Cokin’s Corner, Monday 1/21/19

  • January 20, 2019

Three quick observations from Sunday’s NFL Conference Championship games.

I completely understand that making one play in any game the sole reason one team won and the other lost is an overstatement. Nevertheless, there was one play in each game that turned out to be bigger than any other in terms of dictating the winner, and they’re each really clear cut.

The Saints are winners if not for an egregiously miserable non-call. As obvious as it gets on a Rams pass interference late in the game. If it’s called, the Saints kneel and take the field goal with virtually no time remaining. There is zero excuse for this call not being made. Highway robbery and under the circumstances, one of the worst officiating gaffes in NFL history.

A called penalty cost the Chiefs the game against the Patriots, only this time the call was 100% correct. One of the Kansas City defenders inexcusably lined up in the neutral zone, and the call simply had to be made. That wiped out what would have been an almost certain game clinching interception, and the rest is now history.

The third observation is about Tony Romo. The guy is an absolutely phenomenal analyst, I think maybe the best I’ve ever heard. He’s clearly having fun doing this job and Romo is also simply blowing away all the competition with his uncanny ability to say what’s going to happen before it happens.

And the good news is Romo will be doing this years Super Bowl!

I will now have to decide what to do about my Rams future ticket at a nice double digit price. I will be hedging, that’s a certainty. Had this been a Rams-Chiefs Super Bowl, I might have just let it ride. But it’s the Rams vs. B&B and there’s just no way I’m risking it all against those two Patriots. I’m not that brave. Chances are I’m going to end up just taking the guaranteed 50% return and walking away, although that’s not yet chiseled in granite.

I haven’t played anything yet for Monday and in fact, plan to just wait for the morning to get all my work done. So this is opinion only but It’s a game I’m definitely considering.