Cokin’s Corner, Monday 1/28/19

  • January 27, 2019

Damn, I missed the Pro Bowl. Again. I think that makes like 40 years in a row. I’m pretty sure that if the day ever comes when I actually decide to watch this meaningless exhibition (which is literally more of an exhibition game than the real exhibition games known as the NFL pre-season) it will only be when my mind has completely turned to mush.

Sunday was a very good day with the hoops, and one that was definitely needed. Georgetown, Loyola and Marist for the easiest 3-0 of the season.

Unfortunately, no build on the momentum on Monday as I don’t like anything on the very small slate enough to play. Here’s the game I came closest on, although not enough to warrant any investment. But if you’re looking for an opinion….



Good luck!