Cokin’s Corner, Friday 5/10/19

  • May 10, 2019

Two down, no one on, one out away from a road win. Home run, followed by a single, a walk and finally the third out. Then, walk, single, single, game over.

That was the finish for the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night as their horrendous bullpen managed to blow yet another game.

It has been pretty obvious for some time now that if the Braves are serious about contending for a playoff spot, they’re going to have to make an upgrade to the relief corps.

The fix most mentioned has been Craig Kimbrel. He’s still unsigned and seems like a natural fit to return to his former employers in Atlanta. But the longer Kimbrel remains on the sidelines, the more I am starting to believe one of two things, or maybe a little of both. One is that the contract demands are too high, and the other is that there’s a strong perception his skills have diminished.

So maybe Kimbrel isn’t the answer. But it’s apparent that the present constructed Atlanta bullpen is close to a complete liability and if this team is serious about contending, they need to add a reliable piece to that pen.

3-0 on Thursday with the Angels and a pair of F5 Unders. I’m feeling quite good about the baseball right now. On to tonight’s slate and another F5 Totals play, only this time on the Over.

ANGELS (Cahill) at ORIOLES (Straily)

Take: F5 OVER

Trevor Cahill can’t command his two-seamer and as a result the ground ball rate is in somewhat steep decline and the veteran righty is getting barreled at a ridiculous rate. Dan Straily would qualify as shopworn at best, and that makes him vulnerable against any lineup. The full game Over is certainly playable. But I’m looking to eliminate bullpens from any O/U potential pays as ‘capping relief corps on a daily basis is simply too random for my liking/ I’ll therefore just focus on the two starters and will expect plenty of early scoring chances here.