Cokin’s Corner, Monday 1/13/20

  • January 12, 2020

Pretty good weekend here with a small overall Saturday win and a 1-0 Sunday thanks to a 1-0 shutout on the ice. All eyes on the National Championship Game tonight between Clemson and Ohio State. Here’s my play. Not a huge opinion by any means, but I’ll have a little action.

CLEMSON +5.5 or better

Very slight edge to Clemson in terms of power rating value. I made the game LSU -4.5. I give LSU one point for the site, but am also giving Clemson one point for the title game experience, so that’s an offset. The LSU offense is an absolute machine, and Clemson is probably a little fortunate to be here. They got some tremendous help from the stripes in the rally against Ohio State. I can’t consider this to be a strong view as I’ve got it nearly on the number. But it’s the title game and I’ll make a small bet based on the numbers. Half unit on Clemson +5.5 or better.