Cokin’s Corner, Friday 4/19/19

  • April 19, 2019

Great weekend of playoff action coming up in both the NHL and NBA, some intriguing series matchups on the diamond, it’s a pretty good time to be a fan and/or a sports bettor.

I’m battling the clock as I’m writing this, so let’s head right to the daily free play. Following three straight plus nights, I absorbed a small loss last night, but nothing significant. The free play was a winner as the Freeland F5 Under at Coors was 0-0 after five innings. Wish they were all that easy. The free play today is a small one for me, just a half unit wager.



Calgary will pull out all the stops tonight to try and extend this series. But I make this a true tossup and that makes for a load of value on the Avalanche. Mike Smith has been awesome in goal for the Flames but he’s facing a ridiculous volume of shots (108 the last two games) and I do wonder about fatigue setting in. Beyond that, these are two speed teams but Colorado is the substantially bigger team and they really wore the Flames down in Game Four. I can see the same thing happening tonight. Calgary desperately needs to be playing from ahead tonight, so the first period is going to be critical for them. I wouldn’t play this if the line was short, but at this number I’ll take a flyer with the Avalanche.