Cokin’s Corner, Monday 2/4/19

  • February 3, 2019

Awesome Super Bowl! Not the game, that stunk. But the food at the party I attended was really outstanding. And, in fact, I actually did get to concentrate on the game. Even in what was a Patriots stronghold thanks to the significant number of New England transplants on hand, there was very little noise as a potential distraction.

As for the actual football game, in spite of the boredom meter being on tilt, the Patriots left no doubt whatsoever they were the right side. They were the better team on both sides of the ball and that’s about all one can say as the game was mostly devoid of any highlight material.

My Rams future bet lost, but I hedged enough so that I was going to win roughly the same overall amount regardless of which team won the game. I missed the Over by a mile. My props went 3-1, but they were all small plays. My Sunday hoops split and I lost a 1-0 NHL decision with the Capitals, who looked absolutely terrible against the Bruins. That Boston win ended a 14-0 series run by Washington, by the way.

On to Monday, and I have one play in the baskets. The free play is my bets added opinion, but I am only playing the stuff that fits on ny late season formulas, which are off to a nice start.


Take: IOWA STATE -2.5

Oklahoma hit the skids in a big way down the stretch last season and I’m wondering if the Sooners might be heading down the same path this year. I think this is a really big stem the tide game for Lon Kruger’s entry. But I have reservations about whether they can handle the Cyclones tonight. Iowa State certainly looks superior on the eye test and while this is just an added opinion, I would only consider the Cyclones this evening.