Cokin’s Corner, Monday 4/8/19

  • April 8, 2019

Championship Monday in college basketball! Texas Tech and Virginia duel for the title tonight, and I sure wish I had a strong opinion to share on the game. But I really don’t.

The obvious conclusion here is that this will be a defensive battle. The pace seems almost certain to be own the slow side and these two teams are about as adept as it gets at fouling up opposing offenses.

I’m not doing anything of substance as far as the wagering goes. I would lean Virginia and Under, but I’m not even close to convinced on either count. So I won’t even bother to toss this out as a free play, and if I do bet anything on the matchup, it’ll be for amusement only.

Since I have nothing remotely close to a solid take on the basketball game, I’ll make the daily free play on a baseball battle.

BRAVES (Teheran) at ROCKIES (Freeland)

Take: F5 UNDER 6 -115

If you’re into individual pitcher angles, this one is about as good as it gets. Kyle Freeland has been the absolute nuts when it comes to backing the First Five innings Under option. This goes back quite a ways now and blindly playing this option paid huge dividends last season. I’m simply going to keep doing so until something changes.

There’s a fairly obvious worry factor here with Teheran, who needs his slider to be sharp to be any good. That’s not always the case with the Atlanta righty and the Coors factor makes it even more dicey.

But this angle has been so good with Freeland there’s just no way I’m going to overthink things and I will once again be going F5 Under here.