Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/29/18

  • June 29, 2018

Heading into weekend blog mode early due to some time constraints tonight. So let’s just head directly to the Friday free play, and this one will be north of the border in the CFL.



First things first, there’s no longer any value to be had in this cash between the Blue Bombers and the Ti-Cats, at least as far as the O/U is concerned. The money has shown on the Over and the line has risen considerably.

Nevertheless, this figures to be a high scoring game. Winnipeg is playing at a fast pace. They aren’t likely to have things as easy as they did last week against pathetic Montreal. But I like the Bombers to keep the attack in high gear at Hamilton.

As for the Ti-Cats, they could well be 2-0 but instead I’ll give them high grades as a 1-1 squad that looks good. ¬†Head coach June Jones has this team playing with loads of confidence and while I’m still not completely sold on the defense, the offense looks sharp.

There’s an add-on here, which is the weather. It’s expected to be a scorcher tonight at Hamilton, with game time temps in the mid to high 80’s. With the up tempo offensive play that’s expected here, we could see some worn out defenders as this game progresses. I’m sure that’s a factor that hasn’t escaped those firing on the Over here, and I think those bettors have a likely winner. I’ll play along with an opinion on the Bombers and Ti-Cats to get this one into the 60’s, making the Over today’s free play.