Cokin’s Corner, Friday 6/2/17

  • June 2, 2017

I’ll chime in on the Tiger Woods situation. This is not a view on Tiger as much as an observation to the reaction to Tiger’s latest problem.

First, to those who are absolutely trashing the guy, lighten up. The level of hate being displayed by some is troubling. You’d think the guy was a career criminal based on some of the comments. There’s no denying Tiger’s life has take quite the unexpected turn over the past several years, one I can’t imagine many saw coming. But displaying poor judgement doesn’t exactly qualify him for a wanted poster.

On the flip side, to those ardently defending him and in the process feeling sorry for him, I don’t think that’s justified, either. Obviously, the seemingly endless array of injuries has short circuited his career on the golf course, and yes, that’s probably pretty tough to swallow. But it also seems as though this has become an excuse for other problems that haven’t got much to do with his golf game. So I’m not running to join the “Tiger needs our help” throng, either.

If I was acquainted with Tiger, I would tell him to take the same road as some other great players who’s games got away from them. At least for the time being, rather than hide from the spotlight because he can’t compete ay a high level, do this. Call your friends at the various networks that broadcast golf, and get back oh the tournament circuit as an analyst. It’s a win-win for Tiger. He gets to repair some of the image issues, and at the same time he’d probably be absolutely great as a commentator. Plus he’d be back in the mix with his friends on the tour and his fans, who would mostly readily embrace his presence.

Missed with the Red Sox on Thursday, but was on target with the 1H and full game Under plays in the Cavs-Warriors Game One.

The new summer special is now available. I’ll post all the details in tomorrow’s blog, but if you want that info now, just email me at

The Thursday free play was on Saturday’s Pittsburgh-Nashville Game Three matchup, so no result there yet. Here’s the Friday comp, but please note that as of now I’ve made only one wager for Friday. So this is one of those rare added opinions that currently is not an actual play for me. This doesn’t happen often, but I prefer to make sure everyone knows in advance this isn’t strong enough to make my card, at least not as of now. I’ll update on Twitter (@davecokin) if anything changes.

YANKEES (Pineda) at BLUE JAYS (Liriano)

Take: YANKEES -125

Francisco Liriano returns from his latest DL stint to make tonight’s start for Toronto as the Blue Jays host the Yankees. I’m basically suggesting that Liriano is going to have to prove to me he can handle a potent big league lineup. The veteran southpaw can still be a handful when he has good control, but that’s not something that can be consistently counted on.

Michael Pineda continues to pitch pretty well for the Yanks. Pineda is always going to be prone to the long ball. But that liability isn’t as damaging for Pineda as much as some other pitchers thanks to his consistent reliable control. Walks have not been a problem at all for Pineda, and in fact the three issued in his more recent start were his high water mark for the season to date.

The Blue Jays are a stronger looking team now that Donaldson and Tulowitzki have come off the DL. But I have little confidence in Liriano and have to think the Toronto pen will be pretty busy tonight. The Yankees will be an ultra-public side tonight, but I also happen to believe there’s a good chance they’re the right side as well.