Cokin’s Corner, Friday 8/24/19

  • August 23, 2018

That was ugly. I’m referring to the exhibition of exhibition football NFL fans were teated to on Thursday evening as the Browns played host to the Eagles. This was the typical Week Three dress rehearsal for the regular season where the starters play one full half. Unimpressive would be an understatement as far as this pair is concerned.

In case you missed it (lucky you), the Browns won 5-0. The Eagles had four turnovers, including one in the red zone. Nick Foles gave the Browns two of their five points when he tripped over air in his own end zone. Philly missed a chip shot field goal, had a TD pass taken off the board when the receiver could not get his toe down, and an apparent pick-six never happened when the DB got nipped on the ankle by the last Cleveland defender.

As for the Browns, I wish all their long suffering fans well, but this is still a bad football team. The defense might be adequate. I can’t say the same for the offense and I’m just not a believer in the coaching staff. Looks like another very long season for the Brownies.

I suffered an 0-2 Thursday as I also lost a CFL game. Hamilton dominated the stat line in its game with Edmonton but needed a very late three to escape with a one-point win. Not a fun night to be sure, but that’s part of why it’s called gambling.

That Freeland at home F5 Under is now 26=2 in the last 28 starts at Coors for the Colorado Rockies lefty. Here’s a quick take and a play for one of the Friday NFL exhibitions.


Take: SEAHAWKS +3.5

Seahawks will be playing the starters into the third quarter and there does seem to be some sense of urgency here, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Vikings have been a preseason monster under Zimmer. But this team is set at almost every spot and it looks like at least a couple of key guys on offense won’t play here. I think we have a couple coaches looking to get good performances in a dress rehearsal type of game. Looks to me like a tossup game, which makes grabbing more than a a field goal with Seattle worthwhile.