Cokin’s Corner, Monday 3/11/19

  • March 10, 2019

Amazing! I hear or read that word on an almost daily basis as it relates to a college basketball comeback. If it happens nearly every day it’s not amazing. It might be impressive. Maybe it’s gutsy. Perhaps it’s unexpected. But when something occurs as often as this does in college basketball, it simply isn’t amazing.

Therefore, while not meaning to diminish the rallies that took place on Sunday by Bradley, Nebraska, Delaware and Ohio State, none of them were downright amazing.

Fact is, anyone who wagers on college basketball on a regular basis knows full well that big leads can be very temporary. It really doesn’t take long for a team to significantly cut into a big deficit with the three-point field goals available.

I’m nitpicking to be sure. But I’d rather save the amazing description for the comebacks that really fit that role.

My Sunday was a horror show. I had several games checked as opinions but only used two as selections and they both went belly up. No other way to describe it other than to say I continue to be inefficient and that really needs to stop.

The free play, which I did not use as a personal service play as I didn’t want to lay points, ended up winning as Bradley rallied to knock off Northern Iowa and the Braves are now heading to the Big Dance. And that actually IS amazing considering how terrible this team looked earlier in the season. Here’s an opinion for Monday.