Cokin’s Corner, Friday 5/24/19

  • May 24, 2019

Things can certainly change in the blink of an eye. The NBA Eastern Conference Finals series between the Bucks and Raptors is great example. Two games in, this looked like Milwaukee’s series. They had pulled out a close opening game, got the easy Game Two win and appeared to have the Raptors on the ropes.

Fast forward a small handful of days and the series has now gone upside down. Toronto has three straight wins and the Raptors are now small chalk to wrap things up on Saturday at home.

My view, for what that’s worth in the NBA, is that the Bucks are not dead yet. I can certainly grasp what will be the very popular thought process here. The majority opinion is now that the Bucks have lost their swagger and the Raptors have seized both physical and mental control of the proceedings. To be honest, that was my original assessment coming out of Thursday’s result.

But if there’s one certainty about sports, it’s that what looks to be the case very frequently simply isn’t. I’ve got a feeling that’s the case here. I’m not a big knee jerk fade the public type, but I’m leaning toward traveling that avenue here. If you scanned through NBA Twitter following Game Five, the overwhelming opinion is that the Bucks are dead. That’s a red flag for me in a game that’s so closely lined. So with that in mind, and note this is an opinion only for now and NOT a selection.

BUCKS at RAPTORS (Saturday)

Take: BUCKS +2