Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/14/19

  • June 14, 2019

The final game of the NBA season was center stage last night for obvious reasons. Therefore, I don’t imagine many folks saw what took place early in the CFL opening night game between Saskatchewan and Hamilton.

You can easily search out the play to see it for yourself. Just search “Collaros” on Twitter and you’ll really see the video of an illegal head shot that knocked him out of the game.

i completely get it that football is a rough game that is based on collisions. But this was a really dirty and unnecessary cheap shot. If you want the perfect illustration of targeting, here you go.

Time foe the professional leagues to step up and start dealing harshly with offenders. Two games off without pay seems very reasonable to me. Let me know if you feel differently after watching this film clip.

Free play today os on the diamond. I’m simply going to back the hottest pitcher on the planet at what I see as an attractive price. Good luck if you’re playing along.

YANKEES (Sabathia) at WHITE SOX (Giolito)

Take: WHITE SOX -103