Cokin’s Corner, Monday 4/29/19

  • April 28, 2019

Spare me, please. The San Jose Sharks might have gotten the short straw on a close call, or non-call as it was, in Game Two of the series between the Sharks and Colorado Avalanche. Sorry, no sympathy here.

The controversy regarded what might have well been an icing call that never got made. Instead, no icing, Avalanche get possession and that turns into a critical goal that gave Colorado a lead it never relinquished.

Two observations. To be honest, I thought it was icing. But there’s no question the race for the puck was going to be close, so I don’t really have a problem with the no call. More importantly, it certainly appeared the Sharks assumed the icing was coming and slowed up in anticipation of the whistle. The whistle never came, the Avalanche scored and lesson learned. Play through the whistle.

What got me laughing was the postgame commentary from the San Jose side. They were clearly none too pleased with what took place. I get that, but maybe considering what took place in Game Seven of the series with the Golden Knights, a better tact might have been something along the lines of win some, lose some. Considering the Sharks really ought to be making tee times right now, I don’t think bitching about what might have been a tough call is warranted.

I had a nice Sunday with the Angels and Astros sweeping a two-game MLB slate. The win by the Avalanche was significant as well as I have that side on a series play.

Monday looks razor thin. I’ve played nothing early and will not make any final decisions until the morning. Meanwhile, here’s a free opinion but bear in mind this is just a lean presently. and not an official play.


Take: BLUES +105