Cokin’s Corner, Monday 4/22/19

  • April 22, 2019

So much for all the Martin Jones jokes. The beleaguered San Jose Sharks goalie has really quieted the critics, myself included, with two straight very strong performances. Jones was close to perfect in each of the last two games and as a result, a series that looked like it was all but over is heading to Game Seven.

I don’t think there’s much question the Vegas Golden Knights have been the superior overall team in this series. But that doesn’t matter much as the Sharks get home ice for Tuesday’s series finale. The momentum doesn’t mean much as that can be flipped with one goal, but it’s also not a negative for the Sharks.

I doubt I’ll be getting involved with a wager on the finale, but will obviously have a rooting interest being a Las Vegan. One thing’s sure, and that the winner of this series could be a bit drained heading into a matchup with surging Colorado. More on that later.

I’m on one MLB play tonight and also have a wager on one of the two NHL games. I’ll go with the one the ice play for today’s comp.



The Nashville mistakes are really piling up. They are very turnover prone right now and it sure looks to me like Dallas is enjoying a substantial edge on the physical front. Game Five was a butt kicking, worse than the final score indicated and that does not bode well for the Predators now having to stave off elimination on the road. I think the Stars are simply the better team at this point and I’ll back them tonight, even at a price that’s a little higher than I hoped for.