Cokin’s Corner, Friday 5/5/17

  • May 5, 2017

I will freely admit to not being a particularly tactful person at times. This probably stems from having spent the last 30 years talking into a microphone, where the main part of my job description is to be opinionated.

With that in mind, here’s my assessment of anyone willing to fork over $495 for a pair of Lonzo Ball “Big Baller shoes. You’re crazy.

That said, I have a sinking feeling this shoe will generate sales. That shouldn’t be the case as the price tag is insane. The most expensive pair of mass-marketed Jordan shoes is $400. But price tags seem to mean quite a bit to the kids in terms of providing an ego boost, and they’re the ones that will want to be flashing this footwear.

By the way, for those who do choose to spend the big bucks to wear the big ballers, the shoes might not get shipped till November and there are no refunds or exchanges. Caveat emptor.

My Thursday included a winner on the 1Q/1H Wizards plays, a loss on the White Sox-Royals Under and a rainout on the Mets. Too bad on the latter as the Mets held a two-run lead when the skies opened. I also got some help for the NY Rangers +135 series wager as they won to even that series.

I have three Friday baseball plays, which is substantial for me, plus another partial game pair on one of the NBA games. Ive also sent out my Derby selection.

The money back guarantee offer presently on the table is getting a good response and I’m pleased with the results thus far as May is off to a very nice start. Subscribe by utilizing the menu to the right of the page where it says “guaranteed special” or for more detailed info on how this works, email me at

Good work by the Wizards on Thursday, and I will continue to play this angle tonight in the one game where it fits.


Take: RAPTORS 1H +2

If you’d like the rationale for what I’m doing here, check either of the last couple blogs as the methodology is largely the same as it was in the Rockets-Spurs on Wednesday as well as the Celtics-Wizards last night.

Cleveland has dominated the first two games, and look vastly superior to Toronto. Basically, the series to date is a rerun of what we saw last year between these two. if the pattern continues to repeat, the Raptors will show dramatic improvement tonight. That’s certainly not something I can chisel in granite, as I’m sure not expecting the Cavs to simply mail it in with a 2-0 lead.

But this should be the spot where Toronto puts its best foot forward, and I’ll continue to look for good play out of the gate from teams in this scenario. The oddsmakers aren’t making it easy as Toronto is actually favored for the first half, but I also see that as a positive indicator.

Same wager as the last two nights for me, half unit on the 1Q and the other half on the 1H with the Raptors the play this time.