Cokin’s Corner, Friday 4/5/19

  • April 5, 2019

It’s too early to push any panic buttons for any team, but I cannot blame Cubs fans for being a bit on tilt about the play of their team out of the gate. This team is a mess right now. They aren’t pitching a lick, particularly where the bullpen is concerned. The team defense has been almost comically awful. The offense is going to score plenty of runs, but this is nit a good baseball team right now. I’m not involved in their series opener at Milwaukee this evening, but even in early April, I can’t help but look at this set as an important one for the Cubs. A bad weekend at Miller Park and things could start to unravel for this team.

I tossed in a clunker on Thursday. No beefs with the Royals miss. Junis just didn’t have command early on and while he settled in to some extent KC ended up losing a coin flip type of game. I also lost the Angels and that was just a bad decision. The team isn’t hitting a lick and they’d already lost four straight. It just wasn’t the right time to play them and I ended up paying for that poor judgement.

The little 3-0 run also concluded with the Angels loser. I decided to toss out a rare parlay for today’s free play. I’m backing what I feel are clearly superior starting pitchers in fairly high priced scenarios, so decided to take a gamble on a plus payoff by going the parlay route.

ATHLETICS (Montas) at ASTROS (McHugh)

TWINS (Odorizzi) at PHILLIES (Pivetta)