Cokin’s Corner, Monday 10/23/17

  • October 23, 2017

Random takeaways from Sunday’s NFL results:

Tennessee is now 4-3 and tied for first place in the AFC South. I don’t know anyone who’s impressed.

The Jaguars have a legit defense. If QB Blake Bortles can simply be a good game manager, the Jags can play in January.

The Bengals offensive line is still awful. Pittsburgh tore that unit apart in the second half and the Steelers stars on offense all played well.

Baltimore has no offense. The Ravens are 3-4 but have the look of a losing team. The Vikings are now the team to beat in the NFC North.

Matt Moore as a starting QB isn’t very good. But once more off the bench, Moore got the job done as the Dolphins stole one from the Jets.

Tampa Bay loses another close one. The Bucs ought to be better than 2-4 but the team just can’t close.

The Bears took zero chances on offense and it worked like a charm in a very solid win over Carolina.

Green Bay will have to sink or swim and open up the offense with Brett Hundley. They won’t win playing as conservatively as they did against the Saints.

Stick a fork in the Cardinals. The Rams weren’t even challenged in this London matchup.

San Francisco ran out of gas after several tough losses and ran into a Cowboys team that played its best game of the season to date.

The Giants are a terrible offensive team. Lots of decisions loom for this team. Seattle is getting better like they usually do as the season progresses.

Denver has a problem at QB. Siemian makes too many mistakes when pressured. Four straight subpar games. Osweiler? Yikes. The Chargers are suddenly on a 3-0 run.

The Patriots put together a complete game at every level against Atlanta. The Falcons appear mentally beaten. Kyle Shanahan handoff to Steve Sarkisian as OC is not working.

Helluva nice Sunday here with the Rams, Vikings and Bears all winning. Add in a Hamilton romp in the CFL. The only miss was a half unit Under play on the Bengals-Steelers. That closes another good football weekend, lots of momentum now. One early college play has been sent out, more to come. Could be a chalkier than normal week for me based on early observations.

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Probably a blank for me on Monday as I’m not getting involved in the NFL game and as of now, no plays in the NBA or NHL. Here’s the one lean I have for now in the NBA.


TAKE: 76ERS +3.5

Philadelphia is still looking for its initial win of the new season. Expectations are the highest they’ve been in some time for the Sixers, so this 0-3 start already has the fan base unhappy. I can’t blame them a bit for that opinion, particularly off a very bad game against the Raptors.

But no complaints as far as Ben Simmons is concerned. No rust either, as Simmons has shown no indications of any physical worries coming off his injury.

Tobias Harris has looked really good for the Pistons, and Andre Drummond is shooting 100% from the foul line, which is actually astonishing. I don’t think this is a good team, but Detroit has been a bit of a surprise to start the season.

Bottom line for me on this game is that I still have the 76ers power rated higher than the Pistons, and that would indicate they have a little value as road dogs tonight. Just a lean, as I’ve decided to go very slowly out of the gate in the NBA until I have more data to work with. But if you’re looking for a little Monday pro hoops action, I’d opt for Philly here.