Cokin’s Corner, Monday 4/15/19

  • April 15, 2019

Great Sunday night on the ice for the Vegas Golden Knights. Aside from one short stretch in the third period when San Jose lit the lamp twice and briefly caused some concern for the Knights, this was a huge performance for the Vegas side. One thing we know about this year’s edition is that the Knights can get very streaky. Off what was their best overall performance in some time, I can buy the optimistic mindset that’s back in place.

My Sunday on the ice did not go as planned, with an 0-2-1 return on three first period plays. The stinger was Winnipeg, which ended up winning the game after being down 1-0 at the end of one. The Lightning were a fortunate push and the Penguins let a 1-0 lead get away and were pretty much never heard from again.

I still like backing teams in Game Three that trail 0-2 in the series and despite yesterday not working out well, playing these teams to get off to a fast start has been a winning long term angle. With that in mind, I’ll go a split play route tonight on one game.


Take: HURRICANES 1P and FULL GAME (half unit each)