Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/1/18

  • May 31, 2018

I haven’t been very complimentary toward the NBA this season. I simply never got excited about the prospect of anything other than yet another Cavaliers-Warriors title showdown. Sure enough, we could have skipped all the preliminaries and gone right to the main event as the pro hoops undercard was mostly a dud.

But Game One of the championship series was something special. LeBron James was simply incredible, and I cannot argue with anyone who genuinely believes Cleveland got robbed on an extremely controversial call in the game’s final minute. I can’t say for sure whether the officials got the James-Durant call right or wrong, but I can safely conclude the way they decided on the guilty party was straight bush league.

As for the end of regulation, JR Smith showed us why he is Manny Ramirez minus the cleats. Manny being Manny has been updated with JR being JR. If there’s something goofy that’s going to take place, Mr. Smith is almost certainly going to be the main party involved.

I don’t see how the Cavaliers recover from this loss. This team should have been celebrating a major upset win. Instead, they have to put the frustration of a bitter loss behind them. Against a powerhouse like Golden State, that seems highly unlikely. But at the very least, Game One provided an immense amount of excitement, and I’m now sure to be viewing the next matchup to see if it can be just as thrilling.

I won my only Thursday play, but it was by the skin of my teeth in a game that looked like an absolute laugher. The Indians had the Twins blown out, leading 8-0 and proceded to squander the entire lead. Fortunately, the Tribe managed to retake the lead in the eighth inning and their one reliable reliever, Cody Allen, got the four-out save to preserve the win.

April-May baseball closes at +26 net units, so a fine start to the season. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s not better to get out of the gate fast, as the pressure gets alleviated and I believe the decision process gets easier. The new special, which will be available for the entire month of June, is $500 for 30 full days of all my plays, and there’s a minimum net profit of five units included. Buy now using that option at Cokin’s Picks to the right of the page, or email me at for more detailed info.

I’ll look at the next two games of the Golden Knights-Capitals Stanley Cup Finals for today’s free play.


Take: GOLDEN KNIGHTS +110 (half unit)

I won’t go into repair mode as far as the analysis is concerned. I think this series has a very real chance to go the distance. That means I expect Vegas to get a win in at least one of the next two games.

I’ll utilize a simple strategy. I’m going to play a half unit on the Golden Knights in Game Three. If that misses, I’ll come back and play one unit on Vegas in Game Four. Hopefully, VGK simply goes out and wins the Saturday game, so I can pocket my small profit and decide what to do next.