Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/21/19

  • June 21, 2019

Very late today, apologize for that. 1-1 last night, but for a healthy profit thanks to the big plus price on the Marlins. Just one play for me on the Friday card, and I’ll go ahead and make that the daily free play. Good luck!

ANGELS (Canning) at CARDINALS (Wacha)


Decided edge on the starting pitching with Canning owning a clear edge over Wacha. Negatives for Halos are no DH, which takes Ohtani out of the mix except as a pinch hitter, and the Angels bullpen might be on fumes. But the Cardinals are kind of a mess right now, their pen is not exactly fresh and this team just does not match up well with power righty pitchers. Should be a huge crowd on hand with this being the return to St. Louis for Pujols. Despite the loss last night, the Angels are a go with team right now and this price is acceptable.