Cokin’s Corner, Monday 5/21/18

  • May 20, 2018

Las Vegas is now the focal point of the hockey world. Now there’s something I’ll bet none of us expected to see in print. But that’s exactly the case. All the major media outlets will be descending upon our fair city for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. It’s still not known when the championship series will get started, or for that matter where it will get started. If Tampa Bay defeats Washington tonight, the Lightning will be hosting the first two games. If the Caps rally to win the Eastern Conference in seven games, the title series would open here in Las Vegas.

Either way, the most remarkable story of my lifetime is still going strong. It’s absolutely a blast to be a Las Vegan right now!

I played only one game on Sunday and that was an easy winner as the A’s demolished a rather disinterested looking Blue Jays entry. Another very strong week in the books, and I will have at least one game on Monday. For rates and details on what’s available, email me at or simply choose the option you prefer to the right of the page at Cokin’s Picks.

The Golden Knights free play won, and I’ll stay on the ice for tonight’s Game Six between the Lightning and Capitals.


Take: CAPITALS -125

Tampa Bay is now in the driver’s seat, rallying to win three straight after dropping the first two games at home to the Caps. It’s logical to conclude that the Lightning now might have this opponent beaten mentally and they’ll close it out tonight.

But if that happens, the Vegas Golden Knights would not really have the benefit of much extra rest and they’d have to open with two games in Florida against the #1 overall seed. C’mon, that’s not going to happen. Whatever can go right continues to go right for Vegas and the right thing here is for the series to be extended to seven games. I can’t explain it, but the starts should seem to be aligned for our local team, so I might as well continue to avoid doing anything that in the slightest way works agains them.

In terms of actual analysis, I don’t think there;s any quit in this edition of the Capitals and I would not be shocked if the Lightning are perhaps a bit complacent tonight. Maybe not likely, but certainly possible. I’ll lean to the home side to stay alive, Capitals are the Monday free play.