Cokin’s Corner, Monday 10/30/17

  • October 30, 2017

Truly amazing! That’s about the most accurate description I can come up with for what I witnessed on Sunday evening as Game Five of the World Series took place in Houston.

This was very possibly the most entertaining baseball game I’ve ever seen. The Dodgers looked like a cinch early on as they staked Clayton Kershaw to a substantial 4-0 lead. But the superstar lefty wasn’t up to the task of containing this remarkably potent Astros lineup. From there, it was just an astonishing offensive shootout with pitchers from both teams getting absolutely ripped.

In the end, despite all the power on display, it was an Alex Bregman single that got the Astros the 13-12 win and also put Houston up 3-2 in the Series.

There are two MAC football matchups on the Tuesday night tube. Sorry guys, but I’ll just have to check the scores to see what happens. There’s no way I’m missing even one pitch of a Game Six I can’t wait to watch!

Sunday was okay here. Winners with the Jets, Steelers and the NBA Hornets. The loss was on the Chargers +7.5 as they missed covering  by the hook at New England. I suppose I could argue this was a tough beat, but it really wasn’t. Very few teams are more creative in finding ways to blow games, and the Chargers simply lived up (or down) to their longterm reps with this giveaway. One has to know there’s that possibility going in when one bets the Chargers.

I’m already on three colleges for this coming Saturday. There will be more to be sure, but I certainly like my chances with this week’s early choices. Those plays have done exceptionally well thus far this season, so the confidence level on this trio is quite high. I won’t be playing the Broncos-Chiefs game but will likely have some NBA and NHL action tonight.

Last two days to grab the two months for one special. New offer coming Wednesday. But as this deal covers all plays across the board for two full months, take advantage quickly if it’s of interest. Questions, be sure to email me at

Good results on the two Sunday free plays as the Steelers and Hornets both got there. I’ll wing back into the NBA for the Monday comp, but will have to wait for the morning to play it as there was no early line.



This falls into what amounts to a blind situational opinion for me. I like going against lousy teams after they play an unusually strong game. In this case, the New York Knicks have played two really good games in succession, blasting the Nets on Friday before traveling to Cleveland and smashing the Cavaliers on Sunday. That sets up a reality check tonight as New York heads back to MSG to host Denver.

The Nuggets also played on Sunday, getting a comfortable win against Brooklyn. Now Denver gets to take on a team they’ve handled well recently, covering each of the last five meetings with the Knicks. In fact, this has been a chalky series for the most part.

But the main thing for me is that I like the premise of going against what I believe to be a bad Knicks squad off two straight very good performances. I see it as a decent likelihood that New York regresses to its norm sooner rather than later. So I’ll be looking to give the points tonight with Denver as the Monday free play.