The back end of the contract is of no consequence if the front end pays off. What that means is that the Phillies have to win at least one NL Pennant in the next handful of years to make the deal palatable. Their fans will argue even that’s not enough, but you have to start someplace. This is not a deal for the long term future in spite of the enormous length of the contract.

The upside is pretty obvious. Harper is going to play half his games in a terrific ballpark for power hitters of his stature. A healthy Harper should be able to produce at least 35 homers annually for the foreseeable future. That’s what the Phillies are paying for. The rest is gravy if the main objective is met.

As for the 2019 Phillies, the pieces are in place for the team to make a very serious run at a title. They’ve clearly upgraded their lineup and if the pitching is adequate, this is a team set to challenge for the brass ring.

I had a very nice Thursday thanks to Long Beach scoring the outright win at Santa Barbara. February was a big disappointment overall but at least the month finished with a couple of good nights. Hopefully that’s the catalyst to a big month of March. I’ll have a March Madness package up once the conference tournaments are ready to get started, so stay tuned for those details.

That Long Beach winner was my single biggest score of the season as I played it for one unit plus the points and added a half unit on the money line. Hope it worked out just as well for those who tailed it as the daily free play. Here’s an early opinion for Friday.


Take: PENN +5

Quick notes: This game is huge for the Quakers. They’re in need of the win in a big way as only four schools get to participate in the Ivy tournament. Penn will be looking to avenge the earlier overtime defeat to the Crimson. Harvard is off another win against Yale, which locked up a series sweep for them against their most heated rival. Not a bad combo for a shot with the Quakers as underdogs.